TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Lucas Payne vs Gunner Bayani and Chris Cox vs Max Powers

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Lucas Payne vs Gunner Bayani and Chris Cox vs Max Powers

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Two Matches on One DVD!

Lucas Payne vs Gunner Bayani

It’s early morning at the Rock Hard Gym and the award winning teen bodybuilder Lucas arrives for his first workout of the day. He’s focusing on pumping up his huge shoulder and back muscles, and thinking ahead to annihilating his competition in his next bodybuilding contest. He finishes up with his workout, all hot and sweaty, and heads back to the locker room to shower up and get on with his day. As he’s walking back, he’s surprised to see the high flying Gunner in the ring, doing some warm ups and practicing some moves. The newcomer Gunner’s itching for a match since he’s taken a beating from both Nick Collins and Jake Jenkins in his previous matches, and his record stands at 0-2. The minute he notices the much bigger teen bodybuilder, but less experienced wrestler Lucas is in the gym, he challenges him to a match. Gunner calls out ‘hey meathead, why don’t you jump in here and we’ll see what you got’. Lucas is one tough kid, and never backs down from a challenge, so he instantly accepts and climbs thru the ropes and into the ring. The testosterone level is high, when Gunner gets the first shot in on the teen bodybuilder, delivering a swift knee to his midsection, then starts pounding and stomping away on Lucas’s magnificent body, proclaiming ‘all brawn and no brains!’ Gunner keeps the pressure on, attacking Lucas’s massive legs with an ankle lock, and then whips the muscular teen across the ring catching him with a clothesline that plants the big boy on his back. Lucas gets back to his feet, but Gunner is still on the attack and drills him back to the mat with a reverse neck breaker. Gunner seizes the opportunity to go for a pin count fall, but Lucas has way too much strength left to be counted out, and tosses the lightweight off him like he was a feather. The high flying Gunner keeps the match at a high pace and maintains the control before whipping the massive bodybuilder down to the mat with an arm whip, and then ties him up, and stretches his award winning muscular body out on display with a combination hammerlock and chin lock, while pulling and stretching his huge left leg behind his back. This causes the teen bodybuilder some intense pain, with his massive muscles not used to being stretched to these limits, and Gunner demanding he quits. Lucas, the tough kid that he is fights out of it, and when Gunner misses with a running clothesline, Lucas lifts the lightweight up over his shoulder. He drops him in the corner and starts an attack on Gunner’s abs. The big teen bodybuilder drags Gunner out of the corner, suplexes him to the mat, and then plants his foot in Gunner’s back and cranks on a bow and arrow that has him screaming out in pain and Lucas asking ‘ how far can you stretch?’ When Gunner doesn’t submit, Lucas goes for a pin count, laying his massive chest over Gunner’s shoulders, but the high flying wrestler is able to kick out and both guys return to their feet. Lucas wasn’t able to capitalize on his momentum, and makes the mistake of letting Gunner get back to his feet where he is most dangerous. He goes back to using his speed and quickness tossing the colossal bodybuilder across the ring and hammering away at his perfectly built torso. Lucas uses his size and strength advantage to try to slow down the pace of the match, but just after he’s put a beating on Gunner, his inexperience leaves an opening and Gunner exploits it to his advantage. Gunner gets to his feet and catches Lucas with a quick left jab to his abs. He lifts Lucas to his knees, delivers a chop across his massive pecs, and then plows him over with a knee to the chest that softens the teen muscle boy up. He stays on the assault with a double knee drop over his ripped abs, several stomps to his back, then the high flying Gunner climbs to the top rope and flies thru the air landing a jolting body splash across the bodybuilder’s midsection. Gunner is able to finish what he started in round one, catching the teen bodybuilder in a front facing triangle choke and arm bar, that has Lucas’s head and arm squeezed between Gunner’s legs facing his crotch.. Lucas is unable to escape the hold, and is forced to yell out an ‘I give’ submission. As he celebrates his conquest in round one, the high flying Gunner jumps to his feet saying ‘that’s what it’s all about baby!’

Round two begins with Lucas declaring Gunner got lucky in round one, and he’s determined to dish out some of his own pain and punishment on his much smaller opponent. The teen muscle boy is aggressive from the start, and takes the attack to Gunner in this round. He goes for an early pin count but Gunner kicks out and then starts laying into Lucas with several kicks and knees to the body before dropping his sweaty muscular body to the mat with a flying clothesline. Both of these warriors have their moments during this round, dispensing heavy hurt on their opponent’s body. The teen bodybuilder uses his considerable size and muscle advantage to maintain the momentum, while the high flying Gunner keeps the upper hand with his aerial assault on Lucas’s stunning body. Lucas takes control late in round two picking the lightweight up over his shoulders and slamming him to the mat. He follows up with numerous heavy stomps to the lower back, before locking on a single leg boston crab that creates intense pressure on Gunner’s back. The teen stud seizes the opportunity to then hoist Gunner up over his shoulders into a torture rack and makes him scream and ache for a while before submitting, then drops him to the mat, places his foot on Gunner’s back and pops a huge double bicep flex telling him ‘you just got owned’ to end round two. Can Lucas continue to utilize his superior muscle and size advantage in round three to claim another victory, or will the high flying Gunner be too quick for the teen stud and take him out? The frenzied and furious action in round three leads up to one of these wrestlers stretched out and suffering in a standing ab stretch in a finale you don’t want to miss!

Chris Cox vs Max Powers

This match up features the tall, leaned muscled southern boy Chris taking on the burly, brawny Max. Chris is decked out in bright blue and yellow square cuts and white boots, his abs rippling, and looking like a swimsuit model that just walked off a photo shoot. Max is in grey square cuts and black boots, and comes out of his corner giving Chris grief, asking ‘where’d you get those pretty trunks?’ Chris answers ‘don’t worry about the trunks man’. Chris has a lot more wrestling experience than big Max, and is out to show him who’s the real boss in the ring today. Chris starts on the attack and takes the big guy down with a side headlock, and starts cranking away as Max grunts and groans on the mat. Chris then lifts him up to his feet, throws Max into the corner turnbuckle, and then starts bashing away at his abs. He then whips him across the ring to the opposite corner and continues to bash away at Max’s well-muscled midsection. Chris continues the early control of his bigger opponent with a front head lock, squeezing the wind out of Max, and asking ‘where’s the fight big boy?’ Chris lean muscles look spectacular as he punishes his opponent, and it’s clear he’s enjoying every minute of it! After Chris hip tosses Max to the mat, he goes for a 1-2-3 pin count, but the powerhouse is able to kick out and get back to his feet. They circle one another, until Max catches Chris with a jab to his abs and pounds him to the mat. Max gains control using the same attack on Chris as Chris used on him. The big guy walks him around the ring in a front face lock, then tosses him into the corner and pounds away at Chris’s beautiful abs, before picking him up for a big power slam to the mat. Max certainly has a size advantage, and he’s doing everything he can to take advantage. Max goes for his own pin count, but Chris is able to summon the strength and kick out. The big guy continues his beating on Chris, wrapping his powerful arms around Chris’s tiny waist, lifting him up into a front facing bear hug that places enormous pressure on Chris lower back. Max is feeling confident now, saying he’s ‘just getting started’ before throwing a few fists into Chris’s lower back, and then locks on a boston crab looking for a submission from the lean muscled southern boy. Max lowers his 190 pounds of muscle on Chris’s lower back, stretching his long legs to the limit in an attempt to gain a submission. But, Chris has too much ring experience, has been on the receiving end of this hold many times, and isn’t about to submit. When the big brawny Max isn’t able to gain a submission using that hold, he picks Chris up over his head and slams him down to the mat, picks him back up and whips him across the ring into a clothesline that floors him. Chris’s body is aching in pain and languishing on the mat, then Max seizes the opportunity to take advantage of his raw power and picks the smaller Chris up over his shoulders into a torture rack. He starts bouncing Chris up and down across his shoulders inflicting more punishment on his back until he has no other option to cry out a submission that ends round one. The beefy muscled Max exhibits his dominance, placing his boot on Chris’s chest and flexing his enormous biceps over his defeated opponent.

The powerhouse Max come out of his corner, full of confidence, proclaiming ‘round two, are you ready?’, with Chris barking back ‘let’s do this’. Max backs Chris up against the ropes, drapes his arms behind him over the top rope, and starts throwing fists into Chris’s shredded abs. He continues to assail his lean muscled, model type body, up until Chris is able to catch Max with several swift knees to his midsection. He then locks a full nelson on the powerhouse, stretching his torso out while Max struggles to escape. Chris brings him to the mat with the full nelson intact, and then wraps his lanky legs around Max’s waist and starts stretching the brawny muscle stud out on the mat. Chris has him right where he wants him, down on the mat to take away his size advantage. He continues to inflict hurt on the big guy, clamping on a single leg boston crab that exerts immense pressure on the lower back and at the same time ripping his crotch apart. Chris works the hold for a while as he watches Max suffer beneath him. When Max won’t submit to the boston crab, Chris lifts him to his feet, tosses him into the corner, then starts smashing away at his abs. He then throws him across the ring into the opposite corner and dispenses a few knees to the lower back. Chris is feeling it now, and knows he has the experience on his side in this match. He maintains control of his larger opponent with a standing choke hold in the center of the ring, before taking him to the mat and locking on a back breaking camel clutch that has Max stretched out to the max. When he won’t submit, Chris rolls him over into his lap, scissors his legs around his head, and starts squeezing until the big guys head is ready to pop off. Chris then goes for the kill, transitions the hold to a figure four around Max’s throat, and applies enormous pressure on Max until the big guy cries out a submission to round two. Chris stands up, proudly flexes his muscles and poses over the powerhouse fitness model in a show of supremacy to claim round two. The third and deciding round starts with Chris back on the attack, picking Max up to power slam him flat to the mat, and then attacks his abs. Will Chris be able to maintain the control and use his skill and experience to finish off Max? Or, can the big, brawny Max rely on his superior size and muscle advantage to keep Chris under his control and chalk up a victory? One of these combatants ends up being controlled for the majority of round three, culminating in a back breaking, double leg boston crab submission with the winner flexing over his beaten opponent and the sweat glistening off his torso in triumph!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring! This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.