Brody Hancock vs Zack Johnathan

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Brody Hancock vs Zack Johnathan

The match opens in the ring with Brody clad in full pro gear; boots, pads, and singlet tights, leaning against the turnbuckles waiting... Zack enters the ring in his baby blue square cuts and white boots, carrying a bottle of baby oil. The contrast is notable in the size difference, with Brody, the Indy wrestler and Zack, the centerfold model standing face to face. Brody starts to say "It's about time. I've been waiting for..." Zack throws his hand up in Brody's face, cutting him off. Zack counters, "don't bother, nobody paid to hear from you" as he turns his back to Brody and faces the camera. "This is what they all come to see" Zack claims, as he smirks and hits a couple of poses. "This body is the money maker!" Zack then turns around and asks Brody to oil him up, so that everyone can see his body "the way you've dreamed about when you see my pictures and videos". Brody, somewhat stunned, has other thoughts, and decides to clock Zack in the back of the head with the bottle of oil.

Brody gains the upper hand early in the first fall as he catches Zack off guard and pummels his muscular body. A figure four leg-lock ultimately finishes off the centerfold model in the first fall by submission, and Brody flexes his own hard muscles in a show of confidence. 

In the second fall, Zack is shocked by what just happened, and decides to go back to his wrestling basics. He quickly gains the momentum, and continues to beat down on the smaller muscle boy. Zack applies a figure four crab hold that has Brody screaming in tortuous pain, but a test of strength seems to get Brody back in control. He then starts to work on Zack's legs, but Zack finds a way to dig down deep with an all-out assault on Brody. Zack finishes him off with a bear hug submission nearly cracking Brody's ribs. The match is now all even at one fall apiece.

The third fall opens up with both wrestlers knowing what's at stake. Brody taunts Zack early on, but what follows has to be seen to be believed!. It's a must see, high flying finish as to who comes out on top!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

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