TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Dash Decker vs Matt Engel and Jake Jenkins vs Josh Steel

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Dash Decker vs Matt Engel and Jake Jenkins vs Josh Steel

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Dash Decker vs Matt Engel

The rookie blond bombshell Matt has taken on some heavy hitters in his first three matches, he’s tangled with Jake Jenkins, Ethan Andrews, and Josh Steel. He’s had a number of shining moments in each of these matches but has yet to chalk up his first victory. He has a killer body with calves to die for, and has been building his repertoire of holds as he’s gained more experience from his previous matches. He’s heard the locker room talk about the new rookie, Dash Decker, and how Dash calls himself ‘the chosen one’ but is not impressed. Matt is eager to gain a victory to add to his record, so he asked to be matched up against the so called ‘chosen one’. On the other side, Dash sports a perfectly muscled physique and has burst on the scene since taking out a somewhat dazed and confused, rising superstar Josh Steel. From the start you could see Dash has what it takes to climb to the top of the roster, he’s got the body, the looks, the skills, the attitude, and the grit to challenge any of the superstars on the roster. Dash is already in the ring preparing for the second match of his short career by pumping out pushups and pumping up his shredded muscles. He’s clad in red trunks, black boots, and black wristbands looking the part of a heel. The blond bombshell Matt climbs into the ring in white trunks, white boots and navy socks, his confidence high for this match. He immediately starts the trash talk and challenges the bigger bodybuilder to an arm wrestling contest. Dash isn’t about to shy away from a chance to flex his mighty biceps, so the two of them lock wrists in the center of the ring and start straining and pulling with their massive arms. Astonishingly Matt controls the contest and slams Dash’s hand down on the mat, and as Dash seems stunned, Matt has a big grin on his face and tells the rookie bodybuilder ‘you are all show’ and asks ‘ are those muscles hollow’? Dash is perplexed from the outcome and claims he is tired from working out while Matt starts to strike a few poses flexing his own massive biceps. As they get to their feet and try to one up each other in a pose off, Dash strikes with a cheap shot to Matt’s back and utters ‘I’m not going to lose now!’ He stomps on the blond bombshell while he lay on the mat before lifting him to his feet, whipping his across the ring into the ropes, and on the rebound scoops the blond bodybuilder up and then drops him into an over the knee backbreaker. As Matt lay draped across his knee, Dash stretches him real good and bashes his awesome abs before shoving him off. The bigger Dash towers over his prey and presses his size 11 black boot into Matt’s face intimidating the winless rookie. Dash continues pulverizing his opponent with; a back breaking boston crab, stomping away at is abs in the corner, a python like tight reverse bear hug, and then swings him around like a rag doll in a standing full nelson that has Matt hoisted off his feet. Dash shoves him down, straddles his body, then starts trash talking into his face. But Matt surprises the big bodybuilder by yanking his legs out from under him. Matt reaches into his bag of MMA holds and slaps an excruciating painful leg lock on Dash’s powerful right leg. Matt wrenches the chosen one’s leg real tight which causes Dash to struggle on the mat in pain searching for a way to escape. The blond bombshell is on the attack and he pulls Dash by his hair to his feet, then makes him fly across the ring in an aerial suplex. As Dash lay stunned on the ring floor, Matt grins in his face. But Matt isn’t done just yet, he kneels down and straddles a stunned Dash and begins to pummel his shredded abs with fist from on high. He then yanks Dash up by his hair, shoves him into the corner turnbuckle, then flings him across the ring into a clothesline that floors the muscle stud. The blond hunk is tossing the rookie bodybuilder around the ring at will, which makes you wonder, is this Matt’s round to win? He continues his assault on Dash’s muscles; connecting with a leg drop across his gut, placing him in a full nelson/leg scissor combo that stretches his muscles to the max, then shoves Dash face first into the corner turnbuckle and whips him into the opposite corner and connects with several forearm smashes to his muscular back. Matt is putting a beating on Dash and his hopes have to be running high on securing a triumph in round one. He continues beating up on Dash in the corner by lacing his massive thighs and calves around Dash’s small waist and starts squeezing the shit out of him. Dash is in pain and seeking a way to escape, and surprisingly he’s able to prey Matt’s muscular legs apart and off his waist and reverse the hold into a rear choke to his advantage. Dash has to be stunned by the beating Matt just put on him, even Josh Steel wasn’t able to throw Dash around the ring like Matt just did! But that seemed to only awaken the chosen one and he goes on offense; the red clad Dash pulls the blond stud to his feet and power slams him to the mat twice in succession, he backs him into the corner and delivers several back handed jack knives into Matt’s perfect pecs, backed into the turnbuckle he stomps away at Matt’s ribcage, and then scoop slams him not once but twice setting him up to finish him off. As Matt is suffering face down, Dash hoists him to his knees, throws in his legs, and rolls him back into a crotch ripping banana split. The blonde hunk struggles to escape but ultimately has to give up and submit round one to the chosen one. Dash kneels over his beaten opponent and proclaims ‘you may have won the arm wrestling match but I’ve won this round’ then warns him ‘wait till next round’ and flexes his magnificent body in conquest.

Round two opens with Matt stretching out his sore groin and Dash taunting ‘you ready to lose again’? The guys lock up and Dash shoves the blond stud to the mat. He begins to stomp away at Matt’s body, and then decides to turn nasty by stepping on his fingers. The red clad Dash climbs the ropes in the corner then flies through the air to strike with a double fisted shot to Matt’s back. He follows that up with a crashing leg drop across the small of his back. The rookie bodybuilder continues with a painful double leg boston crab, an excruciating arm bar, then sits atop his muscled chest and bashes away at his 6-pack abs. Dash is having his way with the blond muscle stud, that is until Matt reverses things. He stuns Dash by tripping him to the ring floor, then wraps his massive legs around Dash’s left leg and begins pulling on a tormenting leg lock. Matt releases the hold to rise to his feet and focuses his attack on the injured knee; stomping hard with his boot, then connects with an elbow drop to the knee that makes Dash to cry out in pain. He then rolls Dash’s bronzed body over in between his powerful thighs and calves and applies a gut crushing leg scissors around Dash’s gut. It appears the blond bombshell is well on his way to winning this round and evening the match up at one round a piece, that is unless Dash can gather his composure and turn things around. The magical muscles on both of these studs strain, struggle and flex for superiority in this round. Will the blond bombshell drive the chosen one into a submission, or will Matt’s hopes for his first victory get dashed by the bigger, rookie bodybuilder Dash? All the thrilling and sweaty muscle action leads up to a surprising finish that you won’t want to miss!

Jake Jenkins vs Josh Steel (KOTR 1)

RHW is both thrilled and proud to offer a new type of match series, which is called ‘KING OF THE RING’. These matches will feature our hottest, superstar wrestlers competing against one another in a best of five contest. The winner will need to make his opponent submit in three rounds in order for him to declare himself as King of the Ring. Each match will feature mind blowing action, wall-to wall sweat soaked muscle, exceptional wrestling, and perhaps a few surprises! In our first installment, we’ve matched the seasoned veteran, Jake ‘The Machine’ Jenkins against new superstar and ‘surfer dude turned muscle stud’ Josh Steel. This is a match-up of superb wrestling experience and skill in Jake, taking on Josh’s new profound muscled body. Josh has been having his way with most of his opponents as of late, except for his last match against Dash Decker where he was caught off guard by being somewhat inebriated before the match began. Prior to that; Josh and his newly built muscles was able to over power and gain revenge on the street punk Ethan Andrews, and he also discarded of the blond bombshell rookie Matt Engel. Meanwhile, as Jake has stepped back into the ring after a lengthy absence, he’s chalked up two victories before taking a beating in defeat in a one-on-one contest against rising superstar and bad boy Alex Waters. These two warriors are in their respective corners ready for battle; Jake in his signature red trunks and black boots, and Josh is his crisp white trunks and white boots which highlight his beautifully muscled physique. They both come out talking with Jake admitting Josh is bigger but its technique that will prevail, and Josh proudly posing his muscles in a display of power. They lock up and the blond muscle stud strikes first with two knees driven into Jake’s abs, then tosses him across the ring. Jake springs quickly to his feet, but Josh is there to lift him up over his head and drop him to the mat. Again Jake climbs back to his feet, but again Josh connects with three direct punches to his awesome abs which drop him. The blond muscle stud commands him to stay down and strikes with a size 11 white boot to Jake’s lower back. He also begins an attack on Jake’s bad knee wanting to weaken the more seasoned veteran any way he can. Josh is wrestling a well thought out plan in round one and he’s dominating Jake. Every time Jake climbs back up to his feet, the blond bodybuilder uses his size advantage to overpower him. Josh continues with a choke hold over the top rope and a few well-placed knees into Jake’s ribs to soften him up. It’s nearly all Josh in round one, though Jake is able to gain a short reversal of fortune, but it doesn’t last. Josh’s muscles are just too much for the veteran to overcome. Josh lifts him and power bombs him to the mat, cranks on a hammer lock and makes Jake eat some mat, then backs him into the corner turnbuckle and bashes away on his abs. As Jake slumps to the mat in pain, Josh kneels down to deliver even more punishment. Jake is moaning in pain as Josh picks him up to power slam him to the mat. As Jake is suffering on his back, the blond surfer stud towers over him and decides it’s time to end this round. He drags the smaller Jake over to the ropes, laces his beaten body through them, yanks back on his arms and has Jake in a body stretching, mind blowing standing surfboard. The surfer stud uses every muscle in his body to stretch Jake out in pain forcing him to scream loudly ‘I give up’ before he’ll release the hold. Jake crumbles to the mat in agony as Josh asks ‘how do you feel now? not so cocky’ as he claims round one.

With the sweat starting to drip from their bodies, round two opens with Jake admitting Josh got the best of him in the last round, but Jake is no punk. As Josh slowly walks out of his corner Jake flies across the ring and connects with a double leg drop kick to the blond stud’s chest which floors him. This stuns Josh and as he asks ‘what the hell’ Jakes drags him up by his hair and tosses him back over his head and quickly locks on a camel clutch intent on inflicting pain and punishment to Josh’s beloved muscles. Jake is now wrestling like the machine he’s been in the past, quickly dispensing precision holds and transitioning them to new holds in order to keep his opponent guessing as to what’s coming next. He tosses and throws the 195 lbs bodybuilder around the ring at will, then clamps on a reverse figure four on Josh’s mighty right leg. This sends an excruciating thrill and pain up the surfer dude’s leg, and as he squirms and moans on the mat, Jake takes the opportunity to flex his mighty bicep in dominance. Jake releases the hold when he can’t gain a quick submission and attempts to stretch Josh’s legs out in a wide wishbone but has troubles controlling the hold. Josh is able to break free, get to his feet, and strikes with a fist to Jake’s abs, again wanting to bash and beat his opponent’s core. Josh begins to out muscle Jake again with an astounding power slam that drives Jake hard to the mat, then straddles him and rains fists down into his gut, asking ‘you want to talk shit?’ It seems like Josh just has too much of a muscle and power advantage over the smaller Jake, and the match might be heading to a distinct 2-0 round advantage for the blond muscle stud. But in a surprise turn of events, Jake staggers to his feet, catches Josh in a double leg takedown then swiftly scissors his legs around Josh’s massive arms behind his back into an excruciating position. Josh strains to relieve some of the pressure, but as Josh has gained muscle he’s lost flexibility and Jake is attacking his weak spot. Jake tightens the hold which causes Josh to struggle even more for an escape. But to no avail, Jake knows how to finish a round and he ultimately squeezes out a submission from the blond bodybuilder before he nearly breaks his arm. The ‘machine’ has evened this match up at one round each, heading into the next round. Jake again starts quickly in round three, racing across the ring to shove Josh back into his corner, then whips him across the ring into a clothesline that floors the big guy. Jake is hobbled with an injured knee, so he needs to keep Josh on the mat and off guard if he’s going to have any chance of claiming King of the Ring. But Josh is able to get to his feet and regain the control. He chokes Jake out over the bottom rope, and then as Jake lay slumped across the rope he goes back to bashing away at his already bashed sore abs. Jake is losing steam in this round, and Josh has learned not to let up on a staggering opponent. He suplexes Jake across the ring, then places his boot on Jake’s back and proudly poses his Kerry Von Erich physique in admiration of himself. Jake is so worn down he can’t even climb to his feet, so Josh continues his assault with a impressive leg scissors around Jake’s waist, draining every last ounce of energy from his body. The blond bodybuilder then lifts Jake up into a front facing bear hug and squeezes all his might with his massive arms before dropping Jake’s listless, sweaty body to the mat. As Jake lay on the mat in pain, Josh kneels down beside him and drives his fist deep down into his battered abs for a pain inflicting ab claw. As Jake is trying to rub the pain away from his sweat soaked and beaten abs, Josh pulls him up to his knees and then asks him if he’s ‘ready for this’ right before placing him into a reverse arm bar kneeling ab stretch. Jake has neither the power or the will to fight out of this hold so he suffers in pain as Josh delights in bashing away at his abs. When Jake can’t withstand the torture any longer he screams out an ‘I give up’ submission to the superior blond stud. Josh takes a 2 to 1 round lead in this best of five contest. Round four starts and Jake knows this is a must win round for him if he’s going to have any chance to claim King of the Ring. Will Jake be able to shift the match to an agility and quickness contest that plays to his advantage and cut the bigger more powerful Josh down to his knees? Or does Josh continue using his raw power and muscle advantage to continue to pulverize Jake’s battered body to a defeat. All the mind blowing action leads up to a happy ending with one of the superstars laying claim to King of the Ring in the inaugural match of this new series. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this one!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.