TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Colt Stevens & Tyson Matthews and Ethan Andrews vs Bruce Ballard

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Colt Stevens & Tyson Matthews and Ethan Andrews vs Bruce Ballard

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Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Colt Stevens & Tyson Matthews

Uh oh, seems like Dash and Bruce are at it again! They teamed up recently as super heroes to narrowly defeat the much more experienced team of Austin Cooper and Zack Johnathan, and are looking to wreak havoc on the tag team scene here at Rock Hard. They both have enjoyed success since joining the roster; Dash is the reigning King of the Ring, and Bruce is racking up experience and wins in his quest for the top spot. They seem to feed off each other’s energy and confidence, and we all know they both possess mind blowing bodies. You have to wonder how this match ever got scheduled. It’s like feeding two twinkies to a pack of wolves! Dash and Bruce must have charmed someone to secure a match-up against two unlikely tag team partners in Colt and Tyson. The sly teen Colt has had some success and chalked up his first victory a short while back, but the backyard brawler style of Tyson has not translated well to the ring. He’s been manhandled by three superstars; Ethan, Bruce, and Alex. Honestly, there’s little reason to think these two blond boys have even a remote chance in this match. But then again, it’s always nice to see a total squash once in a while. Round one begins with Dash and Tyson in the ring, and Dash declaring ‘we’re going to kick your ass’. And that’s exactly what starts to happen! Tyson makes the mistake of locking up in a test of strength so the huge bodybuilder just powers him back to his team’s corner and begins bashing and stomping his abs. Bruce just looks on in a show of confidence knowing Dash needs no help, and shouts across the ring to Colt ‘you’re next pretty boy’. And indeed he is, Tyson crawls over to escape the torment and tags Colt. The sly teen climbs through the ropes and directly into Dash’s size 11 black boot that connects with Colt’s gut. Dash puts him through the ringer applying his massive muscles with a boston crab and camel clutch on the poor boy. Dash tags in Bruce to give him a shot at the fun and the bodybuilder picks up where Dash left off, punishing Colt in a camel clutch as he flexes in the mirror. From there Bruce gets his shots in on Tyson, and Dash throws Colts around the ring like a blond headed rag doll. Tyson tags in to take on the bodybuilder Bruce and the total package out muscles him by picking him up and slamming him into the mat. Colt’s seen enough and jumps in on a double team, connecting with a flying drop kick to Bruce’s back. Tyson does take advantage for a short minute, strongly applying a double leg boston crab bending the muscle boy’s massive legs. But it’s short lived, Bruce escapes and locks an MMA arm bar on the backyard brawler wanting to rip his arm off. Tyson does survive and is able to tag in Colt, and at the same time Bruce tags in Dash. Colt’s thrown into the corner by the chosen one, but after a few shoulder thrusts into to teen’s abs, Colt sends a number of knees into Dash’s gut. Colt makes the big bodybuilder ache in a reverse ankle lock. But once again, any momentum Team Colt/Tyson gain quickly evaporates. Dash re-takes control with a stiff clothesline and follows that with a knee to Colt’s forehead that stuns the blond. Dash continues his beating on Colt, softening him up for his partner to come in and finish him off. That’s exactly what happens! Bruce enters the ring, throws and slams the teenager around the ring as Tyson looks on helplessly. Bruce hoists Colt up across his muscular shoulders and starts doing leg presses as the beaten teen lay lifeless with no way to escape. Bruce commands Colt to cry out a submission, and then drops his sweaty, battered body to the mat to end round one.

Round two, and according to tag team rules, it starts with the same participants who finished the last round. Bruce is grinning wide and Colt is recovering as they come to center ring. As they’re circling, the sly blond teen reaches over and slaps Dash across the face, which just pisses off both Dash and Bruce. Bruce grabs Colt by the throat, shoves him against the ropes and begins choking him out with his powerful arms in retaliation for the cheap slap. As Colt struggles for air, Bruce adds insult to injury by telling him, ‘God, you’re ugly’, as he dials up the intensity. He then flips the blond to the mat, but is surprised when the sly MMA fighter catches him with a sweeping leg takedown. Colt may not be all that in the muscle department, but he’s as quick as a cat. Once he’s got the bodybuilder on the mat, this evens things up a bit, and he quickly locks a reverse ankle lock on the muscle dude. Colt has applied this hold hundreds of times and he knows how to inflict the pain, so he torques up the pressure as Bruce’s flexes every muscle on his glorious body searching for a way to escape. Will Colt and Tyson be able to maintain the momentum and take out the big bodybuilders?! NO! Bruce manages to tag in Dash, and when the sly teen see’s this, he hightails it out of the ring. Tyson comes in and is mauled by Dash. It’s all downhill from here for the blond rookies. The bodybuilders have their way with them for the next 10 minutes, toying with them and double teaming them along the way. Round two and the match ends with Dash punishing Tyson’s body until he’s compelled to scream out a submission saying ‘you’re the best’ to the powerful duo. Dash and Bruce flex their eye-popping guns in triumph as the sweat drips off their bodies, bringing to an end one of the most lopsided squash jobs in RHW history!

Ethan Andrews vs Bruce Ballard

Bad boy Ethan has been seething mad lately, since losing his King of the Ring match by the narrowest of margins against Dash. Who can blame him? He outwrestled Dash, but in the end Dash’s superior muscle was able to squeak out a victory to retain his KOTR title. Up until that, Ethan was riding high with; a 2 on 1 beating with Gage against Alex, the now famous Green Team vs Dream Team match where Ethan & Gage literally beat the shit out of Dash & Alex in a huge upset, and then Ethan knocking out the sly teen Colt sending him to la-la land. So the street punk gave it some serious thought to decide who he could take all of his frustration out on, and who better than the friend of his enemy! That’s Bruce! Dash and Bruce have joined forces recently to dominate the tag team scene; with a hard fought victory over Austin and Zack, and then total destruction of Colt and Tyson. They have set themselves up as the team to be reckoned with at RHW. So with Bruce flying high, the bad boy has his sights on bringing the bodybuilder with movie star looks back down to reality. Bruce is psyched for this match, seeing it as an opportunity for him to climb closer to the top of the roster. The bodybuilder is ringside pumping out dumbbell curls as a warm up to the match, and also wanting to get inside bad boy’s head. Bruce is dressed in his favorite black with blue stripes trunks and black boots, while Ethan struts into the arena in his signature red and black long tights which flaunt his infamous, enormous package, and also wearing black boots. Bruce takes the first jab, saying’ what’s up skinny?’ and Ethan fires back asking if he came in at the wrong times as Bruce is making love to himself in the mirror. Bruce asks ‘can you blame me?’ and the bad boy tells him he’s seen better and he’s beaten better! Bruce takes some time to flex, pose, and admire his perfect physique in the mirror, as Ethan looks on from the ring. And the bodybuilder plays one more card, wanting to get into the mind of the smaller street punk. He grabs an apple and crushes it in his hand seemingly in a display of what he’s about to do to his smaller opponent. Round one begins with a test of strength, which you think would favor Bruce, but Ethan’s been here before and scores first with a swift knee into the bodybuilder’s abs. Bruce crumbles, and the bad boy wastes no time in starting to put the bodybuilder through the ringer. Ethan’s been salivating at the opportunity to use and abuse the pretty muscle boy’s muscles, so he wastes no time locking on a single leg boston crab. Bruce can’t escape before Ethan transitions the hold to a reverse ankle lock and chin lock. He’s really stretching the back of the bodybuilder, then moves onto a surfboard. He yanks back on Bruce’s massive arms as his boot drives directly into the small of his back. Bruce playfully asks ‘is that all you got?’ and this only encourages the street punk to ratchet up the pain. He finishes the hold by driving his knee deep down into Bruce’s back. Ethan has all the momentum and isn’t about to let up, he’s intent on delivering a message back at Bruce’s tag team partner Dash that someone’s going to pay for that KOTR loss! He drags the bodybuilder to his feet, whips him across the ring then connects with a flying drop kick to Bruce’s prized abs. This not only floors the total package but also knocks the wind out of him. As Bruce lay on the mat, Ethan stays on the attack. He stomps Bruce’s six pack three times to soften it up, then literally steps up onto Bruce’s abs and taunts the muscle stud as all of his weight is driven into the bodybuilder’s gut. It’s clear the bad boy was ready for this match as he’s totally dominated the action to this point! Ethan continues to work over every muscle on Bruce’s body, even adding some insult to injury with a fish hook hold that gives everyone a clean view of the total package’s Colgate white smile. The bodybuilder does manage to get a few shots in with clothesline, arm bar, and reverse bear hug but that only slows down the inevitable. The bad boy Ethan is zeroed in on destroying the bodybuilder and he quickly regains the momentum. He continues to focus on demolishing Bruce’s back and pulverizing his fantastic abs. He drops the bodybuilder across his knee into a backbreaker and bashes his abs as he stretched out, and asks him if wants to submit and admit that ‘this skinny kid can beat the f*ck out of you’. But Bruce refuses to do that, so the Ethan shoves him off his knee, grabs one ankle and one wrist and starts to stretch the shit out of Bruce’s beautiful body. Bruce cries out in pain as Ethan has him torqued very tight, and when the bodybuilder won’t submit the bad boy stomps his boot into the small of Bruce’s back compelling him to cry out a submission. As Bruce’s hapless, sweat soaked body lay face down on the mat, Ethan kneels on his back and flexes his own bulging biceps in victory to end round one.

Round two opens with Bruce slumped in his corner, rubbing the soreness from his blood red abs. The bad boy asks him ‘how’s it going’, and the bodybuilder tells him ‘it’s about to get a lot worse for you!’ Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way for the total package. Ethan seizes control with a side headlock, then hip tosses him to the mat. He squeezes tight around Bruce’s neck for a bit, then transitions to a head scissors. He control’s the bodybuilder with just his long, lanky legs, and then rubs it in Bruce’s face by doing a series of push-ups as he’s in total control. Ethan dominates the muscle stud, using his full arsenal of holds to inflict pure pain and punishment on every one of the bodybuilder’s mouth-watering muscles. Bruce’s abs are sure to be sore for a week after the beating they just took. Someone call the ambulance! This is one VERY HOT match, and may well have been the bad boy’s finest performance ever! A MUST SEE!All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.