TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Josh Steel and Brodie Fisher vs Colton Palmer

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Josh Steel and Brodie Fisher vs Colton Palmer

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Alex Waters vs Josh Steel

Alex made an impressive impact in his debut match against Brodie Fisher, controlling the teen bodybuilder enough to best him in their 2 out of 3 contest and chalk up a victory. Alex wanted to make a statement that he is here at Rock Hard to prove he is also one of the new young guns in the stable, and is intent on establishing himself as a true force to be reckoned with, and not just another pretty face. For his next match, he pleaded to be put up against Josh Steel, he’s heard about the shaggy, blond haired surfer boy, and was eager to take out another of the new young muscle studs on the roster. Josh has had his share of success since joining Rock Hard, and since his debut, has hit the gym even harder and added significant muscle to his already bronzed, sultry body. His biceps are so pumped that they now pop out of his arms, and his chest is chiseled like a slab of granite! The match opens with Josh already in his corner, warming up in a bright blue warm up jacket, white square cuts, and white boots, reminiscent of a young Kevin von Erich. It’s a sight to behold when Josh peels off the jacket from his muscular torso, allowing his opponent to see his newly built muscles. It’s a sight that begs to make your mouth water. Alex has an equally impressive physique, though not quite as big as Josh. But that doesn’t faze the cocky frat boy as he climbs through the ropes in his baby blue square cuts and white boots in anticipation of slaying another young gun. Round one opens with Josh eager to show off his bulging biceps, and challenges the frat boy to an arm wrestling contest, saying ‘if you can’t beat me in arm wrestling, then I don’t think you can beat me wrestling’. The two teen studs lie down on the mat, lock up their wrists and go at it. Josh, seemingly not taking this too serious, is caught off guard in the beginning as Alex nearly slams his wrist to the mat. But Josh is able to fend off Alex’s strength, reversing the momentum. As they strain and struggle for superiority, Josh’s bicep explodes from his arm, as he wears down his opponent, ultimately forcing Alex’s wrist to the mat. Josh claims victory in the arm wrestling, now let’s see if his prophecy holds up with the wrestling? Josh stands up, proclaims ‘you’re not shit’ as he puffs out his chest in a display of dominance. They lock up to start round one, and the blond surfer boy immediately takes the control, lifting the smaller Alex up, then power slamming him into the mat. Josh is full of testosterone and confidence at this point, and follows up with several solid stops to the frat boy’s body. Josh continues by leveling Alex with a clothesline, straddling him and bashing away at his rippling abs, then choking the cocky boy across the ropes. Alex wasn’t expecting this kind of a start, and is probably wondering what has gone wrong as he lay on the mat leaned up against the ropes from Josh’s onslaught. The surfer boy has picked up a collection of holds since joining the roster, and he maintains his control of Alex by continuing to power slam him to the mat, stomp away at his fantastic physique, and impose his will with a single leg boston crab. But the cocky frat boy isn’t one to wilt, and he gains the upper hand on the shaggy blond with a suplex, then pulls Josh into his lap, laces his powerful thighs around his waist and then begins cranking back with a chin lock, which has Josh’s fantastic physique stretched to the limit. Josh is squirming, looking for a way to escape, but he can’t, then Alex drags him over to the ropes and delivers some payback, chocking the surfer boy across the ropes. Alex remains on the attack, standing and splitting his opponent’s legs wide apart, nearly ripping Josh’s money making crotch apart. But Josh is able to endure the pain, finally kicks out and regains the control. Josh’s smoking hot muscles go back on the attack, while wearing Alex down with stomps to the gut, painful hammerlocks on his big arms, and pounding away at his torso. Josh seizes the opportunity to end this round as he pulls up on one of Alex’s legs and arms, stretching him out into a standing wishbone. Josh zeroes in on the tattoo on Alex’s ribcage, plants his boot there, and starts pulling and stretching on the rookie’s muscles. When Alex won’t submit, Josh begins to stomp away on Alex’s tattoo until the rookie has no other choice but to whimper out a submission. Round one goes to Josh as he proudly poses his massive biceps over the cocky frat boy.

Josh asks ‘ready for round two, boy?’ as Alex recovers from the pain already inflicted on him. Josh picks up where he left off in the previous round by lifting Alex up, then drops him decisively across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker that has the frat boy moaning as Josh begins to bash away at his slab of abs. Josh is focused on beating and bashing Alex’s abs in this round, at one point laying him across the corner ropes and kicking his white size 11 boots up into the muscle boy’s abs. But the cocky frat boy isn’t going down easy in this round, and he’s finally able to catch the surfer boy with an elbow to the chest as Josh tried one too many times to pummel him in the corner. Alex takes the advantage, and begins an all-out attack on Josh’s newly built muscles. Alex tortures him with a wrenching leg lock, chokes him over the ropes, then wraps his massive thighs around Josh’s throat which nearly squeezes the last breath out of the shaggy blond. Alex seizes the moment to lock on a surfboard, pulling back on Josh’s well-muscled arms, and stretching out his massive pecs. Alex forces him to his feet and tells him ‘you’re either going to submit or your shoulders are going to pop out!’, as he exerts maximum pressure on Josh’s back, arms and chest. Josh endures the pain as long as he’s able, but ultimately cries out a submission. Alex kicks him to the mat, then places his boot on Josh and flexes his own massive biceps in triumph. The third and decisive round opens with both of these teen muscle studs willing to do anything to secure a victory. This new breed of young muscle studs are intent on claiming the top spot on the Rock Hard roster. Can Josh’s newly built body with bulging muscles out muscle the cocky frat boy, or will Alex be able to tame the shaggy, blond haired surfer stud and chalk up another impressive victory for his resume? All the thrilling action leads up to one of these muscle boys hoisting his opponent over his shoulder into an eye popping, backbreaking submission hold that you’ll crave to see!

Brodie Fisher vs Colton Palmer

The teen bodybuilder Brodie has made quite an impact here at Rock Hard, with his impressive physique and the ability to adapt quickly to ring wrestling. He’s chalked up some impressive victories against Josh Steel and Jason Kane, while also teaming up with the superstar Austin Copper in one match and Josh Steel in another, gaining victories in both contests. His confidence in the ring grows by the minute, and is afraid of nobody. Rookie Colton comes to Rock Hard with more experience as a boxer and MMA fighter than wrestler. He’s 6’1”, 175lbs of lean muscle, and hails from a small town in the deep South. He’s had some success in the cage, and is anxious to test his skills against the world class roster here at Rock Hard. Round one opens with Colton in the ring doing some shadow boxing, showing off his skills in the ring. Brodie climbs through the ropes in his signature red trunks and black boots, asking ‘what are you doing with these pillows on your hands? You’re in the wrong ring, this is a wrestling ring!’ He continues to taunt the southern boy, mocking his southern drawl, then agreeing to a boxing contest against the taller opponent. Brodie slips on the gloves. Colton clearly has the reach advantage and gains the upper hand with a few quick jabs on the teen bodybuilder. They exchange punches, while Colton focuses on Brodie’s abs and body. He connects with several body shots to the stomach and rib cage, catching Brodie by surprise. He knocks Brodie to the mat, and then pummels his rib cage and body with a flurry of punches. Brodie climbs back to his feet, and continues to taunt the southern boy, but Colton stays on the attack and continues to pummel the bodybuilder with punches to the body. This time Brodie struggles to get to his feet, and with Colton in his face starting a 10 count. Brodie gets up on his knees but can get no further, while the boxer continues counting, 8-9-10 you’re out, as he’s knocked Brodie out! Colton shocks the confident teen bodybuilder, and claims victory in the first round.

Round two begins with Brodie ripping off his gloves, proclaiming ‘I’m not going to play this game, this is my ring not yours’ switching this match up to his strength, wrestling! Colton is disappointed and surprised as he’s bouncing in his corner, ready for round two, but before he knows it the teen bodybuilder is lifting him off his feet, turning him upside down, and hanging him from the corner turnbuckle. Colton’s lanky body is exposed and open as Brodie delivers several stomps to his abs, removes his gloves, then tosses him to the mat. Colton doesn’t seem sure what do to, and as he lay on the ring floor, Brodie is sure he knows what he wants to do. He begins stomping away at the boxer’s chest, abs, and legs. Brodie then pulls him into a leg scissors, wrapping his tree trunk size thighs around Colton’s arm and head, and begins stretching and cranking away with an arm bar. Colton tries to free himself, but the pressure on his throat has him choking, until Brodie release the hold to move onto something else. The teen bodybuilder hoists the lanky boxer up into a reverse bear hug, squeezing the life out of him. Brodie has built up a strong arsenal of holds since joining Rock Hard, and he’s intent on inflicting the pain and punishment on Colton’s body with all of them. For the entire round, Brodie owns the boxer, tossing him around at will and dominating the action. He strangles him in a rear naked choke, he catches him with an across the ring shoulder thrust, then slams him down to the mat and makes him agonize in a camel clutch. The boxer has no idea what he’s got himself into, and it’s evident he has no idea on how to get out of it. Brodie continues to inflict the pain and punishment, in payback for what happened in round one. He’s stretches out Colton’s back and lanky legs in a double leg boston crab, then sets him up for a figure four leg lock. The teen bodybuilder has been on the receiving end of a wicked figure four leg lock at the hands of the street punk Ethan Andrews, and he knows firsthand how much pressure and pain this hold can inflict. He locks the hold on tight around the boxer’s long legs and applies the pressure. It isn’t long before Colton is squirming on the mat searching for a way to escape, and howling out in pain. He succumbs to the torment, and screams out an ‘I give’ submission over and over before Brodie release the hold. The teen bodybuilder gets to his feet, and flexes his perfect muscles over his fallen opponent to celebrate a win in round two. At the start of round three, Brodie is leaned back in his corner with the boxing gloves at his feet, and Colton rubbing his sore knee from the punishment he just incurred. Will Colton have the smarts and wits to bring this match back to a boxing contest and knock the teen bodybuilder right out of his muscular body again? Or can Brodie continue playing to his wrestling strength and crush and conquer this rookie boxer in his ring? All the electrifying action in round three leads up to a tremendous ‘boxing gone bad’ finish for one of these warriors!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.