TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Brian Baker vs Austin Cooper and Brodie Fisher & Josh Steel vs Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Brian Baker vs Austin Cooper and Brodie Fisher & Josh Steel vs Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers

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Brian Baker vs Austin Cooper

The rookie Brian Baker has traveled a long way from the west coast to join Rock Hard, determined to prove his towering 6’4”, 205 lbs incredible physique will prove no match for the reigning muscle studs on the roster. And though he’s an award winning collegiate athlete, he doesn’t have any experience wrestling in the ring. But that does not deter the giant from insisting he takes on the big, brawny red head Austin Cooper in his debut match. This intriguing match opens with both warriors coming to the center of the ring, chest to chest, well sort of, as Brian looks down on his opponent with a sneer on his face. Coop doesn’t fear anyone and stands toe to toe with the big guy, not giving an inch. Brian strikes first, hoisting Coop up into a front facing bearhug, He squeezes hard on the red head’s lower back in a display of power, that is until Coop is able to connect with a forearm to the giant’s chest and break free. Austin backs him into the corner and starts bashing away at his abs. He knows he needs to wear the big guy down and get him to the mat in order to negate the considerable height difference. Coop is quick to suplex the giant down to the mat, then places him a camel clutch, wanting to return the favor of showing who’s the boss in this ring. Coop starts attacking his long, lean muscled body with his extensive arsenal of holds he’s built over the last few years. Austin wraps his huge muscled thighs around Brian’s waist and starts squeezing as fierce as he can wanting to sap the strength out of that 6’4’ frame. He makes Brian suffer in a reverse wrist lock, then delivers a number of fist thrusts into his tanned sternum.He continues to inflict pain on the goliath; stretching Brian’s back and long legs out in a boston crab, then makes him squirm in an MMA style arm bar before picking him up and dropping his lanky frame down across his knee in an over the knee backbreaker.Coop is in total control of the giant, as Brian cries out in pain, and Coop forcing his hand down on Brian’s chin as he stretches his towering physique out in a way that Brian has likely never felt before. Coop further torments the rookie shoving his fingers down deep into his ripped abs in a powerful claw hold, and as Brian agonizes on the mat, Coop stands up and flexes his mammoth biceps and ridicules him saying, ‘you know, if you worked out and had guns like this, you might stand a chance’. Coop continues to dominate his oversized opponent, suplexing his tall physique across the ring, and even though Brian is able to get a couple shots in on Coop’s abs while backed into the corner turnbuckle, Austin controls the action in the final minutes of round one. Austin, the tactician, systematically softens the rookie giant up with a full nelson and grapevine combo that stretches his muscles out to the max.When Coop senses he has the rookie ripe for the kill, he drags him to his feet, marches him across the ring, and then proceeds to lace his tall, lanky body between the ring ropes and places him an abdominal stretch.Brain’s impressive physique is stretched out and on full display as Coop applies intense pressure. Coop demands that he submits, and when Brian refuses to give, Coop ratchets up the pain with some ab bashing, until the rookie ultimately submits. Coop makes him suffer an additional five seconds as a punishment for not submitting sooner. Coop pulls him out of the ropes, shoves him to the mat, then places his black boot on the giant’s chest and flexes a massive double bicep shot towering over the fallen giant.

Brian, seemingly undeterred from the beating he just took, struts out of his corner, proclaims he’s still strong, then challenges the brawny redhead to an arm wrestling showdown. Coop is amused by the challenge, asks the rookie if he’s serious, then flashes an intimidating bicep shot. The two of them lie down on the mat, lock up in this test of strength. The giant gains the early advantage and nearly powers Coop’s wrist to the mat, but Coop was just playing with him and in the end forces the rookie’s wrist to the mat. They come to their feet with Coop gloating ‘what did I tell you’ then shoves the lofty collegiate athlete in the chest and back into the corner. Austin continues were he left off in round one, by dishing out another ab bashing on Brian’s chiseled six pack. Coop then tosses him to the mat and spreads and splits his long, lanky legs apart, stretching his hamstrings and his crotch. Coop ponders a wish as he practically splits the giant apart, while Brian is moaning out in some serious pain. Coop continues to dominate the action, clamping on a full nelson and imposing his will on Brian’s gigantic, tanned physique. Just as it seems like this will be a total squash, Brian seizes an opening, draws on his previous scholastic wrestling experience and is able secure a reverse , then go on the attack. Brian stomps away with is white boots on Coop’s fair skinned body. He chokes him over the ropes, then wraps his long, lanky legs around Coop’s waist and tries to squeeze the shit out of him. The rookie makes the mistake of never asking for Coop to submit, and Coop is able to endure the predicament and change the momentum. The burly ginger backs Brian back into his corner, connects with a few kicks and fists into his gut, wanting to soften him up and get him back down to the mat. Coop truly dishes out the punishment in the final few minutes of this rookie squash, inflicting torture on Brian’s long, lean muscles; first by draping his worn out body over his back in a crucifix, then securing a tight figure four leg lock on his long legs, and stretching his muscles out in a bow and arrow while he’s withering on the mat, before ultimately hoisting the 6’4” giant up over his shoulders into a torture rack that compels the rookie to scream out a submission at the top of his lungs to put an end to the misery. Coop flings him off his shoulders and down to the mat, he calls him pathetic and flexes his massive muscular body in triumph as the sweat glistens off his muscles in a two round squash job!

Brodie Fisher & Josh Steel vs Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers

Brodie and Josh are two rising superstars on the Rock Hard roster, and have come a long way since their debuts last year. These two teenagers work out hard in the gym, carving out incredible muscular bodies that look like they jumped off the pages of a recent health and fitness magazine. As you may know, they have squared off against one another in singles competition with the teen bodybuilder Brodie narrowly chalking up a victory over the bronzed, surfer boy Josh. Considering the success that they have both experienced in recent matches, they chose to team up their muscles and take on the resident bad boy, Ethan, and his current protégé, Aaron, intent on proving their amazing physiques are up to the challenge of putting the bad boys in their place. Round one opens with Brodie in his signature red square cuts and black boot and Josh in blue square cuts and white boots, which highlight his golden bronzed body. In the opposite corner, the bad boy and his protégé are in their black and gold metallic trunks with black boots, eagerly awaiting their chance at taking out the teen muscle boys. First up in this round is Brodie and the rookie, Aaron. Brodie wastes no time in gaining the advantage over the protégé, securing Aaron in a tight, side headlock, stretching him out in a full nelson and grapevine combination, pounding and stomping away at his abs while he’s double teamed in the corner, then picks him up and drops Aaron across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker.Aaron doesn’t even get an offensive shot in on the teen bodybuilder before he’s looking to take in his mentor to take over.While Aaron tags in Ethan, Brodie tags in Josh and these two lock up at center ring. Ethan put an MMA style beating on the blond surfer dude in their previous singles match, and he takes the control again in this encounter. He backs Josh into the corner, delivers a few shoulder trusts into his gut, suplexes him down to the mat, then straddles Josh and starts bashing away at his abs of steel. Ethan is relentless, and continues to impose his will with a series of holds that make Josh suffer and Ethan delight. He tosses the shaggy haired blond around the ring like he was his own personal play toy. The bad boy stretches, pulls, and contorts every muscle in Josh’s fantastic physique, obviously enjoying himself all the while! Ethan even taunts Brodie, saying ‘look at your partner now’ as he has Josh in a reverse head lock and draped across his knee, then he bashes away some more on Josh’s pristine abs. Ethan is in total control, that is, until Brodie decides he’s seen enough and jumps over the top rope into the ring to help his partner. Brodie and Josh back the skinny street punk into a corner and start to stomp and pound away, until Ethan seizes a split second opening and tags Aaron. Josh immediately takes control over the less experienced and smaller opponent, throwing him to the mat before double teaming him in the ropes while Brodie places Aaron in a full nelson and Josh stomps away on his chest with his size 11 white boots. Josh is now the muscle boy clearly in control of this match, placing Aaron in a seated surfboard and stretching the rookie out in search of a submission. When Aaron won’t submit, Josh picks him up, then puts him through the same punishment. Josh places Aaron in another seated surfboard, but this time exerts intense pressure, forcing Aaron to his feet as he looks for anyway to escape Josh’s raw muscular power and the agonizing pain. With Aaron standing and screaming with nowhere to escape, and his bad boy partner helpless on the other side of the ring, Josh forces the rookie to submit to the surfboard as Aaron screams out a submission. Round one goes to the muscle studs as they proudly pose their fantastic physiques over their defeated opponent.

Round two opens with Josh beaming with confidence in his corner, and Aaron seemingly hesitant to continue as he hobbles out of the opposite corner. The shaggy, blond muscle hunk quickly takes the rookie down to the mat and starts attacking his abs. Ethan tries to encourage his partner to fight back but it’s looking like Ethan is the only one who has any fight left on his team. Josh dishes out the punishment on Aaron before he is able to crawl across the mat and tag in Ethan. The resident bad boy climbs through the ropes and states ‘you’re mine now dude’ as he catches Josh in a headlock, takes him to the mat, then starts grinding away on Josh’s fine-looking face. Don’t know what it is, but Ethan simply has Josh’s number! He lifts the bronzed surfer dude up and drops him into an over the knee backbreaker, stretching his stunning body out on display. Josh takes a beating until he is able to back the street punk against the ropes where Brodie is eagerly awaiting, and locks in a full nelson on Ethan and the two muscle boys start dishing out a 2 on 1 beat down. Ethan is able to break free and tag in Aaron, but that doesn’t change the dynamics of this match. It’s more of the same as the energetic, teen muscle boys continue to dominate the rookie. Ethan does get back into the ring, and gains an advantage over Brodie, stretching his magnificent muscles out in an over the knee backbreaker, but when Brodie is able to reverse the action in the corner he lifts the bad boy up only to power slam him down on the mat. He works Ethan over; stretching him out on the mat, scissoring his tree trunk sized thighs across the bad boy’s 29 inch waist and squeezing the life out of him, then double teaming him in the corner with excessive pounding and stomping away on his abs, softening him for the kill. The teen bodybuilder hoists the resident bad boy up onto his back into a crucifix, and as Ethan is stretched out helpless across Brodie’s back, Josh whacks away at his abs until he can’t take it any longer and reluctantly cries out a submission. The two teenage muscle studs chalk up a well-earned victory, and flex their smoking hot, sweaty muscles as the bad boy Ethan lay helpless and bulging on the mat.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.