TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews and Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews and Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels

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Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews

After Tyson had his ass kicked in his first two bouts, with both bad boy Ethan Andrews torturing him in straight rounds and bodybuilder Bruce Ballard over muscling him in his most recent match, the rookie was looking for somebody, anybody that could show him the ropes. So, he approached a number of the guys in the locker room about teaching him some new moves and how to succeed at Rock Hard but they all turned him down, except for one. And that one was current superstar Alex, though he’s had his own share of bumps and bruises to his ego in his last three matches. So, it makes you wonder; is Alex looking for a protégé or future tag team partner and is willing to invest in Tyson, or is there some ulterior motive? You never know what is running through Alex’s mind, he looks the part of the perfect fratboy but plays the part of the evil bad boy. The match starts with Alex in the ring and he’s prepared for the training session with a white board of holds he wants to cover with the newbie. But, things don’t start off too well. Tyson is late, and when he does show up he’s got an attitude. Alex tells him he’ll be learning from one of the best, and is ready to get started. Alex brings the blond fitness model over to the white board to show him the list of moves he wants to cover today, and you quickly notice the first 5 moves are basic wrestling holds, but there’s a sixth move added to the list call the ‘Super Alex’. The cocky fratboy begins the training session with the first move, a hip toss. He locks up with Tyson and shows him how to perform a basic hip toss. Much to Alex’s surprise, the newbie is mouthing off from the start. What’s up with this attitude? They move onto the second move, a bear hug. Once again, Alex shows the rookie how to perform the move, wrapping his massive arms around Tyson’s waist and lifting him up off his feet and squeezing the shit out of him. He first shows him a reverse bear hug, and then a front facing bear hug. Again, more attitude from the rookie. Hey, wasn’t it him that asked Alex to teach him some moves. Apparently, this new guy just doesn’t know how it works around here. They’re 2 minutes into their training session and Tyson tosses the white board out of the ring, and after seeing that Alex says ‘OK, let me show you how I kick some ass!’ They tie and the cocky fratboy scores first with a knee to the blond rookie’s abs then another knee to his thigh, and next thing you know Tyson is crumbling to the mat. He may have pissed off someone he shouldn’t have. Alex shoves him back against the ropes and delivers a few bitch slaps right across the fitness models pecs. He then lifts the rookie up and power slams him into to mat, driving him hard into the ring floor. Tyson’s muscled body arches in pain, as he moans from the impact. He continues to beating up on the disrespectful rookie, suplexing him around the ring the wrapping his massive muscled thighs around Tyson’s wait and then wrapping Tyson’s arm around his own throat, chocking him out on the mat. Alex is owning Tyson at this point; thrusting his shoulder into Tyson’s gut in the corner, lacing his smooth shaven body through the ring ropes to stretch him out with a full nelson, then drags him back into the ring and squeezes with a bearhug before suplexing him around the ring. Alex is grinning and enjoying every minute of this round. As Tyson lay beaten on the mat, the cocky muscular fratboy places his boots on Tyson’s shoulders then grabs his wrists and pulls back with all his might wanting to rip the poor boy’s arms right out of his shoulders. The rookie squirms to escape but it isn’t until Alex releases the hold that the pain subsides from Tyson’s body. As the sweat starts to glisten off each of these muscle boy’s hot bodies, the fratboy lifts the blond to his feet then drops his helpless body across his knee into a backbreaker. As Alex pushes hard down on the rookie’s chin, stretching him out and inflicting severe pain on his back, it almost sounds like Tyson is crying in defeat. But He isn’t done yet, he is able to reverse the momentum and gets in a few good moves on Alex, but it doesn’t faze the superstar. He regains control, goes back to beating up in the rookie’s body, then finishes him off with move #5 on his list, a back breaking camel clutch. Alex compels him to submit twice before releasing the hold and laying claim to round one.

The next round opens with Alex being coy, telling Tyson ‘the whole objective in winning a match is for your hair to still be perfectly coiffed after the match’. Typical Alex! The two start off with a test of strength, which not surprisingly Alex controls and backs the blond rookie back into the corner. He unleashes an attack on Tyson’s gut, connecting with a series of punches and boots. The blond newbie falls to the mat, but Alex lifts him with a handful of hair and begins choking him over the rope. He follows that up with a tightly placed figure four around Tyson’s throat to prolong the choking. Perhaps Tyson should have paid more attention to the training at the onset because he hasn’t shown much offense so far! Alex stays in control, again pulling the rookie to his feet by a handful of his golden locks, only to power slam him back to the mat. Alex is pissed at the fact that the rookie asked him for some training help and then steps into the ring and makes fun of him. Alex continues to pull him up and power slam him to the mat, then when Tyson can’t recover, he straddles the newbie and connects with several bitch slaps across his muscled pecs. Alex’s muscles look spectacular as his sweat gleans off his body while he continues to do what he does best, and that’s pulverize and torture his opponent. The cocky fratboy is enjoying every minute of dishing out the pain, this is the Alex we’re accustomed to seeing! He continues the beating on Tyson; making him suffer in a surfboard, then smashing his face into the corner turnbuckle. The rookie shows little signs of putting up any offense and it’s pretty much all downhill for him in this round. Alex beats and batters his body until Tyson can’t take it anymore. In a display of irony, Alex finishes him off with what was hold #6 on the training schedule, the Super Alex. He must have added this move to his arsenal after the setbacks in his last three matches because he’s never shown this move to anyone before. In an astonishing finish, the cocky fratboy uses the ‘Super Alex’ to turn the rookie’s lights out to end this match! As Tyson lay slumped on the mat, Alex claims the victory.

Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels

In Chad’s debut match he went against the Z-man, Zack Johnathan, and though he had a slight size advantage the Z-man just had too much experience and he was defeated in straight rounds. But, during that match, Chad showed signs of brilliance, both athletically and with his determination. He knows he’s the new kid on the block but is determined to climb his way to the top of the roster. He’s not drawing any lucky cards with this match, because he’s going up against another seasoned veteran in the red head Austin. The Coop has been with Rock Hard for a long while and has certainly made his mark on the roster, having great success in his singles matches and huge success as a tag team with Jake Jenkins in which they never lost a match. So, this is going to be a big mountain for Chad to climb. The rookie is in the ring flexing his beach bod muscles in his red lifeguard board shoots looking like he just walked off the set of Baywatch. He likes the reflection he sees in the mirror as he slowly drops his shorts revealing his blue square cut trunks, red socks, and white boots. An all-American vision to be sure. As he’s jumping rope, Austin strolls around the corner eating an apple, looking like he just finished with his lunch break. He confronts the rookie, asking what he’s doing in the ring? Chad claims that this is his ring, it’s his zen zone, but Coop explains this is no swimming pool as he throws his half eaten apple in the direction of the newbie. Coop climbs into the ring and the two size each other up, before the veteran strikes first. He scoops the blond lifeguard up, proceeds to walk him around the ring, and then slams his beach bod to the mat in a display of intimidation. Coop straddles Chad as he lay on his stomach, then locks on a viscous arm bar and applies extreme pressure, then rolls him over and locks his tree trunk thighs around the newbie’s 28 inch waist and squeezes away on his ripped abs.The veteran lays on the mat enjoying seeing the blond boy squirm in an attempt to escape. Chad is unable to break the leg scissors and he stays in the control of the red headed veteran, once Coop releases the hold he brings Chad to his feet then makes him fly by suplexing him around the ring. Coop then induces some pain on the rookie’s muscled beach bod as he makes him suffer in a boston crab. Coop says he’s ‘not impressed’ with the rookie but Chad counters that he’s going to ‘kick his ass’.The rookie fends off the pain until Coop releases the hold, and once he does he’s able to get to his feet and quickly attacks the ginger with a scoop slam. Chad’s got some serious muscle and he intends on using it. He tells the veteran ‘you know what I can to do you’ as he stomps away on his back. Once Chad has softened him up, he places Coop in a full nelson with his legs locked around his hips, stretching the red head out and asking ‘who’s your dad?. Pretty cocky for a rookie! As Chad circles his prey and stomps his body, he asks Coop ‘who’s the dumb ass now?’ and the veteran doesn’t hesitate with the reply ‘some guy named Chad’. It’s going to take Chad delivering a lot more punishment to take out a seasoned wrestler like Coop. As Chad is lifting Coop to his feet, the red head makes his move, He hoists the lifeguard up and over his shoulder with a double leg, then drops him in a reverse atomic drop across his knee. Chad screams out ‘my ass’ as he squirms in pain claiming that was a cheap shot. The tactician veteran proclaims I’m going to kick your ass both literally and figuratively, as he kicks his black boot into Chad’s beefy ass. The red head locks on an arm bar combo, ripping Chad’s big muscled arm to the limit, while he flexes his own colossal 17” bicep. Coop asks the baby face ‘what do you think I do to little guys like you?’ as he hoists him up off his feet. Coop walks him around the ring, then drops him hard across his knee into a backbreaker. The tactician has the rookie right where he wants him, his beach bod draped over his knee in total control. He pushes down on Chad’s chin until he cries out ‘I give’ three times, even admitting Coop wins before he’s shoved to the mat. Coop sits down on the lifeguards butt flexing his killer biceps for a triumph in round one.

Round two begins with Austin asking ‘how you feeling buddy’, and Chad telling him ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’. Coop mocks him by singing some of the lyrics from the old BTO song. The two muscle beach bods lock up and it’s the red head backing the lifeguard into the corner turnbuckle and stomping on both his legs which take his pins right out from under him. Coop then places his black boot across Chad’s throat, choking and cutting off his oxygen. Chad’s able to fend it off, but only to end up in a torture rack across Coop’s broad shoulders and back, not once but twice! The steamy hot, blond beach boy is able to withstand the attack and is able to reverse the action on the veteran. He picks him up then slams his body to the mat, then clamps on a camel clutch and tells Coop he is his bitch now while flexing his own impressive bicep. Chad’s in control and loving it, he’s shown himself to be a quick learner and he’s not going to let up on the red head. He delivers several flying elbow drops to Coop’s back, then flips him over and places his boots on his shoulders, grabs his wrists, and starts stretching the veteran tactician out. Chad’s muscles are pumped and so is his ego. He drags Coop over to the ropes and chokes him out, then whips him across the ring into the corner turnbuckle. He’s got Coop stunned and begins bashing away at his super six-pack. He continues stomping on his body and throwing the burly red head around the ring until he says ‘I got something special for you!’ As Coop lay on the mat, Chad steps out of the ring to grab his jump rope. He laces it around the veteran’s throat, places his knee in his back, then starts yanking back with all his might. The blond lifeguard is flexing every muscle in his incredible beach bod wanting to end this round now. His muscles look glorious under the lights as he continues chocking Coop out. The red head tactician has no choice and ultimately submits before he passes out. Chad flashes a double bicep flex, conquering his opponent in round two. Will Coop be able to come back from the viscous choke out and score a victory over the fast learning blond rookie? Or does Chad and his awesome beach bod continue the momentum and submit the brawny red head to notch an impressive victory? All the thrilling action leads up to a terrific finish in this battle of muscle beach!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.