TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Jake Jenkins and Kyle Carter vs Logan Matthews

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Jake Jenkins and Kyle Carter vs Logan Matthews

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Alex Waters vs Jake Jenkins

Alex has been steaming mad since losing the 3-way match between himself, Josh Steel and Jake. The veteran Jake had been ruling the roster before his lengthy sabbatical over the last two years, and has recently returned to reclaim his top of the roster spot. But then again, there’s been a number of new superstars to join Rock Hard lately, with the cocky fratboy Alex being amongst the best by amassing an overall 4-2 record. He’s in no mood to let some out of shape, injured veteran come back to steal his thunder. Both of these guys are nursing knee injuries and that could spell trouble for one or both of them! Alex comes out of his corner clad in revealing blue and black square cut trunks and black boots, looking like he’s in the best shape of his life. He’s supper ripped, hair perfectly coiffed, dark tan, and his model face looking as beautiful as ever. But, don’t let the pretty boy looks fool you, underneath it all he’s turned into a terror in the ring, seeking to claim the top spot on RHW’s spectacular roster. Jake is clad in his signature red trunks and black boots, though he has lost some of his impressive muscle during the recent downtime, he still maintains his vast skill set in the squared circle. As they size each other up, Alex confidently proclaims ‘I’m here to take your spot’ to the veteran, while Jake retorts ‘you’re not pretty enough’ as this superstar showdown begins. The two muscle hunks lock up for a test of strength, and it’s the cocky fratboy Alex who delivers the first shot. He connects with two swift knees into Jake’s abs, then scoops him up, tells him he’s a lightweight, then slams him into the mat. What a way to start this showdown! You quickly see, Jake is having some trouble with his right knee, which is banded with a knee brace. Could this allow for the opening that Alex is looking for? He scoop slams Jake a second time to show him he’s not messing around, then lifts him by his hair and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. He connects with a smash to Jake’s abs, then begins to stomp on Jake’s bad knee, telling him ‘I know where to work now’. The frat stud stays on the attack, working Jake over with; stomps to his body, a leg scissor around Jake’s throat along with cranking away on an arm bar, then hoisting him up into a reverse bear hug that has the veteran moaning in pain. As Jake’s limb body lay on the mat, Alex gets a little too concerned with his perfectly coiffed locks as he looks in the mirror, and Jake seizes the opening to strike. He sneaks up behind the fratboy and wraps his arms around his waist, then lifts and tosses Alex up and over his head and down to the mat. He scores with an elbow drop, then starts torturing Alex’s perfect physique. He stretches his muscles out in a bow and arrow as every ripped muscle on Alex’s body is strenuously flexed. Jake transitions this into a full nelson and leg scissor combo, continuing to stretch out the pretty badboy, then attempts to break his arm with a painful arm bar on the mat. But, Alex has learned from his early matches how to endure the pain and fight back. He reverses the seasoned veteran, then sends another knee into Jake’s abs that stuns him. Alex lifts him up, then drops him down across his knee. Jake’s limp body is stretched out across Alex’s knee as he pushes down on Jake’s chin to ratchet up the pain. Jake cries out in pain until Alex shoves him off his knee, then continues to assault his back with a single leg boston crab that has Alex sitting on top of him and Jake squirming to escape. The cocky fratboy picks the battered Jake up several times only to suplex him back down to the mat, and when he feels the veteran is worn down, he goes in for the kill. Alex clamps Jake’s chin with his massive arms, traps his sore knee between his hip and thigh and starts to stretch Jake’s body in ways it shouldn’t be stretched. Alex punishes him, pulling Jake’s chin back with his massive, muscular arms, arching Jake’s lower back and neck to its limits. Jake’s body is clenched and stretched to the extreme as he screams out in pain, ultimately screaming out a submission to end round one. The cocky fratboy gets to his feet, kicks Jake’s sweat soaked body over to his back, then places his boot on the chest and flexes his perfect muscles in victory for his fans.

Jake is able to drag his beaten and battered sweat soaked body off the mat, and wipe down before the start of round two. Rock Hard fans are not used to seeing Jake owned like Alex did to him in round one, and Jake himself has to be wondering if he still got what it takes to compete against this new breed of young guns. Alex picks up right where he left off, showing Jake a test of strength but instead kicking him square in the abs, before picking him up and scoop slamming him. But, when the cocky fratboy attempts a clothesline, Jake ducks under his forearm, bounces of the ropes to deliver a drop kick to Alex’s powerful pecs. Jake seizes the control and systematically starts to beat up on Alex; tossing his killer bod around the ring, making him suffer in a reverse figure four leg lock, scissoring his head between his huge thighs, then clamping back on his chin and stretching the cocky muscle hunk out in a powerful camel clutch. Jake even makes a point to flex his own baseball sized bicep in the fratboy’s face as he agonizes in the hold. But when Jake flexes his muscles over Alex, the fratboy is able to turn the tables and regain control. He goes back to attacking Jake’s bum knee, and also laces Jake’s body through the ropes, pulling and stretching him to the max. And just when you thought the cocky fratboy was going to score a consecutive two round victory over the veteran machine wrestler, Jake digs deep into his tank to regain the control. He punishes Alex on the mat with a wide variety of holds that are going to make his muscles sore for a week before ultimately forcing him to submit to an extreme double leg boston crab that Jake applies with pleasure until the muscle stud cries out a submission. Jake proudly poses his sweat soaked muscles over the fallen Alex in triumph in round two. Can the seasoned veteran Jake sustain the momentum against the new, young superstar Alex and his perfect muscles in round three? Or, will the cocky fratboy resort to more of his badboy tactics and superior muscle to continue his winning ways and let everyone know that there’s a new sheriff in town, and they best not mess with him!

Kyle Carter vs Logan Matthews

This battle features rookie against rookie, Kyle vs Logan. Both of these rookies joined the roster at the same time, but that is about all that they have in common. Kyle is a full-fledged teen muscle stud with lots of confidence and vigor, looking to make his mark here at Rock Hard. He has a physique that most envy, and a fearless attitude. On the opposite end is Logan, with his hairy chest, smaller muscles, and skeptical attitude. He came questioning as to what it takes to prevail in the ring, and still doubts the highly talented roster that stands as his opposition. While neither of these two have been able to score a victory in their early matches, that’s going to change, as one of these rookies is going to notch his first win today. Round one opens with Logan in revealing blue trunks and black boots, and Kyle in green square cuts and white boots. The skeptic has a sly grin on his face as he comes to the center of the ring, as Kyle struts his muscular body out of his corner. Kyle begins with the trash talking first telling Logan he looks like a momma’s boy as he sizes him up, and Logan mouthing off that Kyle looks like a wannabe Steve Austin and asks ‘what’s with the hair?’ They lock up and somewhat surprisingly Logan gains the early advantage, knocking the teen stud to the mat, stomping on his pristine abs, then rolling him over to stretch his muscular arms out in a surfboard. Logan has his black boot placed in Kyle’s lower back, pulling back on his arms and asking ‘what do you got to say about that now?’ He drags the muscle hunk to across the ring and locks on a double leg boston crab, inflicting more pain to Kyle’s lower back. It appears that Logan has calculated he can’t over power Kyle’s impressive muscles, so he’ll attack the back and weaken his opponent that way. He releases the boston crab, only to put Kyle back into a stretching surfboard along with a couple of stomps to his back. Logan is enjoying beating up on the muscle boy, with a grin on his face he tosses him into the corner and begins bashing away at Kyle’s 8-pack abs. The blond bodybuilder is clearly stunned as he’s pounded in the corner, and Logan enjoying his work. He then hoists the tanned hunk up into a full nelson and lifts him off his feet, stretching his muscles out on display, then drops him to the mat to stomp on his back. This seems to awaken the teen stud, and he’s had enough of this beating. He charges Logan, picks him up like a sack of potatoes and tosses him across the ring. He pays the skeptic back by stomping on his abs, then lifts him to his feet only to power slam him back to the mat with such force it nearly drives Logan through the ring floor. The teen stud’s muscles are just getting warmed up, as the sweat starts to glisten off his body he chokes Logan across the lower rope, pushing down hard with his massive triceps. When Kyle’s done choking him out, he brings him to his feet, set’s him up for a clothesline, then places him in a camel clutch and yanks back on his chin with all his might as the skeptic moans and groans in pain. Kyle’s seized all the momentum, and he knows it. He stays on the attack, turning the tables on his opponent beating up on Logan’s back. He tosses him around the ring some more, places him in another painful boston crab before parading him around like a trophy in a standing full nelson. Kyle senses it’s time to end this round, so he places his weakened opponent into a surfboard back breaker and begins pulling back on his arms, stretching Logan’s body like a gumby! When Logan refuses to give up, Kyle reaches up, grabs his chin and pulls him back even further with his muscular arms. Poor Logan’s back is in enormous pain and his body is stretched beyond limits, it’s amazing his back hasn’t snapped. Logan cries out ‘I give’ twice before the teen stud releases the hold. Kyle climbs to his feet, proudly poses his impressive muscles for his fans and declares triumph in this first round.

Round two begins with Logan nursing his sore back and Kyle asking him if he got hurt in the last round. Always the skeptic, Logan insinuates Kyle just got lucky as they lock up for a test of strength. It’s no surprise muscle bound Kyle drives Logan to his knees, then hoists him up and power bombs him to the mat. He rolls Logan over into a boston crab, again focusing his attack on the back. The teen muscle stud continues working over Logan; lifting him into an over the back torture rack which has Logan draped across Kyle’s muscular shoulders, then wraps his massive thighs around Logan’s midsection and squeezes with all his might, and finally laces Logan’s white, withered body through the ropes and stretches him out with a standing surfboard. You would think that Kyle is all set up to win this match in two straight rounds, but Logan is able to absorb the punishment and has other ideas in mind. Since Logan doesn’t submit while he’s tied up in the ropes, the teen stud brings him back into the ring. As Logan scrambles to get his feet he catches Kyle with a deliberate jab to the bodybuilder’s Adonis like abs. This floors Kyle, and Logan is quick to continue to attack the abs. He stomps on Kyle’s precious abs as he lay stunned on the mat. Logan’s been able to catch a second wind and he’s going all in with his assail on Kyle’s perfect body. Logan makes him suffer in a boston crab, then throws him into the corner to bash away at his abs, then clamps a leg scissor’s around the teen hunk’s tiny waist and watches him suffer in agony. As the sweat starts to build on Kyle’s body, Logan lifts him up, not once, but twice to parade him around the ring before slamming his muscles down into the mat. When he hoists Kyle up for the third time he has a surprise for him, this time he drops the Steve Austin look-a-like down across his knee and stretches his magnificent body out. Logan forces his hand down on Kyle’s chin which places great pressure on his back. With the teen muscle stud refusing to submit, Logan pushes his chin even further down to the mat and that forces the blond bodybuilder to concede defeat in round two. Logan gets to his feet, calls Kyle a loser, then flexes his own double bicep in conquest. Round three of this rookie war begins with both of these guys knowing what’s at stake in this round, the winner will lay claim to his first victory and the loser may need to leave Rock Hard in disgrace. The early action has Logan in control after Kyle stumbles, and continues to work over his back with his black boots. Can the skeptic Logan out maneuver the teen blond bodybuilder to his first victory? Or, does Kyle regain his composure and use his superior muscles and tenacity to take out his milky white opponent? With a brutal finishing hold you’ll want to see, one of the rookies claims victory as the other is laid out on the mat in disgrace!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.