TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Kyle Carter and Zack Johnathan vs Logan Matthews

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Kyle Carter and Zack Johnathan vs Logan Matthews

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Alex Waters vs Kyle Carter

The cocky fratboy Alex is already in the ring flexing, posing, and attempting to measure the size of his mighty bicep while waiting for his next opponent. He admires the work he’s done on his body from all those hours at the gym, and takes pleasure showing it off. Meanwhile the rookie teen phenom Kyle is making his way around the ring when Alex asks him to come measure his bicep for him in an effort to psyche out the young muscle hunk. The rookie does as he’s told and hops into the ring to measure Alex’s massive bicep. Kyle wraps the tape measure around the fratboy’s arm, first saying it measures only 12 inches, before measuring it again and admitting it’s a bulging 15½ inches. Now it’s not the biggest bicep on the Rock Hard roster, the biggest biceps belonging to both Austin and Zack at a stunning 17 inches, but Alex’s is right up there at the top. Kyle, still feeling his way around the ring, is curious to see how his peaked biceps measure against some of the others so he asks to have his measured. The teen phenom pumps up his arm, flexes real hard, and his peaked bicep comes in at 15 inches, not impressing the cocky frat boy. The rookie asks you might be bigger but are you stronger, which prompts a challenge to an arm wrestling contest in the center of the mat. The two muscle studs lock wrists and go at it, straining, grunting, and groaning as their biceps flex to the point of popping out of their skin. The testosterone level is high as the two struggle for supremacy, and by surprise Kyle is able to force the frat boy’s hand down to the mat and claims ‘size does not always mean weaker’! The two studs get to their feet and in another surprise twist, the rookie Kyle gains the early control scooping the shorter Alex up off the mat then tossing him to his back. The taller teen phenom stays on the attack, clamping a full nelson on Alex then stretching and straining his muscular shoulders and back. Alex looks perplexed as to how this rookie has gained the upper hand on him, but Kyle must have learned a few moves and some technique during his debut initiation beating at the hands of seasoned veteran, and world class fitness model, Zack. Kyle continues to gain confidence in this round applying a boston crab before scooping Alex up and slamming him to the mat. He then backs the cocky frat boy into the corner and starts pounding away at his pristine abs. This is a shocking sequence of action from the rookie, considering Alex has been on a terror as of late becoming a threat to take over the resident bad boy role on the roster from Ethan Andrews. He’s going to need to take his game up a few notches in order for that to happen! Kyle continues beating up on Alex, wrapping his enormous thighs around the frat boy’s waist and squeezes as hard as he can to drain the wind out of him. But Alex has learned a lot during the short time he’s been on the scene, and is able to duck under a clothesline attempt and turns the tables on the teen rookie. Alex starts beating away on the teen’s incredible body, placing his own leg scissors around the teen’s 29 inch waist while flexing his bicep in Kyle’s face to show who’s the boss. The cocky frat boy tortures the teen’s muscles as he pounds, bashes, and stretches him every which way before setting him up to finish him off. Alex picks him up, slams him down to the mat, then laces Kyle’s legs in a banana split that rips apart the teen’s crotch. Kyle tries to escape but to no avail, and Alex commands the teen muscle hunk to scream out a submission before he releases the hold. Kyle’s sweat soaked body lies in a heap on the mat as Alex gets to his feet and claims a round one triumph boasting ‘I really don’t know where they find you guys, all the same’.

Round two kicks off with both muscle hunks meeting in the center of the ring, with Kyle seeming like he wants to box a bit, throwing a few jabs. But Alex will have none of it and backs the rookie back into the corner and begins to bash away at his teen muscles. The cocky fratboy floors Kyle with a clothesline and starts stretching, squeezing, and scissoring the teen’s muscular body. While Alex continues to pulverize Kyle’s body, the rookie is beginning to wilt under the pressure. When Alex is finished scissoring the Stone Cold Steve Austin look-a –like’s head, he climbs to his feet and demands the rookie gets up. This opens a brief moment for Kyle to collect his thoughts, then he thrusts his shoulder into Alex’s midsection and tackles him to the mat. The rookie draws on his amateur mma experience and locks an arm bar on the fratboy. Kyle seems to have figured out how to use his muscles to deliver some pain. He scoops Alex up and slams him to the mat, then thrusts his forearms and fists into his impressive back and chiseled pecs. Alex is stunned and Kyle continues with a boston crab, a standing full nelson, and hoists the shorter Alex into a reverse bear hug which squeezes the air right out of him. Again, the rookie is in control and has the momentum. As the sexy fratboy lay flat on his back, Kyle takes the opportunity to walk right on top of his ripped abs. Alex is hurting and Kyle is looking for a submission. He scoops the cocky fratboy up twice and slams him to the mat, then he places him in a reverse chin lock and lifts him up onto his back. Alex’s sexy, sultry body is draped over the rookie’s powerful back while Kyle walks him around the ring asking if he likes it, before forcing Alex to scream out a second round submission. The teen phenom chalks up an impressive triumph in round two by flexing his popping, veiny muscled body over his defeated opponent. The third and deciding round starts with Kyle back on the attack, inflicting some bodily harm on Alex’s fitness model body. Can the teen phenom’s confidence remain high and maintain control over the cocky fratboy to chalk up a stunning upset? Or will Alex resort to his cocky, bad boy style and dismantle the teen rookie’s muscles to add another victory to his record? One of these muscle boys suffers miserably until he cries out a submission to end this teen muscle tale of the tape!

Zack Johnathan vs Logan Matthews

The match opens with Zack already in the ring, warming up and stretching out his spectacular, tanned physique in anticipation of squaring off against another rookie challenger. He obliterated the rookie teen muscle hunk, Kyle Carter, in his debut match, and is anxious to teach the next new rookie a similar lesson. His perfectly muscled body is clad in blue square cut trunks and white boots. Zack is a world renowned fitness model who is admired by both women and men alike, and has spent many years perfecting his body to the pinnacle of excellence. He’s also established himself as a superstar in the underground wrestling circuit with a legion of fans who have followed his career through the past decade. He’s dished out the punishment and also has taken his share of lumps while working his way to the top. He’s been on the Rock Hard roster since day one, and when he heard about this new crop of rookies who think they have what it takes to become a wrestling superstar, well he figures he’s just the one to teach them a lesson. He’s committed to ensuring that no rookie is going to work their way to the top at his expense. Meanwhile, the newbie Logan comes sauntering into the gym, finding Zack already in the ring, and starting to mouth off saying all this wrestling is fake. He questions Zack’s abilities, even though he’s never stepped into a ring before. Zack is in disbelief that this punk rookie would claim all of this is fake and is not showing any respect. As everyone knows, Zack doesn’t back away from any challenge, and he’s certainly not going to let this rookie get away with this shit. The fitness model is steaming mad to get this rookie in the ring and show him that indeed this is not fake wrestling! Logan climbs through the ropes, not fearing what he’s about to get himself into. He’s naïve to the fact that Zack has wrestled close to 100 matches in his career, and he’s entering the ring for the first time. He may not realize it, but that’s the odds that would be placed on this match-up, there’s about a 100 to 1 chance that this rookie has of winning. Zack allows the milky white rookie to climb into his ring, tells him he just made a big mistake, then quickly backs him against the ropes before whipping the rookie into the opposite turnbuckle. Zack starts the attack on Logan’s abs with a shoulder drive into his midsection, then kicking him in the gut with his size 9 white boot, before softening the credulous boy up with a swift fist to his abs. Zack stays in his face, holding the rookie up with his hand clenched around his throat, then sending him across the ring to the opposite corner. This time the world class fitness model attacks the throat, first wrapping his hands around Logan’s neck and clenching hard with is massive biceps and triceps flexed to the max. Zack is having his way again with another rookie, and he’s grinning with glee as he continues the beat down initiation of this novice wannabe. Zack’s muscular body never looked better as he demolishes the rookie limb by limb and piece by piece. He spreads Logan’s legs wide in a wishbone hold, painfully stretching the rookie’s crotch. Zack continues to work over the rookie’s lower body, kicking away at his hamstrings then working over his knees with a variety of limb stretching holds. Logan is completely lost and outclassed in this round, he doesn’t have any type of offensive response to Zack’s domination. Zack delivers a series of elbow drops into Logan’s abs then delivers one final elbow down on the rookie’s crotch. Logan lays trembling, quivering, and moaning on the mat. He’s got to be wondering how he got himself into this situation, and he’s surely looking for a way out! Zack maintains total control and starts focusing on the black haired, non-believer’s upper torso. Zack shows off his money making muscles by pulling the rookie back by his chin while he drives his knee into the center of his back. Logan suffers miserably, but Zack refuses to allow him to submit. Zack then drags him to his feet, scoops him up, and tosses him backward over his head in an impressive display of strength and agility. The veteran Zack drains every last ounce of energy out of the rookie by choking him over the top rope, before dragging him to the center of the ring and securing a figure four leg lock. Zack’s beautiful body is in total control as he asks the rookie if he’s ready for this, then applies immense pressure on the Logan’s legs and knee joints. It isn’t long for Lagan to cry out ‘I submit’ to end the round. Zack celebrates his dominance over the ‘piece of trash’ in round one with a few flexes of his glorious muscles.

Round two begins with Logan clenching and rubbing his sore knee, and astonishingly still questioning Zack’s talents and if this stuff is real. The world class fitness model’s confidence in the ring has never been higher and he’s at the top of his game these days, he’s surely not going to take any smack talk from a punk ass rookie. Zack goes back on the attack with the same formula that demolished the rookie in the first round; beat down his upper body in the beginning then strike at his opponent’s lower body to continue the damage. Zack initiates the assault on Logan with a standing chicken wing and choke hold, then continues with an arsenal of holds battering and bruising the rookie’s smaller physique. Zack amplifies his domination by hoisting the rookie up onto his back, then pile driving him down to the mat. Zack’s muscles and experience control this match from beginning to end, with Logan unable to even get one shot in on the veteran. In the end Zack finishes him off be wrapping Logan’s leg through the ropes and starts bending in it ways it’s not meant to bend. He has the rookie’s leg looking like it belongs on a Gumby! Zack continues to bend, yank, and pull as hard as he can, demanding his opponent screams out a submission. Logan does just that to end this round and the match. Zack savors his sweet victory by placing his boot on Logan’s chest and flexing his sweat soaked muscles in triumph. He’s asks the rookie ‘what do you think of wrestling now?’ before kicking his lifeless body out of the ring. Zack dishes out the most lopsided squash in Rock Hard history, and you’ve got to wonder if we’ll ever see this rookie in the ring again?!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.