TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison and Josh Steel vs Ethan Andrews

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison and Josh Steel vs Ethan Andrews

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Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison

Teen bodybuilder Brodie is in the ring, bouncing around, flexing, and posing his spectacular physique in anticipation of this match. He’s salivating at the thought of using his big muscles against the freshman twink Luke’s smaller, lean body. Brodie has chalked up a respectable record since joining Rock Hard, going 3-2 in his singles matches and a remarkable 3-0 in his tag team matches. He’s impressive teen muscles have gained a lot of attention in the underground wrestling world and he has amassed quite a large fan base. Luke has flashed on the scene as a former standout high school wrestler, and has extensive experience with other video work on the net. Although he’s winless to date, losing to both Josh Steel and Brian Baker, he’s dished out his own share of punishment in his matches. He climbs into the ring in his black wrestling singlet to confront Brodie, and you quickly notice the size difference in this match up. Brodie starts the trash talking right away saying ‘I got all hyped up this morning for this? I ate a bigger breakfast!’ as he plays with the twink’s mind. They lock up and Brodie immediately takes the control, scooping the featherweight up then carrying him around the ring before slamming him to the mat. He prowls and circles over his opponent like a vulture before wrapping his massive thighs around Luke’s 28 waist and starts squeezing away. Brodie taunts Luke as he squirms to escape, he shoves the twink’s face down into the mat and tells him ‘struggle you little shrimp’ as Luke seeks a way to escape. After the teen bodybuilder has squeezed long enough with the leg scissors, he lifts Luke to his feet, rips he singlet down, then sends him across the ring, setting him up for a clothesline that floors him to the mat. Brodie doesn’t let up and follows that with a suplex, a standing full nelson, and ends this series of holds with a reverse bearhug that has Luke struggling for a way to escape. Brodie tosses him to the mat, only to drag him back to his feet, throw him across the ring, then delivers a flying somersault shoulder thrust into Luke’s abs that cripples the poor boy. Brodie continues to beat up on Luke’s body, making him suffer in a seated surfboard and having all the momentum on his side. But, when the teen bodybuilder gets a little too cocky on himself and starts posing his eye popping muscles in the center of the ring, it briefly provides a chance for Luke to strike back. When Brodie is in the middle of a double bicep pose, the high school wrestler seizes the moment to rush in from behind and clamp on a full nelson. He lifts the shorter bodybuilder to his feet and starts swinging him around. He drops Brodie to the mat and starts delivering some payback. Luke might not have the size advantage in this match, but he is an experienced scholastic wrestler and knows how to inflict pain. He scissors his long legs around Brodie’s waist and begins to squeeze and torture his muscular body. Luke gets to his feet as Brodie lie suffering on the mat, then locks on a double leg boston crab which has Brodie groaning in pain and reaching for the ropes. Luke stays on the offensive, making Brodie pay with a grapevine and full nelson combo on the mat, stretching Brodie’s body out on full display as the twink is having his way with the teen bodybuilder. But when Luke tries to make Brodie eat some mat, Brodie uses his muscle advantage to push up and throw the flyweight off of his back. Brodie takes back the control and goes on an all-out attack on Luke. He beats him down with a full nelson camel clutch, chokes him out over the middle rope, then hoists him up over his broad, muscular shoulders to wreak havoc on his back. Luke is in some desperate pain, and Brodie has his opponent ready to finish him off. He drops Luke’s withering body to the mat, delivers a knee drop to his back, then scoops him back up and drops him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Luke cries out in pain, while Brodie bashes his abs until he yells out a submission to escape the agony. Round one goes to the teen bodybuilder as he celebrates by flashing his bulging muscles.

Round two opens with Luke rubbing his sore ribs, and Brodie bouncing off the ropes like he’s just chugged down four red bulls. The teen bodybuilder challenges the littler Luke to a test of strength, knowing full well he’ll easily win this challenge. Brodie powers Luke down to his knees then kicks him in square the chest with his black boot to send the twink to the mat. Brodie is back on the attack and full of vigor, wanting to ensure he ends this match in two straight falls. He stomps away relentlessly on Luke’s abs before cinching on a double leg boston crab to inflict additional pain on his lower back. Brodie controls the action by attacking every part of Luke’s lean body and is close to finishing him off, but somehow Luke is able to make a comeback by lifting the teen bodybuilder up off his feet and slamming him to the mat in his own show of strength. Luke has been willing to take on all challengers and won’t give in easy, and you can see the delight in his face as he disperses the punishment on Brodie’s muscles. He stretches the teen’s body out in a bow and arrow on the mat, then strings him upside down in the corner into a tree of woe and begins stomping and bashing away on his ripped abs. Brodie is in trouble, but is able to draw on his inner strength to regain the control. The muscle boy goes back to attacking Luke’s back with a series of holds that has the twink moaning and groaning in pain. Once Brodie senses he’s softened Luke up enough to finish him off he pulls him back into his lap and starts choking him to sap any last ounce of resistance. Brodie then uses his superior muscles and agility to hoist Luke up across his massive shoulders into a torture rack. Luke is trapped in a painful predicament and has no other choice but to tap and cry out ‘I submit’ to end round two and the match. The bodybuilder has slayed another opponent with his teen muscles, and poses his incredible powerful body over his victim in triumph!

Josh Steel vs Ethan Andrews

Ever since Ethan pummeled and pounded Josh’s body during his debut match at Rock Hard over a year ago, the teen muscle boy has been looking for a chance at revenge. It never sat well with him that he lost his first match to some skinny street punk, considering he’s the blonde, beach muscle hunk used to getting his way. Josh specifically asked for this rematch, especially now that he’s added 30 pounds of muscle to his already impressive physique. But Josh isn’t the only one that’s been hitting the gym lately, bad boy Ethan has also been adding some definition and muscle to his lean, cut physique. Both of these boys are proud of their new hot bods, and can’t wait to show them off against one another in this 36 minute marathon match up. Ethan stands in his corner, decked out in red trunks and black boots, while Josh stands grinning in the opposite corner in white boots, blue square cuts, and a blue warm up jacket. The bad boy immediately starts taunting the teen muscle hunk, saying ‘look who it is, beach bitch’, while Josh laughs and peels off his jacket to show off his newly built 30 pounds of grade A beef. The two of them size each other up, then lock up for a test of strength. Josh knows this plays into his strength, and sure enough he weakens the street punk then scoops him up and slams his lean body to the mat. Josh has gone from a blonde, surfer dude style wrestler to be a much more aggressive heel in recent matches, and now with added muscle and experience he’s ready to tear into the skinny street punk and extract revenge. He starts pounding and clawing away on Ethan’s abs, dishing out some of the same gut punishment Ethan inflicted on him in their first match. Josh lifts the punk up by his head, then sends him across the ring into a clothesline that floors him. Josh continues the control with a choke hold, then a suplex, then back to bashing away at the punk’s six pack before hoisting him into a full nelson lifting him off his feet. The teen hunk has the street punk spread eagle in the air, dominating his lean opponent so far in this round. Josh is savoring the beat down he’s putting on his adversary, dropping the street punk down across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker and stretching him to the limits before chucking him to the mat. But Ethan has taken tough beatings before and he won’t submit unless he has no other choice. So when Josh relaxes for just a moment, the bad boy reaches into his bag of tricks to deliver a low blow kick to Josh’s crotch that crumbles the muscle boy. He lifts Josh’s sweat soaked body to his feet and starts bashing away at the blonde surfer’s abs, backing him against the ropes and mocking his abs as a ‘beer belly’ and asking ‘where are the abs, you had abs last time’ as he continues to punch away on Josh’s gut. The street punk is in control now and he continues to rip, stretch, batter every muscle on Josh’s 190 lb frame. Ethan loves dishing out the punishment on the pretty muscle boys and he’s single-minded on making Josh pay for what happened earlier in the round. With the blonde hunk laying face up on the mat, Ethan strikes his target with about 8 fists to Josh’s abs before lifting the famous porn star’s legs and pressing his big, black boot down on Josh’s money making package. The street punk knows how to inflict pain with a message! Ethan then drives Josh back into the corner turnbuckle, climbs to the top rope, lifts Josh by his blond locks and places him in a reverse head lock exposing Josh’s massive pecs and ripped abs, then starts raining fists down on Josh’s battered body until he slumps to the mat. The street punk drags Josh by the legs to the ring apron and proclaims ‘I have a special submission just for you’. He splits and pulls Josh’s legs around the ring post and begins crushing the porn star’s famous crown jewels against the bare metal. When the blond muscle hunk won’t submit to that, the street punk wraps Josh’s leg into a figure four applying immense pressure on his knee compelling him to submit. Josh suffers from the agony and whimpers out a submission. Ethan climbs back into the ring, places his boot on the muscle hunk’s head and flexes his own ripped bicep over his conquest.

Josh is stunned by the loss in round one, so at the start of round two he has another ploy in mind to mess with the bad boy’s mind. He starts the round by hitting a few bodybuilding poses to highlight his impressive new muscles, tells Ethan ‘I’m a 100% Grade A prime meet’, then suggests they measure biceps. Ethan agrees and measures the muscle teen’s big bicep that stretches the tape at an imposing 16”, and then Josh measures the street punk’s bicep that comes in peaked at 13”. Quite a contract is size, which mimics their contrast in style. Ethan has been the reigning bad boy since joining Rock Hard, but recently both Josh and Alex Waters have been growing into that role and vying for the bad boy title. Josh knows he needs to pull out all the stops in round two in order to have any chance of revenge. But Ethan pulls out another one of his dirty tricks and takes the tape measure and begins choking the blonde teen by the neck. Ethan then attacks Josh’s hunky body with a single leg boston crab and taunting him by pulling his hair. He continues to devastate Josh’s muscles by making him suffer in a banana split that draws attention to Josh’s sweet ass, then floors him with a swinging leg drop, and chokes him over the rope by sitting on his neck and bouncing up and down. It’s not looking hopeful for Josh at this time, but he’s able to climb up the ropes and gain a head of steam, lifting Ethan up and slamming him to the mat. He starts slapping Ethan’s chest and bashing his abs in payback. He lifts the street punk to his feet and slams him head first into the corner turnbuckle. Josh’s muscle has taken over in this round and he starts to focus on Ethan’s back. He hoists him up into a bear hug and squeezes his massive arms around Ethan’s back, and when the street punk drops to the mat the blond muscle hunk places his boot in the center of Ethan’s back, lifts up his arms and begins to stretch his body out in a standing surfboard. Ethan is starting to show the effects of the beating, and Josh seizes the moment to choke him out over the bottom rope. He pulls Ethan back into the ring, drags him to his feet and proclaims ‘when I’m through with you, you won’t be able to walk out of here Ethan’ then scoop slams him, suplexes him, and drops him one last time with a clothesline setting him up to finish him off. Josh places his boots on the back of Ethan’s knees, slaps him on the ribs and grabs his arms, ready to use his massive biceps to yank the street punk back into a suspended surfboard. With Josh in total control and Ethan helpless in his grasp, the street punk screams out in pain as Josh forces him to submit twice before he tosses him aside. Josh gets to his feet, towers over the suffering Ethan, and strikes a few flexing poses being proud of his new muscles. The deciding round starts with Josh back on the offense, catching the street punk in a combination chicken wing and choke hold, walking him around the ring in a show of superiority. Will Ethan be able to pull another move out of his bag of dirty tricks to gain the upper hand and extract another submission out of Josh’s sweaty muscled physique? Or, can Josh parlay his new stunning, superb muscles and intent to gain revenge into a well-earned victory over the reigning bad boy? This marathon muscle match takes many surprising twists and turns until one of these chiseled warriors has no other choice but to submit in order to escape the excruciating, pain inflicting finish to this blockbuster battle!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.