Zack Johnathan vs Brody Hancock

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Zack Johnathan vs Brody Hancock

Brody remains on a terror here at RHW, and Zack has been pissed off ever since losing the baby oil match to Brody a few months ago. Zack has been begging for a rematch, and is determined to get revenge on the indy wrestler. Round one opens up with Brody, confident and cocky, immediately going on the attack. Both perfectly muscled wrestlers lock up at center ring, and Brody scores first with a knee to the midsection, and a couple of pounding fists and swift kicks to Zack’s back. Zack falters to the mat, and Brody seizes the opportunity to lock on a camel clutch. He asks for a submission, but Zack isn’t going to give that easy, so he starts wearing down the muscle models back. Brody cranks hard on the camel clutch, pulling Zack up for full display for the camera, but Zack refuses to submit this early in round one. Zack is able to escape, and comes back to take Brody down with a single leg takedown. He then starts chocking Brody on the mat, then lifting him up to a standing choke hold while suspending the indy wrestler in mid air and taunting him saying Im going to choke you out, punk. When Brody doesn’t submit to that hold, Zack drops him into an excruciating bearhug that has Zack’s well muscled arms flexing at max strength, nearly causing all of the wind to exit Brody’s body. Zack then drives Brody back into the corner turnbuckle, which sends him down to one knee suffering from the pain. These two evenly matched muscle boys are going all out on each other in round one, knowing whoever wins this round has the early advantage on winning this revenge match! They both put on an exhibition of their proven wrestling abilities with; arm bars, camel clutches, and even a cheap shot rake of the eyes over the top rope. By the late going of the first round, Brody has worn down the well muscled back of Zack, and locks on a Boston crab that has Zack tapping out in obvious pain. Brody proudly flexes his perfectly shaped baseball sized biceps over his fallen opponent, and exudes confidence from winning round one.

Round two opens up with Brody declaring I beat you the last time, and Ill beat you again, but Zack points out thats only the first fall and you need two falls to win the match. Brody goes back on the attack with a quick rake of the eyes, and chokes Zack along the top rope. This is not starting out well for Zack! Zack is able to counter with another single leg takedown, but it isn’t long before Brody reverses the muscle model, and start working over his legs with a series of kicks and stomps. This seems to get Zack really mad, he gets to his feet, picks up Brody for a thundering body slam to the mat, and then follows that up with a suplex that has Brody crying out in agony. Zack locks on a figure four in search of a submission, exerting all of the pressure he can, but Brody is able to reverse it and break free. Zack is finally able to swing the momentum to his side, lifts Brody up into a scoop slam in the center of the ring, slamming him back first into the mat. This has Brody dazed and confused, and when he staggers back up to his feat, Zack is there to deliver a flying cross body off the corner turnbuckle, that ends with Zack counting out a 1-2-3 count on Brody in the center of the ring. Zack then standing over the fallen Brody, asks how do you like that punk? and finishes round two off by flexing his money making muscles for the camera and wiping the sweat off of his perfect body. This match is now all tied up at one round a piece. Round three opens up with Brody going after Zack’s eyes again, raking his fingers across his face, and gaining the early advantage in this third and decisive round. He backs Zack into the corner, delivers a couple of hard shots to the abs and chest of Zack, which has Zack slumping in the corner, and then Brody starts stomping his foot against Zack’s throat. This round goes back and forth, but a flying clothesline starts the beginning of the end for one of these wrestlers. Three straight over the knee back breakers spells doom for one of these guys for the third and final fall. Does Brody continue his dominance here at RHW, or does Zack gain his sweet revenge? You don't want to miss the ending to this match!!!


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