TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Eli Black vs Jason Kane and Ethan Andrews vs Josh Steel

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Eli Black vs Jason Kane and Ethan Andrews vs Josh Steel

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Two Matches on One DVD

Eli Black vs Jason Kane

It's late night at the Rock Hard gym and Eli is finishing off his workout with some cardio jump rope work in the ring. The teen sensation, Jason, comes walking by and decides he doesn’t like what he sees and steps into the ring and rips the jump rope out of Eli’s hands and tosses it outside the ring, proclaiming ‘this is my ring, take your jump roping out of it’. Those are some very strong words from the big boy who has yet to win a match! Maybe he thinks the much smaller Eli will be easy prey? Eli may be small but he never backs down from anyone, and shoves the teen fitness model back in the chest. Eli gets things going by flinging Jason back into the ropes, and as he comes whipping back scores with a double leg takedown. He straddles Jason across his stomach and delivers some quick jabs to the muscle boy’s chest. He then latches on a reverse arm lock which has the teen sensation squirming on the mat to get out. This is right where Eli wants this match to take place, down on the mat, where he can minimize the size and strength advantage Jason has over him, while playing to his own strength of a mma style ground and pound game. The grappler starts stretching, twisting, and tormenting his opponent with an arsenal of holds that include a knee to the head that drops Jason to the mat, a fireman’s carry that lands Jason flat on his back, a double leg takedown that plants the bigger muscle boy on the mat, and then Eli mounts him and starts pounding away at his chiseled chest. Jason has to be wondering what he’s gotten self into, and how is he going to get out of it? Eli has been on the receiving end of some serious punishment himself, in his match ups against Jake and Austin, so he delights in the process of dishing out some of his own punishment on the big muscle boy’s body. Jason does turn the momentum in round one, backing the grappler into the corner turnbuckle to deliver some punishment to his abs of steel. He pounds and stomps away at Eli’s core in an attempt to slow the little guy down. He maintains his control over Eli using his brawn and muscle to pummel his physique, before grapping him by the hair, raising him to his feet, and then dropping him onto his knee in an inverted choke that exposes Eli’s ripped eight back abs. Jason seizes the moment to start bashing away at those gorgeous abs knowing he can wear the blond boy down. After he’s thru with the bashing, he tosses Eli off his knee like a rag doll. It looks as though the teen sensation may be marching to a round one triumph, but Eli has other ideas in mind. When Jason pulls him up to his feet, Eli quickly delivers a boot to his gut that drops the bigger muscle boy to the mat. Eli starts with an attack on his back, before clamping on a tight camel clutch which has Jason in some serious pain and his impressive arms and chest stretched out in anguish. Eli has him on the mat, and continues to soften up his opponent’s muscular body. Eli catches Jason in a mma style arm bar and starts wrenching away at his arm until the teen sensation has no choice but to submit or have his arm snapped in two. Eli forces Jason to submit, and then finishes him off with a flying body splash claiming his conquest in round one.

In round two, Eli starts where he left off, taking the big boy back down to the mat and twisting his well-developed body like a pretzel, inflicting pain on those muscles every chance he gets. He front mounts Jason with grapevine around his torso, holds both arms down to the mat, and then arches up in the air stretching Jason’s back while his face is smothered in Eli’s crotch. Eli demonstrates he’s the one in control of this match for the first four minutes of the round. That is, until the teen sensation finally has had enough, and tosses Eli off of him like a feather and then goes on his own attack. Jason pushes the little blond boy back into the corner, then starts pounding and abusing his infamous 8-pack abs. Jason packs a lot of power in his 6’1” frame, and he’s determined to deliver some punishment. After he’s done beating on Eli’s abs he turns his attention to his back. Jason rolls him over into a boston crab and sits his 180 pound body on Eli’s butt applying maximum pressure to the grappler’s lower back. While Eli lies crying out in pain on the mat, Jason places several stomps to his back for good measure before lifting him to his feet. He picks the little Eli up several times, then slams his body to the mat, taunting him by asking ‘do you feel that?’ as Eli can barely move by this time. This is probably the meanest we have ever seen the teen sensation wrestle, and it looks like he’s enjoying every moment of the pain and suffering he’s inflicting. Eli lays motionless on the mat, and Jason seizes the opportunity to pick him up to his feet and clamp his massive arms around Eli’s tiny waist in a front facing bearhug. Jason begins applying the pressure on his back while marching him around the ring, tormenting his smaller opponent. He squeezes and shakes him around like he owns him until Eli can’t take it anymore and struggles to scream out a submission to end round two. With the sweat dripping from his body, Jason places his boot on his beaten opponent’s back, then flexes his massive biceps in victory. Round three opens with Jason continuing his beating on Eli’s abs, then chocking him over the ropes, before lifting him up over his shoulders into a torture rack which has Eli on the verge of another submission. Can Jason finish the smaller, but more experienced grappler off claiming his first win at Rock Hard? Or, will Eli be able to dig down deep and turn on the offense to take the bigger boy down? These two warriors go at it for a full 30 minutes before a winner is decided in this marathon match up. In the end, one of these warriors has been pummeled so hard he has no choice but to scream out a submission to end a beating you’ll want to witness!

Ethan Andrews vs Josh Steel

Lately, Ethan’s been having his way with the muscle boys here at Rock Hard, so he’s been expanding his training routine to include more mma style training thinking this would add to his collection of holds he can use to beat down his opponents. Ethan climbs into the ring in his mma trunks, gloves, and training shoes so that he can get a good workout in before ending his day at the gym. While he’s doing some warm ups, the newbie to the roster, Josh Steel, notices the skinny punk and decides to climb into the ring and challenge him. Probably a big mistake for the rookie! Josh is a former high school wrestler with an incredibly sexy body, long blond hair and deep dark tan.He doesn’t like what he sees with Ethan practicing his mma in the wrestling ring and decides to say something about it. Josh confronts Ethan asking, 'what is this mma shit?', with Ethan responding ‘yeh, that’s where it’s at’. As they argue about the popularity of the UFC and WWE, Josh explodes into Ethan with a double leg takedown that surprises the bad boy. Josh plants him to the mat and starts stomping away on Ethan. He drags the skinny street punk up to his feet, picks him up, then slams him back down on the mat and gives him a few more kicks to his torso. Surprisingly, the blond haired, surfer boy rookie has taken control of this match early on and is having his way with Ethan. Josh continues to take charge clamping his muscular arms around Ethan’s tiny waist and starts parading him around the ring in a constricting bearhug, in an attempt to sap the bad boy’s energy. Josh drops him to the mat, while Ethan is shocked by what has happened so far in this match. Ethan uses the ropes to climb to his feet and delivers a quick strike to Josh’s chest, which stuns the blond boy. Ethan backs him into the ropes and places a few shots to his abs, before catching him with a few sidekicks to his ribs. He then takes the rookie to the mat with a front face lock and starts choking him out mma style. The bad boy then mounts Josh and starts bashing away at his pretty abs. He continues to make Josh suffer in a series of mma holds, supporting his claim that the mma has it all over the pro wrestling. The street punk smells blood at this point and forces the teen rookie, choking him out with leg scissors around his head and throat, then converts that into a mma style arm bar and watches in satisfaction as Josh squirms and suffers on the mat. He picks him up to his feet by his long golden locks, jumps on Josh’s back, wraps a choke hold around his throat, then rides him around the ring until Josh is weakened and drops to his knees. Ethan continues his mma style beating by stretching Josh’s beautiful body out with a grapevine and choke hold that has the teenager worn down. The street punk decides to finish him off by wrapping his long, lanky legs around Josh’s head and arm in a front facing choke hold which has Josh choked out and his head facing directly into the Ethan’s crotch. Ethan taunts the muscle boy to tap out or pass out as he watches his prey wither, and it isn’t long till Josh is forced to tap out a first round submission. Ethan celebrates his conquest placing his boot on the back of Josh’s neck and flexing his bad boy biceps clearly enjoying his conquest.

Round two begins with Ethan pounding his gloves together in anticipation of continuing his beating on the teen muscle boy and asking if Josh is ready to admit that mma is better. Josh won’t admit to that so Ethan starts back with his assault of mma style moves and holds on Josh’s sweat glistening, perfectly tanned body. The street punk catches Josh with a few quick strikes to his muscular chest, then follows up with some kicks to Josh’s legs which drop him to the mat. Josh is able to muster himself back up to his feet, but Ethan continues to be all over him with an arsenal of strikes and stomps to his torso. As Josh is trying to fend off the attack, Ethan catches him with a round house kick to the head that stuns the rookie and sets him up for even more punishment and abuse. The bad boy works Josh over in the corner with some knees to the back, before dragging him out to the center of the ring and placing the rookie in an inverted choke hold then dropping his muscle bound body over the skinny street punk’s knee which has him stretched out in agony. The more experienced Ethan has all the momentum going his way, and he’s enjoying dishing out the pain and punishment on the teen muscle boy. He makes Josh suffers in a mma style leg lock, follows that up by backing him up against the corner turnbuckle and pounds away at his back, and then picks him up over his head and power slams him to the mat. Josh has to be wondering if he ever should have stepped into the ringto challenge the street punk to a match, as his well-built body continuesto take a beating. The bad boy towers over the blond rookie as he lies on the mat, relishing the opportunity to prove his mma skills on his innocent opponent. He pulls Josh to his feet, picks him up, and then walks him over to the turnbuckle and drapes his body in a tree of woe. Ethan delights in another opportunity to bash away at the new muscle boy as he’s strung up helpless in the corner. Josh is able to turn the tide in this round for a few moments, demonstrating he does possess some wrestling skills, placing Ethan in a double leg boston crab that has the skinny bad boy arched to the max and crying out in pain. But, there’s no way that Ethan is going to allow some blond haired, teenage rookie to come into his ring and derail his string of beat downs on the Rock Hard muscle boys. Ethan regains control of the round and places Josh in a reverse arm lock, telling him to go back to his surfboarding as he struggles to break the hold. The bad boy Ethan dominates Josh with a series of mma holds, making him suffer until he ultimately destroys him with an over the knee backbreaker that stretches the blond muscle boy’s magnificent body out on display until he forces the ‘little bitch’ to tap out, bringing an end to this match. Bad boy Ethan claims another impressive victory over a muscle boy victim, and you have to wonder who’s going to stop him?

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.