TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ethan Andrews vs Will Stanley and Austin Cooper vs Jason Kane

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ethan Andrews vs Will Stanley and Austin Cooper vs Jason Kane

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Two Matches on One DVD!

Ethan Andrews vs Will Stanley

The brit boxer Will has been steaming mad as of late, enduring two beatings in different fashion from the hands of Rock Hard’s resident bad boy, Ethan. In one of those matches, Ethan helped coach Aaron Travers in a double team beating on Will, and in the other match, Ethan teamed up with Aaron to destroy Will and Jason Kane in a tag team showdown. Will seems to have shown some good skills in his matches, and he surely has a fine tuned, muscular body to compete in the ring, but he just hasn’t been able to chalk up a victory. He’s demanded a match against the resident bad boy, wanting to prove he has what it takes to stay on the roster. Ethan isn’t afraid of anybody, and sees this as an opportunity to whip on the brit muscle boy again, and force him back across the pond with his tail between his legs. This showdown starts with Will jumping rope in the ring, sporting a navy blue singlet and white boots. Ethan climbs thru the ropes in a shiny white singlet and white boots, seemingly trying to change his dark, bad boy image with this attire.Ethan starts the taunting right away, telling Will he sucks and suggesting he should drop his tag team partner. He proceeds telling Will that he can leave now, and when Will doesn’t listen, the bad boy delivers a fist to his abs and backs him into the corner and starts bashing away. Will is caught by surprise, and is staggered in the corner. Ethan whips him to the opposite corner, places his boot across the brit’s throat and starts choking him out. Ethan is just getting warmed up as he drags Will to his feet by his head, connects with a knee to his gut, then sends him through the ropes. The street punk places Will’s throat across the middle rope and starts choking him out, then jumps across his neck, sits on top of him and chokes him out some more by bouncing his weight up and down while Will is trapped in the ropes. When he’s threw with that torture, he brings Will back into the ring, places him in an inverted choke, drops Will’s back down onto his knee, and Ethan starts pounding away at the fitness model’s abs. He drops Will to the mat and follows up with some heavy stomps to his torso. Ethan is known to taking great pleasure with bashing, clawing, and pummeling any muscle boy’s abs, maybe as a sign of envy or part of a jealous streak he has bottled up inside? Whatever the reason, Ethan pretty much dominates the action in round one, having his way with the fitness model. Will does get a few shots in on the street punk, but Ethan just has too much for the less experienced brit boxer. As the action heats up, each wrestler does rip the singlet straps down of the other, exposing their torso’s for direct punishment. Bad boy Ethan stretches Will’s muscles out in a surfboard, forcing his knee into the back of Will’s neck for added pressure and pain. He follows that up with a double leg boston crab, placing immense pressure on the brit’s back. Ethan knows when to go for the kill, and at this point he senses Will is ripe for the taking. He drags Will’s limp body over to the ropes, laces it thru the ropes, pulls him back arched against the top rope and pounds away on Will’s massive chest. He then starts yanking back on his chin like he was a Gumby, stretching Will’s body to the extreme. Will is squealing in pain as he’s stretched thru the ropes with nowhere to escape. Will finally yells out a submission and then crumbles to the mat in agony. Ethan, satisfied with his beating, proclaims ‘God save the Queen, God save You!’ as he places his boot on Will’s chest and flexes a double bicep shot claiming victory in round one.

Round two begins and Ethan is chomping at the bit to get his hands back on the tall brit, eager to dish out more punishment. They lock up, all the while taunting and tossing barbs at each other, and the bad boy uses his ring experience to catch Will with a drop down ankle hold that sends him to the mat. Ethan quickly clamps on a reverse ankle lock and continues his attack on Will’s body, stretching him out and splitting him apart every chance that he gets. He continues to dominate the brit boxer, making him suffer in a rear naked choke and leg grapevine on the mat, then scissors his long legs around Will’s hips and begins bashing away at his six pack abs, before dragging him to his feet, throwing him into the corner turnbuckle, then running across the ring and landing a big body splash across Will’s brawny chest. Just when you think Will is going to go down in two straight falls, he’s able to leap over the bad boy on an attempt at a clothesline and gain the upper hand in this round. With the bad boy stunned and laying across the ropes, Will places his foot on Ethan’s neck and starts choking him out against the ring rope. He laces Ethan’s tall, lanky body thru the ropes and dishes out some of his own payback, stretching Ethan’s arms back in a standing surfboard, then delivers several heavy forearm smashes across his chest.Will has summoned enough strength to stay on the attack, and while the sweat drips off his muscles, he continues to do damage on the bad boy’s body. Will uses his superior strength to pick Ethan up off the mat into a bearhug, drive him into the corner and connects with a series of shoulder blasts into his gut. Will pulls out all the stops, even using the red jump rope in his corner to choke and strangle the bad boy from behind, draining all the wind from Ethan’s body. Will seizes the opportunity to secure a seated surfboard on Ethan, pulling him back and stretching him out, placing extreme pressure on the bad boy’s lower back. When Ethan doesn’t submit, Will inflicts even more pain by pulling Ethan back even further, yanking on his hair and telling him to submit. Ethan can’t withstand the pain any longer and finally succumbs to Will’s force, crying out a submission to even this match at one round a piece. Does the bad boy Ethan turn the momentum in round three and stretch, split, and bash a submission out of the brit muscle boy? Or, can Will continue his assault using his size and strength to squash the bad boy and earn his first victory? All the extreme action leads up to the victor not only making his opponent submit to an excruciating over the shoulder backbreaker, but he then locks on a sleeper hold for good measure, leaving his defeated opponent’s body in a heap of rubble on the mat. A surprising finish to this match you’ll want to see for yourself!

Austin Cooper vs Jason Kane

This head-to-head battle opens with both of these warriors in the ring, stretching their fine muscular physiques out before doing battle. The teen sensation Jason is first to peel off his gym gear, revealing his sensational teen muscles and massive biceps. Austin, not one to back down from anybody, is then quick to reveal his brawny muscles. The two of them meet in the center of the ring, each eager to show off their hard work in the gym, and show up each other. The sight of these two muscle studs comparing bulging biceps has to be seen to believe, and Jason’s massive peaking biceps might just have the edge over Austin’s huge arms! But, will that translate to an advantage for the teen sensation, considering he is going up against one of the more seasoned veterans on the Rock Hard roster. After they exchange flexes and taunts, Coop shoves the teen sensation to the side to get things going in round one. He takes the early control over Jason, showing off his raw power with a reverse bearhug, then flings him to the mat and starts stomping away at the teen’s body. Coop lifts him up into a camel clutch, and cranks back on his chin to apply pressure on Jason’s back. After Coop dishes out the pain in that hold, he places Jason’s tall, lean, muscular body in a double leg boston crab, continuing to work over his back and make it suffer. He then scoops Jason up over his head and slams him to the mat, before placing him in a bow and arrow hold, which stretches the teen’s long legs, massive arms, and well-built back out along the ring floor. Austin is determined to dominate the less experienced teen, and makes him ache again in a second camel clutch, really applying immense pressure to Jason’s lower back. Coop then forces the teen sensation back into the corner turnbuckle and starts delivering a series of should blocks into his ripped midsection, then starts pounding away with his fists on Jason’s chest. It appears that Austin is going to dominate all the action in round one, but Jason is able to reverse a whip across the ring, and instead it is Coop who collides into the far corner turnbuckle.Jason starts bashing and stomping away at Coop’s brawny muscles, wanting to make him pay for the beating that he just endured. Jason drags the red head up to his feet, walks him over to the ropes, then starts choking him out over the top rope. Jason flings Austin back into the center of the ring and starts dragging him up to his feet by his hair, but his inexperience leaves an opening for Coop, and he connects with a jab to the teen’s abs that rocks him.Coop regains the advantage, places several heavy black boots into Jason’s back, then hangs him upside down in a tree of woe in the corner then starts bashing away at his six pack abs. Coop continues to soften the teen muscle boy up, hoisting up into a crucifix that has Jason’s incredible body draped across Coop’s massive back, stretching him out and making him suffer. With Jason face down on the mat, Coop goes in for the kill. He laces his arms around one of the teen’s longs legs, rolls him over and scissors Jason’s other leg in a split and spladle hold that has Jason’s legs and crotch stretched to the limits with nowhere to go. The teen stud tries to fight out of it, but eventually succumbs to the severe pain and cries out a submission to end the torment in round one. Coop celebrates his victory, kneeing on top of his opponent’s back and flexing his huge biceps with a huge grin on his face.

As the studs come out of their respective corners to start round two, Coop asks ‘how’s that crotch feeling?’ with a sly grin on his face, and as Jason hobbles around the ring, proclaims ‘I’m going to kick your ass’. That doesn’t seem likely as Coop backs the teen sensation against the far ropes and starts bashing away at his six pack, then drags him over to the near ropes and laces his tall, muscular body thru the ring ropes and inflicts more punishment. It appears that Coop is going to make short work of Jason in this match, especially when he has him draped over his broad, muscle bound shoulders in a backbreaker. But somehow, Jason is able to endure the pain until Coop drops him to the mat and admires his dominance. Jason is no slouch these days, and he’s learned his own arsenal of moves, so when Austin is pulling him up to his feet, the teen muscle stud connects with a fist to Coop’s gut, which stuns the big guy. Jason takes control, shoving him into the corner and connecting with a series of stomps, jabs, and shoulder thrusts into his midsection. Jason attacks Coop’s body, stomping on him while he lay face down on the mat, then chokes him out over the top rope, before placing him in a surfboard and stretching his brawny red headed body out in all directions.When Coop doesn’t submit, Jason releases the hold and goes back to stomping away and wearing him down. The teen sensation put’s a good beating on Austin before locking him in another surfboard, this time forcing him to his feet for maximum pressure that compels him to belt out a submission to end round two. Jason places his boot on Coop’s massive chest and flexes a double bicep pose for the camera, with his bulging peaked biceps nearly popping out of his skin. What a sight! In round three, the teen muscle stud takes the early control over Coop, but will he have enough fire power and grit to grind another submission out of the beefy red head? Or will Coop regain the momentum and inflict more pain and suffering on Jason’s exquisite physique, showing him he’s the boss in this ring? All the thrilling action in round three leads up to a breathtaking, backbreaking finishing hold which has one of the muscle studs body is stretched to the max in the center of the ring, with all of his glorious muscles on full display until he succumbs to the pain and his opponent! A stimulating finish to a terrific match!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.