THREE MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Brody Hancock vs Zack Johnathan, Brody Hancock vs Ray Martinez, and Cameron Davis vs Tommy Clark

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Three Matches on One DVD!!!

Brody Hancock vs Zack Johnathan

The match opens in the ring with Brody clad in full pro gear; boots, pads, and singlet tights, leaning against the turnbuckles waiting... Zack enters the ring in his baby blue square cuts and white boots, carrying a bottle of baby oil. The contrast is notable in the size difference, with Brody, the Indy wrestler and Zack, the centerfold model standing face to face. Brody starts to say "It's about time. I've been waiting for..." Zack throws his hand up in Brody's face, cutting him off. Zack counters, "don't bother, nobody paid to hear from you" as he turns his back to Brody and faces the camera. "This is what they all come to see" Zack claims, as he smirks and hits a couple of poses. "This body is the money maker!" Zack then turns around and asks Brody to oil him up, so that everyone can see his body "the way you've dreamed about when you bought my magazines and videos". Brody, somewhat stunned, has other thoughts, and decides to clock Zack in the back of the head with the bottle of oil.

Brody gains the upper hand early in the first fall as he catches Zack off guard and pummels his muscular body. A figure four leglock ultimately finishes off the centerfold model in the first fall by submission, and Brody flexes his own hard muscles in a show of confidence. 

In the second fall, Zack is shocked by what just happened, and decides to go back to his wrestling basics. He quickly gains the momentum, and continues to beat down on the smaller muscle boy. Zack applies a figure four crab hold that has Brody screaming in tortuous pain, but a test of strength seems to get Brody back in control. He then starts to work on Zack's legs, but Zack finds a way to dig down deep with an all-out assault on Brody. Zack finishes him off with a bear hug submission nearly cracking Brody's ribs. The match is now all even at one fall apiece.

The third fall opens up with both wrestlers knowing what's at stake. Brody taunts Zack early on, but what follows has to be seen to be believed!. It's a must see, high flying finish as to who comes out on top!

Brody Hancock vs Ray Martinez

As Brody is in the ring doing push ups, and wondering what opponent hell victimize next, up steps the cover boy model Ray onto the ring apron. Ray, known more for his looks than his wrestling ability, is just getting started with his wrestling career. He tells the indy wrestler he has all the right ingredients to be a superstar wrestler. Hes got great looks, nice smile, sexy body, and big muscles. Brody retorts, you think thats all it takes to be a good pro wrestler, and then offers the muscle boy a match. Ray doesnt know what hes getting into, as Brody has taken RHW by storm in his first few matches. Brody wastes no time in attacking Ray, literally ripping the shirt right off of his tightly muscled body. Hes determined that hes not going to let some pretty cover boy come into his ring and end his winning streak! Ray has the size and strength advantage, but Brody clearly has the wrestling advantage. In the first fall, Brady systematically starts breaking Ray down, even ripping his shoes off, and making the muscle boy scream out in pain. Ray has his moments, and even catches the indy wrestler in a few painful holds of his own, but Brody just has too much wrestling experience and wont allow a first fall victory to slip by. Surprisingly, Brody plays dirty, and starts chocking the cover boy out with his own shirt. This leads to a first fall submission victory for Brody, and he celebrates by giving his signature single bicep flex over the nearly unconscious cover boy model.


Brody picks up in the second round determined to inflict more pain on his opponent, working him over good with some gut punching in the ropes, an over the rope choke hold, and few kicks to the body. All of this has Ray wondering what he ever got himself into? Brody picks the muscle boy up by the hair at one point, and has him mug for his mama to the camera. As Brody finishes him off in two straight falls, he again poses over Ray with his huge, bulging bicep flex and mutters another easy win. Look out RHW wrestlers, Brody is on a rampage!

Cameron Davis vs Tommy Clark

Both wrestlers come out from their respective corners barefoot, Cameron in blue/black square cuts, and Tommy in his royal blue MMA trunks. Each of them spend the first few minutes feeling the other out, and gauging each others skill level. Cameron more of a wrestler, and Tommy more the MMA style fighter. In this match up, Cameron has the height and weight advantage over his opponent, and plans on using it. After exchanging holds with one another, Tommy catches Cameron in a painful arm bar, then Cameron retaliates with a cross trip takedown. Lots of good give and take action in this match up. Cameron catches Tommy with a nasty arm drag, which seems to injure the MMA fighters shoulder. These are two technical fighters wanting to show off their skill levels to the other. Tommy takes Cameron down and starts working on the leg, but the skilled wrestler is able to break free. In a lapse of concentration by Cameron, Tommy is able to catch him in a tight arm lock MMA style move, forcing the big guy to tap out to a first fall submission.

Cameron, pissed off after losing the first fall, starts the second round off with a cross body throw that has the MMA fighter reeling. He goes for the quick pin, but Tommy is able to escape. As the sweat glistens off of each of their chiseled bodies, both of these guys show off some of their favorite moves; leg locks, arm bars, takedowns as they struggle for supremacy. Cameron catches Tommy in an excruciating leg lock that has Tommy wincing in pain, but he somehow manages to break free, with the intent of making it two straight falls over the more skilled wrestler. Tommy then goes on the attack, and catches Cameron in a reverse arm bar and chin lock that has him on the edge. Can it be, will the underdog Tommy take the match in straight falls?

 All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

This DVD contains the three matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.