TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Josh Steel vs Brodie Fisher & Jake Jenkins vs Zack Johnathan

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Two Matches on One DVD

Josh Steel vs Brodie Fisher

Brodie, the newest rookie to join the Rock Hard roster, is an 18 year old teen bodybuilder full of testosterone and anxious to test his muscles in the ring. He’s so anxious he arrived early for his debut match, and is already in the ring clad in red square cuts and black boots that highlight his eye popping muscles. His opponent is one of the newest rookie sensations, Josh, who went up against the bad boy Ethan in his debut match and was given a wrestling lesson by the skinny street punk. Josh is a laid back surfer dude type with an equally impressive lean, muscular body that shows he puts his time in the gym along with chilling at the beach. Josh sports blue and yellow square cuts along with pristine white boots, and is looking to chalk up a victory against the newbie. The smack talk starts right from the top with Brodie calling Josh ‘surfer boy’ and Josh responding by referring to Brodie as the ‘muscle Justine Beiber’. They lock up, and the more experienced Josh takes control the of the muscle teen with a head lock, then hip tosses him to the mat and starts stomping away at his muscular torso. He then drags Brodie up to his feet, lifts him up with a double leg, and slams him to the mat. He places Brodie’s muscular arm in a chicken wing making the muscle boy suffer, saying ‘take that shit’. The blonde surfer seems to be enjoying his domination of the teen bodybuilder early in this round, staying on the attack by body slamming him to the mat, then pounding away at his massive pecs before applying a leg scissors around the teen’s waist and starts squeezing the crap out of him. When Brodie resists, Josh starts choking him to send a signal he’s got his own high level of testosterone and that he’s the one in control! Josh is having his way, making Brodie’s muscles suffer in a boston crab while he squirms to break away, but when Josh misses on a clothesline, Brodie surprises him with a double leg takedown. He then delivers a boot to Josh’s golden tanned chest, drags him up to his feet and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. The teen bodybuilder is now dispensing some of his own punishment, working over Josh’s beautiful body and asking ‘how’s that feel surfer boy?’ Brodie pulls Josh out of the corner, hoists him up over his shoulders and then crashes him to the mat, before locking on an arm bar and stretching his magnificent body out in a grapevine and full nelson combination hold. But Brodie isn’t down with the golden boy just yet, he places him in a standing surfboard that has Josh stretched out and dancing for a way to escape. When Brodie does release the hold, the surfer boy drops to the mat, Brodie whips him across the ring in an attempt to clothesline him, but instead Josh clothesline the teen muscle stud and regains control. Josh goes back to working over the bodybuilder’s ripped body, stomping away at his chest and then straddling on top of him to provide a good ab bashing to his tight abs. Josh then drags him up by his head, chokes him over the ropes, and then locks on a camel clutch that has the teen’s muscular torso stretched out to the limit and on full display. Brodie is in deep trouble, with no way to escape, while Josh just keeps exerting more pressure on the teen’s back until he finally has to tap out. Josh places his boot on the bodybuilders back, flexes a stunning double bicep pose, and asks ‘whose got the muscle now?’ as he triumphs over his opponent in round one.

In round two, Brodie seemingly embarrassed by his loss in round one, challenges Josh to a test of strength to get things going, wanting to prove he has the superior muscle in this contest. He does muscle Josh down to his knees, and then kicks him in the chest to send him reeling back into the corner. Brodie is fired up, and takes control of the surfer boy locking him in a double leg boston crab, then making him suffer in another standing surfboard, before sending him across the ring and flattening the blonde haired youth to the mat. Brodie then walks on over, laces Josh’s arm thru the lower ring rope and starts stretching it out and pulling his blonde locks as he dominates the action. The teen bodybuilder looks determined in this round to prove one round was a fluke, and he uses his fresh teenage muscle to stay on offense with a series of punishing holds. He picks Josh up, walks him around the ring, then drops him down across his knee, punishing the bronzed surfer boy’s back. As Brodie testosterone level rises, he continues to punish his opponent stretching him out with a double leg grapevine and full nelson combo that saps the strength from Josh’s body. Brodie releases the hold, and then hoists Josh up over his shoulders once again, parades him around the ring before proclaiming ‘game over buddy’ and then power slams him to the mat. It’s been all Brodie in this round, and he senses that Josh is beaten down, so he goes for the kill and places the blonde muscle boy in a crotch ripping spladle. Josh has nowhere to go, and as he strains every muscle to escape the hold, the sweat glistens off of his bronzed muscular body, while Brodie taunts him to give up. Josh fights it off as long as he can, but ultimately he succumbs to the pain and taps out a round two ending submission to the teen bodybuilder. Brodie gets to his feet and pops a few flexing poses of his own glorious body to celebrate his conquest in round two. Round three opens with Brodie full of piss and vinegar, leaping off the ropes to start things off as Josh is still trying to shake off the effects of the last round. They tie up, and Brodie clamps on a headlock and starts walking Josh around the ring displaying his teen muscle power. Will Brodie be able to use his gym built teen body to control the blonde surfer boy again in this round and chalk up a victory in his debut, or will Josh be able to turn the momentum and rely on his own strength and wrestling experience to conquer the teen bodybuilder? This teen muscle scuffle all leads up to a stunning finishing hold with one of these muscular bodies draped over the back of his opponent, his magnificent body spread out on full display until he finally surrenders and submits in agony. A must see match!

Jake Jenkins vs Zack Johnathan

Jake comes into this matchup looking to get back on his winning ways after losing his last two singles matches. First, street punk Ethan tortured Jake in a three round match before dousing him with water as Jake laid suffering on the mat in defeat. Next was the rookie Nick, who pulled a major upset and defeated Jake in a 3 round battle in which Nick stretched the hell out of Jake, gaining sweet revenge from a prior tag team loss. Zack enters the ring clad in baby blue square cut trunks and white boots that show off his spectacular body and GQ looks. His picture perfect body is adored by every woman, and envied by every man. Zack was able to take out Jake’s tag team partner, Austin, in their singles match recently, so he’s anxiously been looking for a perfecta over the tag team partners by conquering Jake in this encounter. Round one opens and Jake is able to gain control over the muscle stud with a duck under takedown transitioning to a bearhug, attempting to squeeze all of the strength from Zack’s perfectly muscled body.Zack is able to break free, they stay on their feet, and this time Zack scores a takedown with a cross ankle pick, then starts stretching Jakes legs and crotch out to places not meant to go. Zack takes control, sending Jake the machine off the opposite ropes and delivering a flying clothesline that flattens him. Zack drags him up to his feet, sends him to the corner, and then starts tearing into Jake’s body. The muscle stud starts working over Jake’s shoulder, placing him in a standing chicken wing, and then making him suffer in an arm bar that has Jake squirming in an attempt to escape. Jake is able to fend of the attack, and reverses the action by connecting with a reverse elbow to Zack’s money making six pack abs that has him wobbly in the corner. Jake continues his assault by tossing Zack around the ring with a variety of hip tosses, whipping him over his shoulder, and a clothesline to his perfectly sculpted chest. But Zack is in it to win it in this round, and is able to regain the advantage. Zack applies a sitting surfboard on Jake, stretching his arms out to the limit, as Zack’s massive muscles flex and nearly pop right out of his tanned, smooth skin as he applies maximum pressure. Zack drags him to his feet, backs him into the ropes, then bashes away at his abs. Once he softens up Jake, Zack suplexes him to the mat, getting ready to finish him off. As Jake is in anguish on the mat, Zack laces up his leg, and then clamps on a neck cranking chin lock and starts cranking on Jake’s whimpering body. Zack has applied this hold to many opponents, and with his massive muscular arms, he pulls back on Jake’s head and back, demanding a submission. Jake fights it off for as long as he can, but eventually realizes he’s not going to be able to break away from Zack’s dominant muscles, and cries out a submission to end round one. Zack gloats in glory, grinning over his broken opponent and flexing his world class fitness body in triumph.

Both combatants complement each other to begin round two, showing a mutual respect for each other’s skills, and possibly trying to play some mind games with each other. Zack is back on the attack, and ducks under the shorter Jake, then hoists him up into a tight bear hug around Jake’s lean waist. He throws Jake fast first into the corner turnbuckle and starts pounding away at his back and abs, before hoisting him up and power slamming him down to the mat. Zack is looking to end this match in two straight rounds, he knows if he lets up on Jake, it could come back to haunt him. The muscle stud is all over Jake, beating, pummeling and tossing his body all around the ring, dishing out the pain and punishment. Zack inflicts the agony on Jake with a reverse neck breaker, another crotch ripping leg split, and some more pounding away in the corner. It appears Zack has total control over Jake in this round, ready to set him up for a second straight submission to end the match, that is, until the sly Jake is able to avoid a running Zack seeking to deliver a shoulder block into the small of the machine’s back. Jake seizes the opportunity to strike back at Zack with a quick forearm to his back, followed up by a few knee lifts to Zack’s gut. Jake has been on the receiving end of a few beatings recently, and is hungry to dish out some punishment of his own. He assaults every inch of Zack’s glorious, muscular body in an attempt to beat him down. Jake tosses, pounds, and stomps away on Zack’s torso, before clamping on a painful camel clutch. Zack’s enormous arms and massive chest are stretched out over Jakes knees, and while Zack is withering in distress, Jake is flexing his own bulging bicep to display his dominance. Jake can’t squeeze out a submission with the camel clutch, so he releases the muscle boy onto the mat, looking him to finish him off. He stomps on Zack’s abs, delivers an elbow drop to the stomach, and then figure four’s Zack’s head and starts pulling back his leg. Zack’s muscular body is overextended as he struggles to escape. Jake continues to stretch Zack’s leg back further, creating immense pressure on the centerfold model’s neck, back, and thigh. Zack’s muscular body isn’t built to stretch that way, and he eventually surrenders to the pain by tapping out to a submission. Jake chalks up a victory in round two, flexing his sweaty muscles over a fallen Zack, evening this match up at one round a piece. The third and deciding round kicks off with Zack trying to shake off the sting from round two, and Jake going back to attacking Zack’s abs with a swinging side kick to the gut. Will Jake have enough to continue his battering on Zack’s incredible body, or can Zack withstand the attack and mount a comeback of the agile Jake? All the wrestling and flexing from these two veterans leads up to an incredible finishing hold that tortures the loser, and clearly shows who was the dominator in this match! A muscle fan’s delight!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.