TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD:Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers and Cody Nelson vs Jeff Hollister & Chris Cox

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD:Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers and Cody Nelson vs Jeff Hollister & Chris Cox

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Two Matches on One DVD!!!

Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers

This match up features two titanic, muscular bodies that tower over most of the other wrestlers on the RHW roster. Tyler Reeves has paid his dues since joining Rock Hard, and know has teamed his rock hard, perfectly proportioned body along with some strong ring experience and has started to dominate opponents. Max Powers has an equally impressive rock hard physique, but has struggled in some of his previous matches with his lack of ring experience. Round one starts with Tyler in his corner, looking confident, and saying ‘ this is the big Max I’ve heard of, you’re good, with a sly grin on his face. Max circles in the center of the ring, and before long, Tyler is throwing some jabs to the big boy’s chest, testing his toughness. Tyler backs Max up, whips him across the ring, and then clotheslines him across the chest. This has Max’s big body reeling on the mat, with Tyler starting to punch away at his chest and stomp away at his muscled torso. Max is able to endure and escape to his feet, and returns the favor on the amateur all star, tossing him into the far ropes and delivering his own clothesline on Tyler. Max continues, picking him up from the mat, scooping his body over his head, and then power slamming back down to the mat. This shakes the floor of the ring, and has the sweat soaked Tyler’s confidence shaken. These two massive, muscular titans continue to try and wear each other down throughout the round applying camel clutches, stomps to the torso, ab bashing, headlocks and chokeholds. After suffering thru a beating at the hands of Max, Tyler is able to turn the momentum on the big boy with a single leg takedown, and he starts pounding away at Max’s chiseled pecs. He then focuses an assault on Max’s back that weakens the big boy, and after Tyler drops him across his knee for a back breaker, he finishes him off with a camel clutch that has the muscular Max stretched out, and screaming out a first round submission.

 Round two opens with Tyler asking Max if he has ‘a sore back’ and then proceeds to charge across the ring, deliver a shoulder to Max’s midsection and drives him back into his corner and starts ab bashing away. Tyler brings the powerhouse down to the mat and starts chocking him out with a figure four leg lock around his neck. Tyler watches in glee as Max suffers and struggles trying to break the hold. Tyler releases the hold, and goes for a quick pin count trying to end the match early, but Max is able to power his way out of it. They both get to their feet and Max takes control, backing Tyler against the ropes and goes to work by bashing away at his sweat soaked rippling abs. Max then stretches Tyler’s perfectly muscled torso thru the ropes and cranks back on his chin, putting enormous pressure on his back. After he’s suffered for a while, Max drags him back into the ring and starts a focused assault on Tyler’s back and rib cage. The big powerhouse uses his brute strength to toss Tyler around the ring at will, continuing to inflict pain and suffering on his back and rib cage. He picks Tyler up in a scoop slam, throws him hard down on his back, which has Tyler looking for a way out. Max has a slight size advantage and that’s what he’s determined to use to his benefit in this round. Max taunts Tyler asking him if ‘he’s had enough’ throughout the round, as he continues to dominate the amateur all star. When Max has worn Tyler out, he picks him up and drops him onto his knee in an over the knee back breaker that has Tyler is some serious pain and stretched out on full display over Max’s big knee. Max continues to apply the pressure until Tyler can’t take it any longer and squeals out a second round submission to the bigger powerhouse Max. Round three, the deciding round, opens with both of these wrestler’s muscular bodies drenched in sweat, and Max picking up where he left off in round two. Max charges across the ring and backs Tyler against the ropes and begins bashing away at his gut. Will Max have enough power and brawn to overcome Tyler’s superior ring experience, or will Tyler be able to take out the titanic Max using his ring savvy. The match ends in spectacular fashion with the winner choking his opponent out, and then finishing him off with a double leg boston crab. The winner slaps a high five, while the loser is nearly knocked out in the center of the ring. An epic ending to a titanic battle!

Cody Nelson vs Jeff Hollister & Chris Cox

When Jeff asked for a rematch with Cody, everyone thought he was crazy! Cody just beat the crap out of Jeff in their singles match, and put a whipping on the boy next door that had him squealing in pain for most of the match. It was one of the most lopsided squash jobs in RHW history. But, Jeff may be small, but his sinister smile hints that he may have a surprise in store for Cody in this match. Cody stands in his corner of the ring and taunts the boy-next-door ‘didn’t I beat you last week’, while Jeff responds by flashing the muscle stud a double bicep flex and a smug look on his face. He knows what’s going to happen to Cody, he’s setting him up to be ambushed! Round one starts exactly like their last match, with Cody coming out and taking complete control of the much smaller, and weaker blond opponent. He picks Jeff up over his head, tosses him down to the mat, and then starts pounding and stomping away at his torso. He drags him to the center of the ring, flips him over, and applies a boston crab on him. At this moment, the surprise comes walking out of the locker room, it’s Jeff’s buddy Chris Cox, who’s there to ambush Cody as payback for the defeat he handed him a while back. Chris thought he should have won his match against Cody, so he was thrilled to be able to join forces with Jeff in this 2 on 1 ambush on the bigger muscle stud. Chris enters the ring, pounds Cody on the back a few times, which forces him to release the boston crab and fall to the mat. Jeff and Chris seize the opportunity to pounce on the muscle stud and start delivering some payback! Jeff locks on a full nelson, lifts Cody to his feet, and Chris starts bashing away at Cody’s sizzling, sculpted abs. They continue the beat down by stomping away at Cody’s torso, setting him up for a clothesline, and continuing an all out assault on Cody’s six pack abs. Jeff and Chris taunt him throughout the round, saying ‘show me what you did last time’ but Cody just can’t fend off the two of them. Cody attempts a comeback, but the energy has been drained out of him from the beating that the two of them continue to deliver. Near the end of round one, Cody is dripping in sweat and his abs are cherry red from the bashing they have taken from this beating. When Chris locks on a leg scissor across Cody’s throat, and Jeff locks on a leg scissor across his thighs, it is the beginning of the end for the muscle stud. When he won’t give up to that combination, the two guys toss him over to his stomach and place him in a suspended surfboard that has Cody stretched out in pain, and submitting. Round one goes to Jeff and Chris, as they mock the muscle stud by placing their boots on his chest and flexing their own muscles over him. 

Round two opens, and Chris calls across the ring ‘ready for round two big boy’ as Cody knows what he’s up against in this round. His strategy early on is to separate the two and attack them one at a time. He first goes after the much smaller Jeff, shoving him to the mat, and then throws Chris down and starts punching him in the chest. This strategy seems to be working for Cody at the onset of the round, but when the two boys are able to gang up on him, they go back to delivering an all out attack on Cody’s sweaty abs. The both of them take turns pummeling away at Cody’s midsection, in retaliation for the beating he delivered to the both of them in their previous matches. At one point, Jeff picks Cody up, locks on a full nelson, brings him back into the corner turnbuckle, then Chris applies a double handed claw to the muscle stud’s beefy pecs that has him crying out in pain. They continue to torture his body throughout the round with arm bars, leg scissors, elbow drops, and stomps to his legs, but Cody won’t submit. Throughout the round, Jeff has this sinister smile on his face, seemingly enjoying every moment of his pre-planned ambush on the muscle model. Near the end, they toss Cody around the ring at will, delivering a clothesline that leaves him dazed and laid out flat. Both guys decide to end this pummeling with a double teamed 1-2-3 pin count to end the match. Jeff and Chris stand up and flex their sweat drenched muscles over their ambushed opponent as he’s sprawled out on the mat, and taunting him asking, who’s ass is whipped now?’ This was a stunning finish to a full body beating that Cody won’t soon forget!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.