TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Will Stanley vs Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers and Austin Cooper & Brodie Fisher vs Will Stanley & Jason Kane

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Will Stanley vs Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers and Austin Cooper & Brodie Fisher vs Will Stanley & Jason Kane

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Two Matches on One DVD!

Will Stanley vs Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers

The brit boxer Will comes into this match after a rough initiation to the federation at the hands of the powerful Austin Cooper. Austin spared no mercy ‘welcoming’ the newbie to Rock Hard, punishing Will in his debut match. Will has been itching to get back in the ring and stake his claim to the roster. In this match he’s taking on another rookie, Aaron, who had his own problems in his opening match against Jason Kane. Jason showed Aaron that it’s not easy joining the Rock Hard roster, as Jason trounced him in two straight rounds. This match opens with Will in the ring getting in a boxing sparring cardio workout before hitting the showers, only to be interrupted by Aaron. Aaron climbs into the ring and immediately questions the brit, asking ‘what in the hell do you think you are doing man, this is a wrestling ring not boxing, you need to take your shot somewhere else!’ Will replies ‘I can wrestle too’, and asks with a smirk on his face, ‘you’re going to teach me something?’ Will peels off his gloves and with a smile on his face, delivers a swift punch to Aaron’s gut to get things started. He picks the smaller Aaron up over his head, and then power slams him to the mat in a display of superior strength on the dancer boy. The bigger Will has his way with Aaron, first locking on a mean ankle lock that has Aaron squealing in pain as he tried to escape, then follow that up with a leg scissors around Aaron’s body and clamps on a rear chokehold to make him suffer. Will doesn’t let up as he throws him across the ring and into the corner turnbuckle, then starts pounding and beating away at his body. With all the commotion going on in the ring, Ethan happens to come out of the locker room and notice the whipping Will is putting on Aaron. Ethan had watched the video of Aaron’s match against Jason, and thought he saw some potential with the rookie as a possible tag team partner. So as he notices Aaron seems to be in over his head in this match, he thinks he could offer some coaching and advice that could help. As Aaron continues to be dominated, Ethan tries to coach him from outside the ring, instructing him what he should do and offering encouragement. But as the round goes on, Will is just too much of an all-around athlete and has too much of a size advantage for Aaron to have any chance. Will hoists the smaller muscled dancer boy up over his shoulder, parades him around the ring, and then tosses him down to the mat, all in front of Ethan. Will then secures Aaron in a powerful camel clutch, exerting every eye popping muscle as he stretches him out. Aaron is able to take a lot of pain, and that’s one of the things that caught Ethan’s eye, but as Ethan tries to coach Aaron to break out of the hold and not submit, Will just cranks harder on Aaron’s neck until he succumbs to the intense pressure and submits. Will shoves him down to the mat, walks over to Ethan and tells him ‘you’re advise is useless’ as Aaron withers in agony on the mat.

Round two begins with Ethan trying to encourage Aaron in his corner, and Will coming out of his corner with a sly grin on his face ready to put another whipping on the rookie. The brit cinches a headlock on Aaron and walks him around the ring before tossing him to the mat and applying a standing surfboard, looking over and taunting ‘coach’ Ethan by showing he’s the one in control. Will continues to have his way with Aaron, hoisting him up over his shoulders into to a torture rack, but before Aaron submits, Ethan can’t stand to watch any longer and takes this match into his own hands. As Will moves closer to the ropes, he reaches in and trips him up, then calls for Aaron to help double team the bigger lad, and says ‘now this is how I would beat a stupid winder like this guy!’. Ethan starts delivering some heavy black boots to Will’s muscular body and chides Aaron to join in. The both of them stomp away at Will as he withers on the mat, then they both grap a leg and split him apart into a wishbone, trying to rip his crotch apart. Will is stunned, a minute ago he was dominating Aaron, now he’s on the receiving end of a double team beat down. These two lightweights decide to make it their mission to beat, pummel, and bash the brit boy’s washboard abs until he can’t take it any longer. They start by pinning his arms to the mat, and the street punk Ethan teaches Aaron how to ab bash the muscle boy. They start taking turns pounding their fists into Will’s abs, then they both dig their fingers deep into a double ab claw that has the brit boy squirming in agony. They drag Will up to his feet and double suplex him down to the mat, then bad boy Ethan scoops Will up and drops him into an over the knee backbreaker, and exposes his abs so that Aaron can dispense more ab bashing on poor Will. The two of them are enjoying inflicting pain on every part of Will’s body, and concentrating the pain on Will’s washboard abs. They are intent on making him suffer, and letting him know that a brit boy isn’t going to come across the pond and take charge at Rock Hard. Ethan and Aaron continue to dominate this round with; a double clothesline that sends Will crashing to the mat, they choke him out over the top rope, and then stretch him out in the center of the ring by ruthlessly pulling both arms and legs in opposite directions, nearly ripping his limbs from his beaten down body. Once they’ve had their fun double teaming and beating the crap out the lad, they back him into the corner turnbuckle to finish him off. They use a few jump ropes to tie his arms to the ring ropes, and then start taking turns pounding and bashing away at Will’s abs to finish him off. In one of the most brutal endings to a match, Ethan places him in a chin lock from behind, and cheers Aaron on as he bashes away and brutalizes Will’s abs until they turn a bright red, ensuring they’ll be sore for days to come. Will can’t take in any longer and is forced to admit that these two are better than him to end this two on one thrashing, and the match. A brutal beat down you’ve just got to see!

Austin Cooper & Brodie Fisher vs Will Stanley & Jason Kane

A seismic shift has been brewing for the last few months within the Rock Hard ranks, with the talk around the locker room being Austin has been disappointed in his tag team partner Jake’s recent performances in his singles matches. Seeing him lose his last three matches to Ethan, Nick, and Zack, Austin’s been wondering if Jake still has the edge, and thinking maybe it’s time to make a change? He was impressed with the teenage muscle boy Brodie’s debut match victory against fan favorite Josh Steel, and thought he could be a Jake protégé. So, Austin approached Brodie about the idea, and Brodie was ecstatic with the thought of teaming up with big, brawny tactician and felt he could surely learn a thing or two from the ring veteran. Jake has no idea he’s been replaced by the teen muscle boy, and there’s no telling how this will impact his friendship and partnership with Austin, but something tells you Jake won’t be happy. Austin brings his new tag team partner to the ring to face the two fitness model sensations, Will Stanley and Jason Kane. Brodie enters the ring looking like ‘a version of Jake’sporting red square cuts and black boots, a la Jake’s standard gear, and packing just as much muscle, if not more than Austin’s former tag team partner. Team Austin/Brodie pack a lot of muscle and are eager to mix it up with the two taller fitness models.Brodie starts things off against Jason in round one, and the more experienced Jason gains the upper hand on the teen bodybuilder with a headlock before hip tossing him to the mat. Jason makes him suffer in a standing surfboard stretching every muscle in the teen’s fantastic physique. He chokes him over the bottom rope, then Jason and Will double team him in the corner working over his washboard abs. Jason then power slams him to the mat, and Brodie scurries to tag in Austin for some relief. The big, brawny Austin comes in and takes charge, going to work on Jason’s tall, lean fitness model body. After getting double teamed and ab bashed in his opponent's corner, Jason is able to make his way over to tag in his partner. Will climbs thru the ropes and immediately hoists the experienced tactician up over his shoulder into a backbreaker which inflicts serious pain on Austin. Will, determined to make Coop pay for the pain and suffering he inflicted on him in his debut match, places Coop in a series of joint wrenching holds meant to sap the energy out of the big man. Austin eventually is able to crawl over to his corner and tag in Brodie. The teen bodybuilder rookie surprisingly is able to come in and whip the brit boy across the ring and catch him with a clothesline, sending him to the mat. In a display or teen testosterone and muscle, Brodie drags him to his feet, power slams him to the mat, then stretches his body with a grapevine and full nelson that has Will throbbing on the mat. As the two teams battle for supremacy in round one, in the end it’s Austin and Jason in the ring to decide round one. Austin rules Jason in the final minutes of round one, lifting him up over his shoulder into a torture rack, bending his lean muscular body over his broad shoulders before dropping him to the mat. Coop then places the fitness model into a head scissors, while bashing away at Jason’s impressive abs. Coop senses Jason’s had enough, and picks him up into a crucifix, instructing Brodie to lace Jason’s legs thru the ropes and Coop grabs his ankles to really stretch the fitness model out. With Jason’s ripped fitness physiqueon full display, Brodie starts pounding away at his abs until Jason can’t take it any longer and he begs for the to stop, while crying out a submission. Round one goes to Austin and Brodie as Coop steps on Jason’s chest and proclaims the triumph.

In round two, Coop takes this opportunity use this round as a teaching moment for his rookie bodybuilder partner. Austin opens the round against Jason, immediately takes him down to the mat, then instructs Brodie to climb thru the ropes and ‘get at him’. Brodie takes the instruction and scoops Jason up and slams him to the mat, follows that up with an elbow drop to his chiseled chest, and then inflicts pain on Jason’s lean, muscular body with an arm bar and a head scissors, tormenting his opponent by doing sit ups while he has Jason’s head squeezed between his massive, muscular thighs. Brodie has his way with Jason, until Jason is able to tag out to Will. Will comes in a rage of fury taking control of the muscle boy, mocking him by placing him in a head scissors and doing sit ups of his own, pretty much saying in your face boy! As the sweat glistens off of all four of these fine-tuned, muscled physiques, the brit maintains control over Brodie until he’s able to tag in Austin. Coop comes in and wins a test of strength over Will, then pounds and stomps away at his body, softening him up for Brodie to re-enter the ring. Will is ready though, and plants the teen bodybuilder on his back with a double leg takedown, then lifts him up over his head, slams him to the mat, then locks on a serious arm par that has Brodie squirming in some serious pain. Will senses the muscle boy is ripe for the taking, so he lifts him into a standing full nelson, parades him around the ring, then hoists the teen’s muscular body up across his shoulders and spins him around in the ring until Brodie cries out ‘I’m done’ and submits in round two.Coop looks on in despair, shaking his head, and wondering if he made the right choice for a new tag team partner? This match all comes down to a third and final round, will the two lean, muscular fitness models maintain their momentum and work on the weaker link Brodie, or can Coop rally his teen bodybuilder partner, and take out Will and Jason to earn their first victory as new tag team partners and make a statement to the Rock Hard roster?

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.