TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Austin Cooper vs Gunner Bayani and Alex Waters & Brodie Fisher vs Josh Steel & Brian Baker

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Austin Cooper vs Gunner Bayani and Alex Waters & Brodie Fisher vs Josh Steel & Brian Baker

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Austin Cooper vs Gunner Bayani

Austin is outside the ring pumping out dumbbell curls in anticipation of his confrontation with Gunner. Gunner is already inside the ring, anxious to get this match started. Both of these guys are skilled technicians and experienced wrestlers, with Gunner showing off his skills on the indy circuit, while Austin has been dishing out beatings in the underground circuit. Though both of them have had their share of success, they each go about it in a different way. Gunner is a high flying aerialist in the ring with a ninja style that uses his quickness and athletic abilities to his advantage. On the other hand, Coop is a tactician in the ring who uses his superior muscle and strength to punish his opponents. To be sure, both of these wrestlers relish the opportunity to dish out the pain on their adversaries. Gunner gets things started in round one by taunting Coop about his weight lifting, and telling him ‘he’ll never look as good as this’ as he rubs his hands down his rippled abs. When Gunner suggests he gets in the ring to decide things, Coop promptly drops the weights and climbs through the ropes. Gunner seizes the early control, quickly delivering a knee to Coop’s midsection, then follows up with a clothesline that drops the big redhead to the mat. Gunner stays with his speedy high flying moves, whipping Austin into the ropes, connecting with a reverse drop kick that plunges Coop to his back, then Gunner pounces on top of him and attempts a pin count wanting to finish the big guy off early. But Austin will have none of that, and uses his massive muscles to toss the slight high flyer off of him. Both guys get back to their feet and Gunner goes for another clothesline, wanting to keep the action at a quick pace, but Coop ducks under the attempt and comes back to deliver his own forceful clothesline which drops Gunner to the mat. Coop wants to slow the pace down in his favor and starts working on pounding out some punishment on Gunner’s body. He starts attacking the legs, knowing that if he takes his opponent’s legs away, he’s taken away his biggest threat. Coop continues to work over Gunner’s lean muscles; first stretching him out in a bow and arrow, then cranking away on a single leg boston crab, and pounds away with several heavy fists to Gunner’s back muscles. Coop stays on the attack applying a standing hammer lock that has Gunner hopping mad before the red head drops him to the mat with a mean power fist to the back. Gunner is able to stagger back to his feet, and when Coop attempts a suplex, the high flyer reverses things and is able to lift Coop up a plant him face first into the mat. Gunner regains the control and attacks with a flying knee off the ropes to the small of Coop’s back. This move inflicts some serious pain and has the burly red head struggling on the mat. Gunner climbs to the middle rope in the corner turnbuckle, just waiting for his opponent to come to his feet, then flies thru the air connecting with a clothesline that sends Coop reeling down to his back. Gunner continues the punishment on Coop’s muscular body sending him across the ring and connecting with a flying drop kick, he then drives a flying knee into Coop’s massive pecs that appear to knock the wind out of him. All the while Coop is moaning in agony as Gunner works on setting him up to finish him off. Gunner connects with a flying elbow drop, then flies through the air to deliver double knees down on Coop’s massive muscular back. Gunner circles over his opponent, seizing this time to finish him off. He climbs the corner turnbuckle, and as Coop stumbles back to his feet, he flies off the ropes and cross bodies the red head down to the mat, hooks the leg and counts out a 1-2-3 pin count on the bigger muscle stud. Gunner celebrates success in round one slamming his palms to the mat, and declaring ‘no more trash talk, this is the real deal’, as Coop lays beaten on the mat.

In round two, Coop comes wincing out of his corner with his ego bruised a bit. He claims Gunner got lucky in the last round but Gunner isn’t buying it. Gunner is all smiles to start this round, and he takes the early control working over Coop’s impressive muscular arm with a variety of wrist locks and arm bars in an attempt to minimize Austin’s superior muscle advantage. He inflicts the punishment on Coop’s body with flying elbow drops, knee drops, and kicks to the body. Coop is in some serious trouble of going down two straight falls to this flyweight! Gunner continues his dominance with a deliberate clothesline across Coop’s beefy pecs, which floors him. As Gunner is lifting Coop to his feet by his throat, the red head connects with a punch to Gunner’s gut, then a brain buster to the mat that shits the momentum his way. Coop starts an attack on his smaller opponent, determined to win this round. Coop chokes him out, scissors his mighty thighs around Gunner’s 29” waist, and makes his suffer in a figure four leg lock. But Gunner has taken his share of knocks in his career and isn’t going down easy, relishing the thought of upsetting the big red head. The action swings both ways the remainder of the round, until Coop literally catches the flyweight in a high flying cross body attempt off the top rope. Coop carries him around a bit before power slamming him to the mat. He works over Gunner’s back, then drags him to his feet and places him in an abdominal stretch. Coop flexes every muscle, stretching the flyweight out and inflicting pain on his ripped abs. Gunner resists as long as he can, but surrenders to the stinging hurt and screams out ‘I quit, I quit’ as Coop claims success in round two. Round three begins with Coop all over his flyweight opponent maintaining the control. But will it be enough? Can Coop use his tactical skills and mighty muscle advantage to down the high flying aerialist? Or will Gunner be able to catch his mighty opponent and cut him down to size with his high flying, ninja style attack. All the exciting action leads up to a punishing finishing hold that causes so much pain it will take days to recover from!

Alex Waters & Brodie Fisher vs Josh Steel & Brian Baker

This contest matches up four of the new teen muscle studs who found their way to Rock Hard. Each one of these studs sports slabs of muscle on their bodies, each equally impressive in his own way. Alex, a certified personal trainer and cocky frat boy, has spent countless hours in the gym chiseling out his fine physique. Brodie, an up-and-coming teen bodybuilder, makes his way thru the cold Canadian winters by working up a sweat each day pumping up his muscles at the gym. Josh, the blond shaggy haired surfer, has added even more muscle to his mouth watering body. And Brian, the college volleyball player and track and field athlete, shows off a hot bod that is ripped from head to toe. Alex and Brodie have teamed up to take on Josh and Brian in this match up, with all of these guys jockeying for the top position on the roster. Alex and Brodie have just finished a pumping session and are sporting all-American singlets in preparation for this match. They're so impressed with the way they look they want to capture themselves with a few cell phone pics, flexing and posing before starting the match. Josh and Brodie are ready to go in their corner, and not impressed with the pre-match festivities. They mock their two opponents about their vanity as Josh flexes his own bulging biceps in their face. Round one begins with Brodie and Brian going at it. The teen bodybuilder quickly takes charge of the lesser experienced volleyball player, lifting his 6’4” frame off the mat, then power slamming and connecting with a few stomps to his body. This sets-up the tone for this match, because Alex and Brodie are ripped, ready and full of testosterone! Brodie and Brian mix it up for a while before Alex tags in and takes control. Alex takes down the colossal giant with a single leg, then wraps his tree trunk thighs around Brian’s shredded abs and starts squeezing away. Brian endures the punishment until he’s able to tag in Josh, who's anxious to get in on the action. Josh quickly takes control of the muscle stud, scoops Alex up over his head, then power slams him to the mat. Alex is stunned, but Josh is not finished, he starts bashing away at his abs as Alex lay on the mat. The shaggy haired blond backs Alex against the ropes for a double team, with Brian grasping Alex around the neck while his partner Josh sends several shivering shoulder blasts to his gut. Alex senses he’s in a little trouble, works his way over to his corner and tags in Brodie. The teen bodybuilder quickly regains control of this round, picking Josh up and then dropping his mouth watering body down over his knee. As he has the surfer dude stretched out over his knee, Brodie attacks his six pack with elbows and fists. He brings Josh to his feet, then tosses him across the ring and into the turnbuckle, where Alex is there to choke him while Brodie delivers some payback with a shoulder thrust into Josh’s gut. Team Alex and Brodie have Josh in some serious trouble, but he’s able to scramble and escape to tag in his partner. Brian climbs through the ropes and gets a few shots in on Alex, but that doesn’t last long. Alex takes the giant to the mat with a double leg takedown and starts working him over. Josh attempts to break things up to save his partner but to no avail. Brodie enters the ring and runs into a couple of slick maneuvers by Brian, but the rookie giant doesn’t have the ring savvy to know when to go in for the kill. Brodie seizes the opportunity to regain control, and it’s all downhill from there for the colossal giant. Brodie wears the giant down with a leg scissors and arm bar combination before Alex enters the ring to double team him with a suplex that shakes the floor of the ring. Brodie’s learned how to finish and he places Brian’s 6’4” frame in a kneeling surfboard that stretches his impressive physique out and has his abs exposed, as Alex climbs through the ropes and bashes away on him. Brian is in tremendous pain as Brodie applies the pressure and yells at him to submit. Brian quickly screams out a submission but Brodie doesn’t release the hold until Alex snaps a picture perfect cell phone pic of the conquest in round one. The two teen studs hug and celebrate their triumph by flexing over the fallen giant.

Round two opens with Brodie and Brian back in the ring, but Brodie immediately tags in Alex so he gets a shot at the giant. Alex has come a long way in a short time and is threatening to take over the resident bad boy spot on the roster from Ethan Andrews. He takes Brian to the mat with a single leg take-down and stomps away on his body with his black boots. Brian is able to slither his long, lanky body over to his corner and tags in his partner. Josh is anxious to get his hands on Alex, as he handled the cocky frat boy in their recent singles match, besting him 2 out of 3. Josh gains the upper hand on Alex by hoisting him high over his head, slamming him to the mat, then straddling his torso to start hammering away at Alex’s ripped abs. But the blonde surfer dude’s glory is short lived when Alex and Brodie double team him, clobbering and pummeling his body all around the ring. Josh is worked over with; a stretching surfboard, choked out with a figure four around his throat, then ab bashed and double teamed in the corner. Alex and Brodie are methodically wearing him down in this round, wanting to make him their next victim. Brian is able to tag in and gain some revenge on both opponents, but when he tags Josh back into the ring, Team Alex and Brodie pounce on the opportunity to end this match. They again double team him, stretching his spectacular body out to the extreme. The cocky frat boy then gets his turn at a picture perfect finish by lifting Josh over his back into a crucifix which has the blonde’s pristine muscular body draped over Alex’s broad, muscular back in anguish. Josh tries to resist, but in the end is forced to cry out a submission. Brodie comes in and snaps a picture of their conquest to put a perfect end to this match. These two muscle studs celebrate their hard fought victory by flexing their massive biceps over their beaten opponent. A perfect 2 straight falls for a picture perfect match!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.