TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Jake Jenkins vs Ethan Andrews and Austin Cooper vs Eli Black

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Jake Jenkins vs Ethan Andrews and Austin Cooper vs Eli Black

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Two Matches on One DVD

Jake Jenkins vs Ethan Andrews

Ever since Jake put a beating on Ethan in their last tag team contest, the street punk bad boy has been itching for a one on one showdown with the muscle boy. Jake is riding high and is undefeated at Rock Hard, demolishing his foes with his superior wrestling experience, training, and overwhelming endurance. Ethan has also had a lot of success beating up the muscle boys on the Rock Hard roster, as he especially likes bashing away at their abs and making their muscles suffer. Ethan has been looming around the gym in anticipation of a payback match with Jake. Well today, Jake is in the ring stretching out his muscular body before a training session, while Ethan comes out of the locker room with a black hoodie over his head and carrying a bottle of water. Jake notices someone out of the corner of his eye, sees the bottle of water, and mistakes the street punk for a water boy. He calls out saying ‘hey water boy, why don’t you get me a water?’ This is just the moment Ethan’s been waiting for, so he climbs up on the ring apron to reveal himself, and soon he’s stepping into the ring for a confrontation with an intent of payback. The two skilled wrestlers exchange banter before Ethan unzips his hoodie, tosses it aside and the action begins in round one. Jake confident with a hint of arrogance, gets the first shot in on the street punk with a few knees to his gut, and then tosses him back into the corner turnbuckle and rams several shoulder blows into his midsection. Jake is picking up where he left off from the tag team match, having his way with the street punk, putting him thru an arsenal of holds including; a boston crab, clotheslines, kicks to the abs, and a high flying elbow drop from the corner that lands right on Ethan’s rib cage and has him withering in pain on the mat. Jake continues to deliver the punishment to the bad boy with a leg lock that turns into a crotch split that has Ethan squirming in agony but refusing to give up. Jake transitions the hold to a single leg boston crab but Ethan has been in a lot of street fights and has an unusually high threshold of pain for someone his size, so it’s going to take more than that for him to submit to his nemesis Jake! With Jake pulling Ethan up by his hair to his feet, the street punk seizes on an opening and connects with a number of elbow blows to Jake’s muscular chest and then tosses him over his shoulder with a one arm lariat whip that plants Jake to the mat. Ethan cinches on an arm lock while kneeling over Jake and starts driving the heel of his boot into his throat for added punishment. He continues to make Jake suffer in that arm bar, taunting him saying, ‘don’t worry, I’ll leave you one good arm to get a water’. The bad boy continues his beating on the muscle boy, making him squirm and suffer in a standing surfboard that almost rips Jake’s impressive arms out his torso. But just when you thought Jake was close to submitting round one, he reverses the momentum and goes back on the attack. He throws Ethan around the ring, makes his abs suffer in a tree of woe, and then locks on a crotch splitting spladle in attempt to finish the street punk off. Ethan’s legs are split wide, his crotch nearly ripping at the seam, but it isn’t until Jake exerts even more pressure by placing Ethan’s leg behind his head that has him yelling out in pain and ultimately screaming out a first round submission. Jake display his dominance as he claims round one by flexing his bulging biceps over the street punk as he lays throbbing in pain on the mat.Round two opens with Ethan still clutching his crotch in pain and flipping Jake the finger across the ring for what just happened to him. The street punk isn’t used to be manhandled and is determined to dish out some punishment of his own on the muscle stud. Jake toys with the bad boy in the beginning, tossing him around and shooting some scholastic takedowns on him. He even rolls him up on the mat and slaps him on the ass a few times. But when Ethan is able to reverse out of an attempt at a camel clutch, he starts going to work on the muscle boy, bashing away at his abs. He then grabs both of Jake’s legs and says ‘you like slapping people’s asses huh, well I like kicking them!’ and starts kicking away at Jake’s ass. The street punk has started to find his groove in this round and takes control of Jake. He starts on assault on Jake’s powerful legs, first by stretching them out and ripping his crotch apart, then wraps on an ankle lock and reverse chin lock that has Jake arched to the limit and wincing out in pain. He continues to attack the legs, until he pulls Jake up to his feet by his hair, backs him into the corner, and strikes away with a series of shoulder blocks heaving all of his weight into Jake’s abs and back. Jake is stunned at how the momentum has swung in this round, and Ethan stays on a relentless attack to inflict pain. He drags Jake to his feet, flips him out of the corner down to the mat, and then places his black boot in Jake’s back, grabs his wrist and ankle, and begins stretching his muscular body out in a bow and arrow hold. The bad boy keeps stretching Jake out in agony, applying more and more pressure on the hold, relishing the pain he’s inflicting on Jake’s body, as he cries out in pain. Ethan asks him to submit, but when he refuses, Ethan starts kicking his boot in Jake’s lower back until he can’t take the punishment any longer and yells out ‘I give, I give’ to end round two. The street punk kicks him away, stands up, places his foot on Jake’s back and asks ‘how’s that back feel? that’s right bitch’ as he evens this match up at one round a piece. Round three begins with Jake trying to shake off the pain in his shoulder, and Ethan, wearing a sly grin on his face, eager to go back on the attack smashing and bashing away at the muscle boy’s well-built body. The street punk forces Jake back into the corner, stomps away at his abs, then lifts him up under the chin and delivers some stinging chops to his beefy pecs, and follows up with a series of punches to his ripped abs. The street punk has the upper advantage over the pretty boy at this point, and is intent to continue his beating on Jake’s body. Ethan has one thing in mind in this match, and that’s to make Jake pay for what he did to him in their tag team match up. Will Jake be able to regain control of the bad boy and be one of the few guys to chalk up a victory over Ethan? Or, will the street punk continue demolishing Jake’s body, take out another one of the muscle boys on the Rock Hard roster, and gain his payback? All the tremendous action leads up to a thrilling finish you’ll want to see to believe as one of these guys claims victory with his opponent draped over his back in a torturous hangman hold, and the loser ultimately succumbing to the pain as his body ends up crumbled on the mat in agony while the victor douses him in water. This is a must see match!

Austin Cooper vs Eli Black

In Eli’s last match he destroyed the Russian rookie, Alexi, which gave him even more confidence in his grappling abilities. So the cocky little guy decided to ask for a match against the much bigger and experienced Austin, in his pursuit of climbing to the top of the Rock Hard roster. Austin struts into the ring, and seems somewhat surprised he’s matched up against the much smaller Eli, and mocks him asking I’m supposed to wrestle you?’ and’ if he ‘wants to play a board game, something he might be able to win at?’ Eli, confident and cocky, agrees to a test of strength with Austin, who appears to be amused with the little guy, before delivering a knee to his abs. He follows that up by picking Eli up into a reverse bear hug, squeezing his powerful arms around the blond boy’s tiny waist, before tossing him aside like he was done with him. Austin continues to toy with him, picking Eli up into a power slam, and then picks him up off the mat, lifts him up over his head, and then tosses him across the ring in a display to intimidate the cocky boy. Eli is suffering on the mat, but Austin doesn’t let up and is determined to show him who owns this ring. He laces Eli upside down in the ropes, and then starts to attack his picture perfect 8-pack abs, bashing away at them with knees and fists, that has Eli groaning in pain. The big red head dominates the blond boy, torturing him in a camel clutch, and picking him up and tossing him around at will like he was a Ken doll.And, to add insult to injury, while Eli squirms on the mat in pain, Austin is flashing his huge biceps and admiring the beat down he’s putting on the little guy. Eli does make a slight comeback in this round, taking Coop down with a double leg, and then locking an MMA style arm bar on him, threatening to break his arm. He also catches Coop in a half nelson, scissors his legs around his waist, stretching his beefy, muscular body out on the mat. Eli then lifts Coop up over his shoulders, slamming him to the mat, before locking on a single leg boston crab in search of a submission.When Coop won’t submit, Eli attempts to set him up for a clothesline, but Coop reverses the hold, and flings the cocky boy off the ropes and delivers his own powerful clothesline that drops Eli to the mat. Austin then goes back on the attack, concentrating on Eli’s back and returning the favor with a double leg boston crab on the blond grappler, with Coop using all of his might in his massive arms and thick chest to exert tremendous pain on Eli’s lower back. Coop is riled up and remains on the attack, tossing and pounding Eli’s body at will. Once Coop has punished the cocky boy’s body to his satisfaction, he proclaims ‘you’re wasting my time’ and then lifts him up and then drops him hard over his knee in an over the knee back breaker finishing hold. Eli’s ripped body is draped over Coop’s massive thigh, and when Eli won’t submit at first, Coop starts see-sawing Eli’s stretched out body across his knee until he’s forced to finally submit. Coop tosses him to the mat, and adds a few extra stomps to his back, before declaring ‘checkmate’ in round one and flexing a colossal double bicep pose in decisive triumph for round one.

Round two opens with Eli’s back still smarting in pain, and he’s questioning in his mind does he really have enough to go toe to toe with the big time superstars on the Rock Hard roster?Austin comes out his corner seemingly wanting to console Eli, but as it turns out he was just setting him up for another jab to his abs and continues to punish the cocky boy while he toys with him in the ring. Coop catches Eli with some massive knee drops into his chest, followed up with several elbows to his abs that are already turning red and throbbing in pain. The big read head is out to break the cocky boy’s will in this round, and eliminate any thought Eli has of winning. He picks Eli up by his legs and starts spinning the lightweight around before flipping him over into a double leg boston crab that has him crying out in pain and searching for any way to escape the abuse he’s receiving. Eli is literally close to tears in this round as Coop continues to punish his abs and his core with a gut bashing as the cocky boy is hung upside down from the corner turnbuckle, followed up with Coop scissoring his massive thighs around the blond grappler’s tiny waist and squeezing the snot right out of him. Eli is one tough kid though, he endures the pain and doesn’t submit, and is able to work his way to a reversal on the big guy. He goes to work on Coop’s rib cage before rolling him over, throws on a leg grapevine and full nelson and starts stretching out Coop’s huge, massive muscles in the center of the ring. Eli starts an assault on Coop’s body by keeping him on the mat and working him over with a variety of grappling and mma holds that has Coop’s muscular body tied up in knots with nowhere to go. Eli keeps Coop on the mat where he can neutralize his substantial size and strength advantage, and where Eli can excel with his ground and pound game. He sets up Coop for a leg splitting spladle that has his legs and crotch stretched to the limit and nearly ripping at the seams. Eli has found his groove, and he continues to punish the big guy on the mat. He releases the crotch splitting spladel, only to apply it again a second time in a demonic statement by the cocky grappler.Eli continues to punish the big red head on the mat, until he has beat him down hard enough to lock on a side splitting guillotine that has Coop screaming out in agony. When Eli proclaims ‘it’s time to finish this’, he dishes out his own style of ab bashing on Coop’s gut, forcing him to yell out ‘I give, I give’ to the smaller but skilled cocky boy to end round two. This match is all even at one round a piece, and both of these fighters are resolute on claiming victory in this match. Round three starts with Coop still smarting from the beating he just endured, and Eli going back on the attack with an arm drag takedown that has Coop back down on the mat. Will the smaller, cocky boy Eli be able to control the big, beefy red head on the mat and pull off a major upset, or can Coop regain the momentum he had in the first round and punish and intimidate Eli into a third round submission? The brutal battle for victory ends when one of these grapplers is punished to the max and forced to submit to an aerial body stretching submission hold that will have him suffering in misery for days to come! A fantastic finish you don’t want to miss!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.