TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ray Martinez vs Zack Johnathan and Shawn Lawson vs Ray Martinez

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ray Martinez vs Zack Johnathan and Shawn Lawson vs Ray Martinez

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Two Matches on One DVD!!!

Tyler Reeves vs Cody Nelson

Round one opens with Cody in black square cuts and black shoes in the ring warming up and flexing those rock hard muscles of his, admiring his biceps and pecs in the mirror. Tyler, standing in the opposite corner wearing tight navy blue Speedos isnt impressed with Codys flexing and calls out to him hey bitch, dont you see me? With that said, both guys immediately go at it in the center of the ring, Tyler gaining control first with a rear choke hold on Cody to take the muscle stud down to the mat and start pounding his fists into his ribcage. Codys able to recover, get to his feet, and picks Tyler up with a double leg takedown and slams him to the mat. He then starts dishing out his own punishment on Tyler with some well placed punches to Tylers perfectly ripped midsection, and then cranks on a camel clutch that has the Czech screaming out in pain. The first round goes back and forth, with each muscle boy inflicting pain on the other. Cody relies on his strength and muscle, while Tyler relies on his wrestling experience. Tyler gains the advantage late in the round with a tight leg lock, and then a scoop slam has Cody set up for an excruciating surf board which nearly rips those bulging bicep arms right off of the muscle stud and has him screaming out an I give first round submission.

Round two opens up with Tyler back on the attack, cornering Cody in the turnbuckles and pounding away at his six pack abs, which has him withering in pain. Tyler continues his assault just pounding and stomping away at Codys perfectly muscled body. Cody recovers from this attack, picks up the sweaty Czech, throws him to the mat, and asks if hes ready for this bitch as he starts pounding away on Tylers sweat drenched chest. Tylers reeling from this beating but gets to his feet only to have Cody throw him across the ring setting him up for two consecutive devastating clothes lines. He then locks on a camel clutch that has the Czech screaming out in agony. Cody picks Tyler up to his feet, hoist him over head and slams him down across his knee for an over the knee back breaker finisher that has Tyler shouting out a submission. As Tyler withers in pain on the mat, Cody taunts him asking hows that back feeling now as he towers over his fallen opponent. With it tied at one round each, round three opens with Tyler taking back the control and starts working the muscle studs lower back over with some shots to the kidneys and a heavy scoop slam to the mat. As the sweat pours off both of their muscled bodies, both wrestlers know they need to go all out in this final round to secure their first victory here at Rock Hard. Will Codys brawn and size propel him to a victory, or will Tyler be able to win round three with his wrestling skills? A quick reversal secures the victory for one of these two!


Brody Hancock vs Troy Nelson

Brody's been a real terror since joining RHW, racking up wins over every opponent hes faced. One night, he was online and came across an ad from a teen bodybuilder looking for a new singlet. That teen bodybuilder turns out to be Troy Nelson, the real life brother of one of our newest wrestlers, Cody Nelson. Troys a real muscle stud in his own right and has won several bodybuilding competitions. Once he heard that his brother had joined RHW, his competitive nature kicked in, and he also wanted a piece of the wrestling action. The problem Troy faces in his very first match is that hes up against Brody, whos been on a winning streak that has yet to be stopped! This doesnt look good for Troy. Round one opens up as Brody asks Troy if he was the one looking for a singlet online, and thinks to himself, the teen muscle boy must have thought this was going to be high school wrestling, not pro style. Brody starts licking his chops figuring hell be the one to initiate the teen bodybuilder to the world of Rock Hard Wrestling. Brody starts off easy, taking Troy through a series of holds, almost at will, seemingly playing with the perfectly muscled teen. Brody taunts him saying, Cmon, you gotta have more than that. This leaves a small opening for Troy to attack with a shoulder to the gut, backing Brody up against the ropes, Troy then whips him across the ring, setting him up for a well executed clothes line that has Brody planted back first to the mat. Seems Troy must have got a few wrestling lessons from his brother, Cody, before coming to the gym that day! Troy backs Brody into the corner turnbuckle and starts working over the abs of the Indy wrestler. This has caught Brody completely by surprise, and its now clear that Troy is not going to be some easy push over in his first match. Brodys pissed off at the thought of some rookie teen muscle boy thinking hes going to beat his ass in the RHW ring. Since Troy hasn't learned how to finish his opponent yet, Brody turns the momentum, roughs Troy up, and goes for a quick three count, but the teen bodybuilder has enough muscle to kick out of it. Troy more than holds his own in this first round, nearly gaining a stunning submission by wrapping and squeezing those heavily muscled thighs around Brodys tiny 29 waist, just about crushing a submission out of him. Brody, the veteran that he is, is able to break free from this and starts an all out assault on Troys perfectly muscled body. A couple of well placed shots to the flawlessly sculpted abs and chest of Troy, and a scoop slam, have him set up for a painful over the knee backbreaker. Brody taunts the teen bodybuilder to quit, and Troy finally has to say I give. Brody tosses him off of his knee and onto the mat, stands up, and starts flexing those baseball sized biceps of his over his fallen opponent, saying thats how you do it pro style!

Brody starts round two taking Troy down to the mat and applying his own leg scissors across the finely muscled midsection of the teen bodybuilder, determined to take control of this round. Troys not going down easy though, hes spent countless hours in the gym perfecting his award winning body, and he out weighs Brody by about 25 pounds. This teen muscle stud shows hes not going to back down from anybody at RHW, and puts Brody through a series of punishing holds that has him screaming out in pain. Brody has to dig deep in this match, and starts to work over the legs of Troy. Brody wears the teen bodybuilder down with this assault, and decides its time to strip that new singlet off of Troy and uses it to choke him into a suffocating submission. Another impressive victory for Brody, but watch out RHW wrestlers, these Nelson brothers are not going to back down from any wrestler here at Rock Hard!


All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.