TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Zack Johnathan vs Troy Nelson and Brody Hancock vs Tyler Reeves

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Two Matches on One DVD!!!

Zack Johnathan vs Troy Nelson

The teen bodybuilder, Troy, is back for some more singles action and this time he’s up against the famous fitness and centerfold model, Zack, who clearly has more experience in the wrestling ring. But, will that be enough to overcome the sheer strength and tenacity of the younger, upstart rookie? The match opens with Troy pleasing his fans with a series of sexy bodybuilding poses in the ring, showing off his contest winning muscles and admiring all of the hard work he’s put into those huge arms, his chiseled chest, ripped abs, and massive thighs. Zack enters the ring and asks ‘c’mon, what are we having, a bodybuilding show here?’, and then strikes a few poses of his own, saying ‘I’ll show you how to pose!’. The rookie Troy then challenges Zack to a 2 out of 3 match, to see what he’s got in the ring. The two muscle boys exchange takedowns to start round one, and then Troy starts pounding away at Zack’s mid section, flips him over, and locks on a boston crab that has Zack’s back in some serious pain. Zack is able to escape, and then turns the tables on Troy, takes him down and applies a standing surfboard that nearly rips those massive, muscled arms of Troy right out of his shoulders. Round one continues with some good back and fourth action, until the teen bodybuilder is able to shoulder block Zack back into the corner turnbuckle, bash away at his abs, and then drags him out to the center of the ring to wrap those massive thighs of his around Zack’s tiny waist. Troy starts squeezing away with those massive thighs until he squeezes the life out of Zack and he has no choice to but to scream out a submission to the younger bodybuilder. Round one goes to the rookie wrestler, and teen bodybuilder, as he proudly poses and flexes over his fallen opponent.

Round two starts with Zack telling the rookie ‘ok, so you have a good bodyscissors, I’ll give you that’, but Zack is anxious to reverse the momentum in this match. They lock up, and Zack immediately clamps on a front face lock and starts taking charge of the rookie. He locks on a standing full nelson, and then backs the sweaty teen bodybuilder back into the ropes and starts pounding away at his perfect abs and massive thighs. You can tell Zack is pissed off he lost that first round to the upstart rookie, and is determined to take control of round two. Zack hoists Troy up like he’s going to bodyslam him, but instead runs the rookie into the corner turnbuckle and starts an all out beat down on Troy. After a pile driver bodyslam on Troy, Zack hoists him up and cinches on a tight camel clutch that has the rookie yelling out a second round submission, and evening the match a one round apiece. Round three opens with Troy going for a quick submission on Zack with a boston crab, but Zack has way too much experience to submit this early in the round. Will the young, upstart rookie be able to use his massive muscle to pull off the upset, or can Zack prove he’s still king of this ring and put a beat down on the teen bodybuilder? It all leads up to a backbreaking finisher that has the loser enduring some excruciating pain before tapping out a submission. An awesome finishing hold that you don’t want to miss!

Brody Hancock vs Tyler Reeves

This is Tyler’s fourth singles match at RHW, and even though he’s put up a terrific fight in each of his previous matches, he has yet to come out victorious. In this match, he’s up against the experienced Indy wrestler in Brody, but he does have a size advantage over him. Round one opens up and Brody takes control of the amateur all star with a front face lock and a few hard stomps to that muscular back of Tyler. Brody picks him up and continues working him over with a choke over the middle rope, and some ab punishment in the corner turnbuckle. Tyler is able to turn the table on Brody, and starts bashing and pounding away at the Indy wrestler’s ripped mid section, and then throws him to the mat, sits on his chest, and starts stretching his right leg and hamstring to the point it almost snaps. Tyler continues to work over the smaller Brady real good, trying to squeeze out a submission, but Brody just won’t quit. Brody’s able to regain the momentum in this first round with a rake of Tyler’s eyes, and then sends him flying flat to his back with a standing clothesline. He then starts working over the well muscled legs and back of the amateur all star, setting him up for a Boston crab submission that has that has the bigger, and more muscular Tyler finally crying out and submitting. Brody proudly flexes his baseball-sized biceps over the fallen Tyler, celebrating his first round victory!

Round two starts with both wrestlers feeling the effects of round one, with Tyler’s back still in pain, and Brody smarting from the pain inflicted on his hamstring. Tyler comes out and takes the early control, but it isn’t long before the Indy wrestlers gains the momentum and starts working over Tyler’s body with a double arm lock on the mat, which he switches to a choke hold. With the sweat dripping off of Tyler’s muscle packed body, Brody continues to use his experience advantage and considerable strength to systematically wear Tyler down in this match. Tyler does regain some momentum and gets some good shots in on Brody’s body, but in the end Brody has too much ring experience. After stretching Tyler’s perfect torso through the ropes, Brody sets him up for a flying cross body scissors ending with a 1-2-3 pin count to win round two and the match. Brody chalks up another victory over a bigger muscle boy, and you have to start to wonder if Tyler is ever going to be able to secure a victory here at RHW?

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.