TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Justin Silver and Matt Engel vs Josh Steel vs Justin Silver

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Justin Silver and Matt Engel vs Josh Steel vs Justin Silver

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Alex Waters vs Justin Silver

Rising superstar and cocky fratboy Alex has taken the underground wrestling scene by storm since arriving at Rock Hard last year. He’s amassed a 6-1 record in his one-on-one matchups, along with a legion of fans. He’s destroyed veterans and rookie’s alike and his confidence couldn’t be higher. In this match, he gets his shot at a squeaky clean rookie by the name of Justin Silver. Justin enjoys the outdoors and also likes to participate in x-game type sports. He’s tall and lean, and features shredded abs and a cut, defined body. He believes his athleticism and lean muscle will work in his favor in the ring. This match begins with both wrestlers already in the ring, and Alex declaring ‘so they bring me another rookie, you look like a nice guy, what are you doing here man? Justin, not wanting to look weak, retorts ‘you’ll see how nice I am when you’re lying on the ground’. They circle one another and size each other up; with Alex in royal blue and yellow trunks, Justin in purple and white trunks, the both of them in black boots. They lock up and as expected Alex seizes the early control with a kick to Justin’s knee that buckles his lean muscled bod to the mat. Alex follows up with a stomp to his shoulder as the rookie claims that was a cheap shot. The muscle stud flips him over, connects with a leg drop across Justin’s back then stands atop Justin’s muscular shoulders claiming this match is going to be fun! He drags Justin by his hair to his feet then suplexes him back down to the mat. The cocky fratboy states ‘I’m just getting amped up’ as he whips Justin across the ring into the far ropes, then hoists him up into a double leg takedown which slams the rookie’s lean body to the mat. Alex isn’t through just yet and continues to inflict some early punishment on Silver’s body; Alex connects with two back handed slaps across Justin’s hairy, ripped chest, throws him into the corner turnbuckle, lifts his feet out from under him which drops him back first to the mat, then stomps away with his black boots on a bewildered rookie. Alex wants to work over Justin’s body, mounting him across his tiny waist and then rains down with three back handed slaps across his chest heard around the gym, with the intent on leaving a painful redness on the rookie’s pecs. As Justin grimaces in pain, Alex places his boot on the rookie’s bicep, grips his hand and starts yanking up on his lanky arm. Alex is showing more and more creativity with his holds as of late, and Justin is paying the price in pain. Alex keeps the pressure on the rookie with; a seated, stretching surfboard, transitions it into a cranking leg lock, then whips him into the ropes, scoops him up and slams him to the mat. The cocky fratboy cradles up the rookie and goes for a quick pin count, but Justin is able to kick out. So far in this round it’s been all Alex all the time, essentially punishing the rookie at will. He continues to attack every limb of Justin’s body, sitting behind him, placing his boots on the shoulders, then grapping his hands and pulling back on the rookie’s long, lanky body stretching him out on the mat. He kicks Justin over to the ropes, starts chocking him, getting in his face and screaming ‘is that all you got?’ looking for some type of defense. This seems to have awakened the rookie as he fights his way off the ropes. On their feet, Alex raises his arms to lock up but the lean rookie has a different idea and catches Alex with a suplex, flipping him over his head. The rookie kips up to his feet, slaps Alex in the face a few times while he’s down, then grabs his wrist and opposite ankle and starts stretching the muscle boy out. Justin drives his long leg into the small of Alex’s back applying extreme pressure and taunting the fratboy saying he’s got fake muscles. The rookie transitions the hold into a leg scissors, wrapping his long legs around Alex’s waist and squeezing with all his might, then is able to flip Alex over and into a double leg boston crab wanting to inflict more hurt. But the cocky fratboy has been in worse predicaments and has proved his ability to fight out of them, and does just that! Both wrestlers get to their feet, then Alex wraps his massive muscled arms around the rookie’s waist and drives him down into the mat. Alex’s blurts ‘you stupid bastard, and questions ‘you do that to me?’ Alex bounces off the ropes and again drives the rookie into the mat, getting into his face screaming at the rookie while he’s dazed on the mat. Alex is riled up with testosterone high and demands Justin stand up as he yanks him up by his wavy, dark hair. Alex is intent on making the rookie pay, so he puts Justin’s lean muscled body into a standing ab stretch and begins to pull back on his chin and waist, stretching the rookie’s hairy, rippled abs out in agony. The cocky fratboy continues yanking and stretching Justin’s muscles out, and just as you sense Justin is about to scream out a submission to end round one, the bad boy muscle stud releases the hold and the rookie crumbles to the mat. Alex proclaims I’m just getting started now, and seems to be determined on making the rookie suffer even more without a submission!

In a never seen before sequence, Alex forgoes a submission from his opponent to continue pulverizing him. As the rookie lay suffering on the mat, Alex prowls the mat planning his next attack. He decides it’s time for some payback, so he grabs Justin’s wrist and ankle and begins stretching his long, lean muscled body out, just like what Justin had did to him earlier in the match. When he’s finished with that torment, he shoves Justin face first into the turnbuckle and stomps away on his lanky legs. Alex’s muscles are dominating the rookie and it doesn’t appear Justin’s athleticism has any chance of helping him get back into this match. Alex virtually punishes, brutalizes, and abuses the rookie for the reminder of the match. It seems he wants to send a warning to any other rookie out there that they better think twice before stepping into the ring with this rising superstar. Alex has spent most of the match attacking and abusing the rookies rippled abs, even draping his limp body over the corner ropes and bashing and pounding away on his soar six-pack. The cocky fratboy drags his lifeless opponent to the corner, climbs the turnbuckle and clamps on a rear naked choke hold, intent on ending this match. Justin fights it off for a bit, but soon he succumbs to the superior experience and muscle and passes out. His beaten, battered, and broken body slumps down in the corner. Alex flexes his huge biceps in victory as he looks down on his fallen opponent. This is one brutal, lopsided squash job!

Matt Engel vs Josh Steel vs Justin Silver

This 3-way melee features three wrestlers with varying slabs of muscles and experience. The blond bombshell Matt has impressive pecs and bodybuilder type eye-popping calves, but that has yet to add up to a victory for the rookie. Josh has packed on pounds of new muscle since his inception and has turned the corner as a rising superstar on the roster with some recent impressive victories. Justin has a lean ripped body with a shredded 8-pack as the highlight and that most guys would envy, but with little experience was squashed in his debut match against Alex Waters. It will be very interesting to see how this contest plays out! Matt is in white square cuts and white boots, while Josh is in warming up in his corner is festive blue trunks with white stars and white boots, and the newest rookie Justin in purple trunks with black boots that highlight the black body hair running down his chest and abs. The three some to the center of the ring, each taunting the other, and it’s the veteran Josh who gets the first shot in. He picks Matt up over his head and drives him down, then drives a knee straight into his midsection. After Justin comments saying Josh must have missed a few ab day workouts, the muscle hunk delivers a knee to the rookie’s own shredded abs then shoves him to the mat. He secures Justin’s arm in a hammer lock, and when Matt attempts to break it up, Josh back kicks him in the gut to keep him away. The free-for-all action heats up as Josh sends Justin across the ring and into a clothesline, but when Matt tries for a flying elbow on the rookie, Justin darts out of the way. With the blond rookie Matt laid out, Josh connects with a flying knee drop and Justin follows up with one of his own. The ruckus continues as Justin locks on a standing full nelson on the muscle hunk Josh and Matt charges to deliver a solid shoulder thrust into Josh’s belly. Josh gets back to his feet and the three circle one another while Josh observes there’s two of you, that’s alright, I’m OK with it. Are the rookies aligning with one another since they can’t over power Josh, and can’t out experience him? Josh and Justin team up to out a beating on Matt, but it’s short lived and Justin comes to Matt’s rescue knocking Josh of from Matt, then placing the surfer dude turned muscle stud into an agonizing camel clutch, stretching his massive arms and pecs. Matt kneels down to get in Josh’s face to taunt him while he smirks, then inexplicably he decides to knock Justin off the top of Josh. This gives the blond surfer dude time to recover and he turns the tables on the two rookies. He’s overpowers both rookies to the mat and uses his brawny muscles to pound on them. Matt catches Justin in a full nelson on the mat and stretches his lean muscles out, exposing his shredded eight pack. Josh can’t resist, so he bashes away at Justin’s prized abs. Once the dark haired rookie is able to escape, both him and Matt confer and agree to team up to take the big muscle stud Josh out. They dish out the pain on Josh’s muscles with; a double leg boston crab with flying elbows to his back, they send him flying through the air with a double suplex, then back him into the corner and pound away on his sweat soaked chest. The rookies know they have a good thing going and stay on the attack. They double team Josh and choke him over the ropes, they fling him across the ring into a double clothesline which floors the muscle hunk, and then begin to stretch his magnificent body out on the mat. Josh is in some serious pain and the two rookies don’t relent! They drag him up to his feet, back him into the ropes, and takes turns bashing away on every sweaty muscle. Josh can barely stand from the onslaught, and crumbles to the mat. The two rookies seize the opportunity to finish off the veteran, each of them grab an ankle and an arm and begin pulling away at Josh’s limbs, stretching his arms and crotch out in maximum pain. Josh attempts to fight off the pain but it’s just too unbearable and he moans out a ‘I give’ submission. But that doesn’t satisfy the two dastardly rookies, the keep yanking and pulling on his limbs, demanding he says it louder, and when Josh cries out a few more ‘I give’s’, the rookies gloat in victory and roll the battered muscle stud out of the ring to end round one.

Round two opens and the two rookies realize it’s going to be one of them who claims their first victory in this match. Justin comes out his corner complaining that he’s still mad at Matt for a cheap shot in the previous round, and Matt snaps back ‘well this is my ring’. They lock up with Justin gaining the advantage. He takes Matt down then straddles him and starts pounding away at the blond bombshell’s mighty pecs. Justin flips him over to a camel clutch, pulling back on Matt’s chin as hard as he can to exert the most pain on his lower back. Justin continues the assault with a single leg boston crab, even taking time to pose and flex his bicep in domination of the blond bodybuilder. He drags Matt to his feet, then floors him with a clothesline. He chokes Matt over the bottom rope, mocking him in the mirror as Matt watches himself suffer. He then locks an arm bar on the blond’s massive arm and cranks away as Matt suffers in pain. Justin has been in total control of Matt so far in this round, can the blond bodybuilder mount a comeback. Just when you think you know how this is going to end, Matt is able to reverse Justin and catches him in a full nelson and grapevine combo that stretches every last lean muscle in his body. Matt pays back Justin with a clothesline of his own, and then starts attacking his long, lanky legs. Does the new rookie Justin have enough strength and stamina to mount a comeback? Or, will the bodybuilder Matt be able to control the action and force a submission to claim his first victory? All the sweat soaked action leads up to one of these rookies pulverizing and dominating his opponent to a vicious submission, then proudly posing in vivid victory!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.