Zack Johnathan vs Shawn Lawson

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Zack Johnathan vs Shawn Lawson

Shawn is in the ring showing off his sweaty boxing workout when Zack enters asking 'what the hell he is doing'. "This ring is for wrestling!", he tells the young boxer, and asks "what you got boy?" Zack continues to taunt Shawn finally saying "let me give you a little wrestling lesson right now". Shawn strips down to his speedos, showing off an impressive, tight, muscled body, and gets to showing Zack what he's got in the wrestling ring.

Surprisingly, Shawn takes the early control by tossing the centerfold model across the ring. He utilizes his boxing skills to keep Zack off guard, and Zack seems a little confused on how to attack the lean, muscled boxer. As the first fall continues, Zack applies a back breaking Boston crab that has Shawn seconds away from tapping out, but somehow Shawn breaks free and catches Zack with a couple of stiff jabs to the chin knocking him to the canvas for a three count, and the first fall.

In the second fall, Zack decides he's 'not going to have any of this boxing crap' in his ring, and quickly starts beating on Shawn's legs to wear him down. A figure four leg lock has Shawn screaming in pain, as the sweat glistens off his ripped six pack abs. They continue to exchange grueling holds; a camel clutch, leg lock, a few knees to the mid section. In the end Zack finishes Shawn off with an excruciating, over the knee back breaker. Second fall to Zack.

The third fall starts with some good give and take, as Shawn goes back to relying more on his boxing skills again. But Zack, being the experienced wrestler he is, starts working on Shawn's legs to take him off his game and wear him down. He also scores with several well placed kicks and punches to the gut. As the third fall continues, Shawn somehow manages to gain some momentum, and all this sets up the deciding fall for a super surprise finish!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

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