TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Josh Steel vs Matt Engel and Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Josh Steel vs Matt Engel and Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan

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Josh Steel vs Matt Engel

Josh has been gaining both muscle and confidence lately, chalking up victories over his nemesis Ethan Andrews and also rising superstar Alex Waters, along with packing on about 30 lbs of muscle since his debut at Rock Hard a few years back. He’s had some troubles in his tag team matches, but the blond surfer dude turned muscle stud has been having quite a bit of success in his singles matches. He’s been waiting to get his hands on the rookie blond bombshell Matt Engel since watching him in his previous matches. Matt’s shown signs of promise in the ring in his first two contests, and god knows that he’s sculpted a perfectly chiseled physique in the gym highlighted by his killer abs and outrageous calves. Josh doesn’t want any newbie staking claim to his position as a current superstar on the roster and intends to keep this rookie in his place, which is on the bottom looking up. Josh arrives early to the ring and is blasting his iPhone with some ‘Rocky’ tunes to psyche himself up as he poses and flexes his own glorious body. He’s a spitting image of the great pro wrestler Kevin von Erich in his white trunks and boots. Matt climbs into the ring talking trash, asking Josh if that’s an iPhone 1? That could be a mistake! The two blond bodybuilders lock up to start things off in round one, with the experienced Josh striking first, throwing Matt down and stomping on his abs. But Josh says ‘not that easy’ as he pulls Matt up and whips him into the turnbuckle and begins to bash his head deep into the blond bombshell’s shredded abs. He’s making a statement early to attack one of Matt’s strengths, and asking him ‘how’s that feel pretty boy’ before choking him over the top rope. The muscle hunk continues his assault on the rookie; draping his leg across the rope and inflicts punishment to his massive thigh with several punches, a leg drop across Matt’s impressive pecs, he picks him up over his head and slams the bodybuilder to the mat, then drives several forearms down into Matt’s abs making sure he continues bashing away at that prized eight-pack. Josh is in total control, and one thing he’s learned since his early days it to stay on the attack when he has the momentum. He lifts Matt to his feet, whips him across the ring and into the ropes, then delivers both of his white boots squarely planted into Matt’s awesome abs which stuns the rookie as he crumbles to the mat. The blond surfer dude proclaims ‘that was the high point of my day’ as he gets into the rookies face. Matt, seemingly unaware of the beating he’s currently taking, retorts ‘I got some hydroxyl cut for you if you want some’, taking a shot at Josh’s softer stomach. This only fires Josh up more, so he continues tossing the blond bodybuilder around the ring like he owns him; whipping him into another clothesline, wrapping his own massive thighs around Matt’s tiny waist and squeezing the shit out of him, then locking on a chicken wing and choking him over the ropes, all the while taking shots at his abs in an effort to weaken the bodybuilder’s core. But Matt has been known to be able to take a beating and not give in, so when Josh takes a moment to flex to himself in the mirror, Matt catches him with a double leg takedown. He uses his own powerful muscles to hoist the 195 lbs muscle stud up into the air then slams him to the mat. He laces his bulging biceps through Josh’s arms to lock on a full nelson, then he grapevines him with his impressive thighs and stretches the big blond out. Matt is having his moment in this round, but after flooring Josh with a clothesline, Josh gets to his feet and swiftly locks Matt in a front facing bear hug. Josh crushes the air out of him, and then scores with a few knees to Matt’s abs to soften him up. He brings the blond rookie to his feet, then literally lifts him high into the air by his throat then power slams the poor boy down to the mat. As the rookie lay stunned on the mat, Josh picks up one of his ankles and one of his wrists, placing him into a standing cross bow, which has been a favorite hold of his as of late. Josh then uses his massive arms and back to start pull and yank on Matt’s limbs while he has his size 11 white boot firmly planted in his side. Matt can’t evade the power and the pain being inflicted and cries out that he’s done. Josh places his boot on his defeated opponent’s back, flexes his massive biceps for the camera while Matt lays agonizing on the mat in defeat to end round one.

Big buff blond Josh pretty much had his way with the rookie bodybuilder in round one and has worked up a good sweat that glistens off his body as he prepares to start round two. Josh calls over to Matt ‘you ready for more big boy?’, and Matt doesn’t even hesitate saying ‘bring it!’ Josh is clearly more experienced in the ring than Matt, but the rookie has been gaining knowledge in his previous bouts. They lock up and Josh simply over powers the smaller rookie to the mat and goes back to attacking his killer abs. Josh connects with a leg drop across Matt’s abs, then hoists him up into a standing full nelson that lifts him completely off his feet. The blond surfer dude is pleased with his beating of the rookie bodybuilder, posing and admiring his newly built muscles as Matt lay agonizing on his stomach. He then brings Matt to his wobbly feet, picks him up over his head, then hangs his legs over the top ropes, opening up those sexy abs for a brutal bashing. Josh continues his dominance by tossing him around the ring, making him suffer in a rear choke hold, he connects with a clothesline, and all the while continuing to bash away on the rookie’s abs. But, just when you think it’s over for the blond bombshell, he is able to connect with an elbow to Josh’s gut and follows that up with a direct punch to Josh’s chest which floors him. Matt drags the blond surfer dude up to his feet with a fist full of hair, then takes him back down to the mat and connects with an elbow drop to his back. Matt has seized control and is loving it! He tosses Josh into the turnbuckle and starts to punch and kick away on his powerful body. Josh slumps in the corner, is dragged up to his feet only to be clipped with an elbow to the head. The bigger blond hunk Josh is stunned and stumbles to the mat. The rookie proclaims ‘it’s time for a stretch’ as he pulls Josh back into an ab stretch that has his body and limbs laced up and in Matt’s control. The rookie stares and smiles in Josh’s face as he pulls back as hard as he can exerting extreme pressure on the blond surfer dude’s back and massive muscles, then delivers some payback with some ab bashing of his own into Josh’s exposed midsection. Josh cries out in pain and seeks a way to escape the torment. But, is it time for Matt to end this round and claim triumph to even this match at one round a piece? Or can Josh flex his way out of this predicament and go onto conquer the rookie and make yet another opponent bite the dust? If you like bodybuilder muscle covered in sweat as they fight for domination, then you’ll want to see this match!

Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan

Zack has been a mainstay at the top of the fitness modeling world for many years, and has also built an impressive and loyal following in his underground wrestling career. So, he’s in no mood to allow some of the recent hot shot rookies waltz into the Rock Hard arena and challenge him as being ‘the one the fans all come to see’, as he likes to say. Zack has been on top of the roster since the inception of Rock Hard Wrestling, knocking off the likes of Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, Brody Hancock, Troy Nelson, and most recently Kyle Carter and Logan Matthews. He has had his troubles with the bad boy, street punk Ethan Andrews but that’s a whole different story. He’s been noticing the likes of the young guns Josh Steel, Brodie Fisher, and Alex Waters making a name for themselves recently, and doesn’t like what he’s seeing. So, when he sees Alex in the arena pumping out bench presses and flexing his beautiful muscles like a peacock, he feels compelled to confront the young stud. The two studs exchange words and it all escalates to a challenge in the ring to settle their differences. Zack climbs through the ropes in his white briefs, white fitted tank top, and white boots which highlight his pristine, perfectly muscled body. Alex is right behind him in his signature blue square cuts and black boots, and the intent of his well-built body taking over as the resident bad boy and superstar on the roster. And sure enough, as Zack is peeling the white tank top off his killer torso, Alex cheap shots him from behind to start things off. He catches Zack off guard and takes the early advantage, scoop slamming him to the mat then pounds away at the fitness model’s perfect pecs. The cocky fratboy brings Zack to his feet, whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, delivers several shoulder blasts, then powerful jabs to his pecs and awesome abs. Zack is stunned at the moment and shows no signs of putting up a fight. Alex stays on the assault with a back-breaking camel clutch, a stretching bow and arrow that puts the fitness model’s killer body on full display, then the rising young gun laces Zack’s muscles through the ropes and cranks back on his chin. As Zack lays slumped in the ropes, Alex takes a few moments to admire his work and flex his bulging biceps for the camera. Zack manages to get to his feet and challenges the cocky boy to a test of strength. Nobody beats Zack in a test of strength, he sports massive 17” biceps, but Alex quickly switches it to a double leg takedown and exhorts ‘you’re too slow’ as Zack lay on the mat. Perhaps the world class fitness model has bit off more than he can chew with Alex? Alex continues his attack on Zack’s muscles, making him suffer in a leg scissors which includes an arm bar. Zack is able to endure the punishment he’s taken in the first 7 minutes of this round, and when Alex goes for one too many elbow drops, the seasoned veteran scoots out of the way. Zack uses his superior muscle and experience to start beating on the fratboy, slamming him on the mat and then dropping him over his knee into a backbreaker. As Alex lay draped over the knee, Zack delivers some payback with a few elbow drops across the young gun’s ripped abs. Zack continues to attack Alex; chocking him out across the top rope, stomping and pounding away at his body in the corner turnbuckle, then in a show of sheer strength he tosses the cocky fratboy up over his head and behind him. Zack has seized the momentum and isn’t letting up, he places his massive biceps around Alex’s throat as he has him arched to the max in a camel clutch that causes him to cry out in pain as Zack asks him ‘how do you like that?’ Zack releases the hold, then hoists the cocky fratboy up and places him into an over the shoulder backbreaker. Alex tries his best to break the hold but it’s all in vain, as Zack’s bulging biceps are locked around Alex’s waist not to be broken. Zack holds him high in the air and inflicts more pain until the cocky fratboy has no other choice but to yell out a submission to end round one. Zack drops him to the mat, admires his work, then flexes his mighty biceps over a suffering Alex.

When round two opens, Alex is in his corner nursing his sore back and conceding to Zack that ‘you’re tougher than I thought’ and Zack warns the cocky fratboy he shouldn’t have climbed into the ring with him after a workout. Zack continues to beat up on the muscle boy; choking him out in the corner, nearly putting him to sleep in a choke hold, crushing his ribs in a front facing bear hug with Zack’s massive arms wrapped his torso, and topping it off with a standing surfboard on the suffering stud. Zack tries to gain a submission out of it, but Alex resists. But when Zack goes too far with the trash talking, the bad boy gets a second wind and lifts the world class fitness model up and slams him to the mat. He pushes Zack over to the bottom rope and chokes him out, then secures and stretches him out in a grapevine and chin lock that strains Zack’s back. The cocky bad boy focuses his attack on the back for the next several minutes, thinking that’s an area that he can inflict the most pain. As Zack lay face down, Alex drops his knee and drives it deep into the fitness model’s lower back, he then lifts him up into a suplex, and pays him back with his own standing surfboard that stretches Zack’s fabulous body out and creates severe pain on his back. Alex is feeling like his cocky self and senses it’s time to make this model boy regret the challenge that he issued. He locks Zack’s arms around his and hoists him up over his broad back into a crucifix. Zack’s money making body is spread eagle on the cocky fratboy’s back with no way to escape. Zack endures the pain as long as possible, but ultimately he’s compelled to cry out a submission to end round two, and even this match at one round a piece. Alex stomps his black boot on Zack’s abs and flexes his own impressive double bicep shot to show he means business. There’s a lot on this line in round three, as Alex takes the early control but that’s short lived. Zack reverses him on a whip into the turnbuckle. Zack uses his perfect muscles to control the pretty looking, bad boy as he wants; dominating him with a headlock, bashing away at his abs, then manipulating his body with a chin and leg lock that has him searching for any way to escape! Can the world class fitness model continue his control over Alex and the Rock Hard roster? Or, will the cocky fratboy be able to mount a comeback and out wrestle and out muscle Zack? There’s tons of thrilling action and excitement in this 31 minute marathon match, that ends with one of these magnificent muscle bodies being worked over and stretched out until he’s pushed to scream out several times ‘I submit’ to end the match as the victor flexes in conquest!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.