TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill and Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill and Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer

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Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill

Even though Bruce has had a lot of success in recent tag team matches partnering with Dash Decker, he’s 0-2 in his last two singles matches. He had his muscles beaten, battered, and abused by bad boy Ethan Andrews, then lost again to the centerfold model Zack Johnathan in a battle for Gotham. His confidence has got to be off without having his sidekick Dash in the ring with him. In this match, Bruce takes on a newbie, rookie by the name of Tanner Hill. Tanner is a fitness fanatic as you can quickly tell once you get a glimpse of his body. He’s not a big guy, but he’s ripped to shreds. Any opponent who takes a look at his shredded 8-pack abs from across the ring would be crazy not to want to give them a bashing. This match begins with Tanner already in the ring sporting a blue warm-up top and graffiti type blue and black trunks. Bruce enters the ring wearing his batman t-shirt and his signature black with blue stripes trunks. The rookie peels off his warm-up top to reveal his shredded torso, while Bruce strips off his batman t-shirt to reveal his glorious muscles. Bruce talks some smack before they decide to measure biceps. Bruce wraps the tape measure around Tanner’s peaked bi and pronounces its 14.5 inches, impressive for a teen muscle boy who only weighs about 160 pounds. The newbie measures Bruce’s arms at just under 16 inches and tells him those muscles are just for show. This leads to an arm wrestling challenge in the center of the ring. The two muscle studs lock wrists, their biceps bulge, but it isn’t long before bigger Bruce forces the rookie’s arm down to the mat. They both get to their feet then Tanner claims Bruce got lucky! They tie up and Bruce scoops the newbie up and power slams him into the mat. He connects with a few boot stomps to the blond’s abs, then picks him up, places him in the corner and begins to bash away at the rookie’s prized 8-pack. He firsts drives some shoulder thrusts into Tanner’s mid-section, then delivers several jabs, before whipping him into the opposite corner turnbuckle to mimic the same beating. Bruce’s bigger muscles continue to dominate the fitness fanatic, supplexing him out of the corner then applying an arm stretching hold which has the rookie moaning in pain but still doing a lot of smack talk. Batman Bruce says ‘you talk a lot for someone who’s just lying on their back’, then applies a back crunching camel clutch on the rookie, flexing his muscles to the max. The total package continues to have his way with the blond rookie, pinning him down to the mat then attacking with a deep claw hold into Tanner’s abs. What a sight to behold! The rookie is getting the crap beaten out of him but he’s not wearing down. He seems to be able to endure all that Bruce can dish out to this point. As the sweat starts to build on both of their magnificent bodies, Bruce lifts Tanner upside down, carries him around the ring, then flings him to the mat. Bruce, admiring his dominance, pauses to pose his splendid body but that provides an opening to the rookie. Tanner begins to get some good shots in on the bodybuilder; he makes him suffer in an MMA arm bar, transitions it to a leg scissors, then clamps down on a camel clutch while flexing his own impressive bicep in Bruce’s face. But the rookie hasn’t learned to close the deal, and since Bruce doesn’t scream out a submission he releases the hold. As Tanner tries to pull the bodybuilder over to the ropes, Bruce scores quickly with a boot to the rookie’s abs. Tanner collapses to the mat while Bruce gets to his feet, wipes the sweat from his face, and goes back on the attack. He bashes the blond’s abs, suplexes him around the ring, then connects with a big splash off the ropes wanting to finish this round. Bruce positions him where he wants him, grabs and ankle and a wrist and starts to stretch the shit out of him. Tanner’s ripped muscles are on display as Bruce proclaims ‘now that’s strength’, and compels the rookie to cry out a submission. Bruce gets to his feet, and as the sweat drips off his body, flexes in triumph for round one.

Round two opens with a test of strength, and it’s not surprising Bruce prevails. He continues to control Tanner with a painful leg lock, he wraps his massive thighs around the rookie’s small waist in a tight scissors hold, then stretches him out on the mat and applies a mean ab claw hold. Batman Bruce has worked up a good sweat putting Tanner thru the ringer, and he continues to assail the fitness fanatic’s prized, ripped 8-pack. He laces Tanner’s hot bod through the ropes, places his foot in the small of his back, and yanks back on his arms with a standing surfboard. Tanner groans and moans, but the torture doesn’t end until Bruce says it’s going to end! Will Tanner and his ripped, sweaty bod be able to change the direction of this round and even this match up at one round a piece? Or do Bruce’s superb muscles continue to rule the young rookie and send him back to the locker room with an ‘L’ plastered on his forehead? Tune in to find out!

Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer

In celebration of Halloween this week, we’re offering our very first masked match. It’s a little something different and we’re interested to see how it resonates with our fans. This match is both a fun match, and a match that will test both of these combatants. Neither one of these guys has any idea who they are going up against in this match-up. In one corner you have the golden boy Jax in his gold tights and black mask, and in the other corner you have the veteran bad boy Ethan in his red tights and red mask. It’s the golden boy vs the red demon. Both guys are in the ring ready to start the match, as they wonder who’s their opponent. Jax stands on the ring ropes in his corner with his arms crossed almost looking like an undertaker, while Ethan sizes up his mystery opponent. They circle one another, trying to get a feel of how this match might go, and Ethan strikes first with a reverse headlock which he transitions to a neck breaker that brings the college muscle boy down to the mat with a thump. The red demon straddles the golden boy to deliver 5 straight jabs to his ripped abs before cinching on a head lock and whispering in Jax’s ear that he’s going to take his mask off and mount it on his mantle along with all the other luches he’s beat. We know that Ethan is one of the best trash talkers in the business, and we’re quickly learning that Jax likes to talk a lot of trash when in his debut match he was already calling himself the future champ. The bad boy continues to control the muscle boy with a reverse choke hold, then tosses him aside, gets to his feet and presses his black boot onto Jax’s head and flexes his bi’s in delight. The golden boy attempts to get to his feet but Ethan tells him to stay down as he stomps on the muscle boy’s back. Ethan maintains control with a single leg boston crab, really applying the pressure by lifting Jax’s leg high into the air as he sits on the lower back. Jax has yet to mount any type of offense in this round and you have to wonder if he has anything that can counter the red demon’s attack? Ethan drags Jax to his feet, shoves him into the turnbuckle and begins bashing away at his mouth watering abs. He whips the golden boy into the opposite corner, continues to pound his abs, then begins to torture him in the ropes and choke him out with his boot. Ethan totally dominates this first round, making the every muscle of the golden boy suffer with a wide variety of dastardly holds. He stretches, pounds, and contorts every muscle on Jax’s sultry body before ultimately finishing him off with a tight figure four leg lock, maximizing the pressure until he yells out a submission. But the red demon isn’t finished just yet, he pulls the muscle boy back into his lap and rips his mask off to reveal his identity. He asks ‘who are you’ and Jax replies ‘the future champ’ but Ethan tells him he’s more like the future bitch! The red demon gets to his feet, reveals his own identity then flexes his baseball sized biceps in triumph over a defeated and deflated opponent in round one.

In round two, Jax is having come trouble coming out of his corner but eventually the two of them lock up in a test of strength. Now Ethan knows, even with his new and improved muscled body, he’s not going to out muscle Jax so he reaches into his bag of tricks and backs Jax into the turnbuckle and connects with several knees into the golden boy’s midsection. The red demon brings the muscle boy out of the corner with a flying bulldog, driving his head hard into the mat. Ethan stays in control with an arm bar as he twists Jax’s muscles like a pretzel, then doing some push-ups while using the muscle boy’s abs as his support. You’ll want to see this! Jax is getting owned by muscle boy slayer, that is until Jax is able to turn the tables with a kick of his own to the red demon’s abs. He suplexes his lighter opponent, then pays him back by doing a set of push-ups off Ethan’s abs, and claiming he doesn’t like being disrespected. The golden boy has gained some momentum and he isn’t letting go. He rolls up the red demon in a cradle in an attempt for a quick pin, but when that doesn’t work he starts attacking Ethan’s back with flying elbow drops. Jax pulls Ethan back into a tight camel clutch and calls him the bitch before slapping him across the face, then releasing the hold. This is the most offense we’ve seen from Jax since his debut and maybe he’s starting to come into his own. The golden boy continues to control the red demon, leading up to a surprising finish. He places the bad boy in a seated surfboard and stretches his lean muscled bod to its limits seeking a submission. Ethan screams, cries and yells out in agony as Jax repeatedly yanks back on his arms creating unbelievable pressure on the bad boy’s back until he ultimately surrenders and screams out a submission. Ethan collapses to the mat and Jax kneels on his back and flexes his marvelous muscles for victory in round two. Can the golden boy flexes his muscles and impose his will again on the muscle boy slayer and score a huge upset?! Or will the red demon own the golden boy’s muscles in round three and add yet another muscle boy to his long list of victims?!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.