TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper (KOTR 5) and Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper (KOTR 5) and Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill

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Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper (KOTR 5)

It was destined to happen, a King of the Ring match between these two superstars. The ‘tactician’ against ‘the total package’. With all of the history that’s occurred between Austin and Bruce over the last year, this showdown was a must to highlight this holiday season. It’s been just about a year that these two muscle studs locked up in a singles match, with Bruce being somewhat of a newbie at that time and Austin being the seasoned veteran. Bruce gave him a run for his money, but in the end Austin prevailed and knocked the rookie out in a viscous ending. Fast forward to some of the more recent matches where Bruce and Dash took down Austin and Zack in a tag team bout that was all about power vs speed. Then, a short while later, Bruce jumped into the ring to help his partner Dash and they finished off the red head tactician by beating the living shit out of him. Since then, Austin prevailed over Dash in KOTR 4, and ever since, Bruce has been eyeing his opportunity at the belt. It was a very hot day when this match was filmed, and the sweat pours off both of these guy’s magnificent muscles in this 34 minute blockbuster. The challenger is already in the ring when the king enters his corner. Austin climbs through the ropes with the belt draped over his shoulder and exuding confidence. The two studs circle and size each other up, with Austin telling Bruce both him and his partner Dash are pansies, and that he got Dash back and now he’s going to get him back. Austin surprises Bruce by clobbering him on the side of the head with the KOTR belt, sending the muscle stud to the mat. He then hoists him up, power slams him to the mat, and then stretches out Bruce’s massive chest with a reverse half nelson. Austin then transitions the hold to a bow and arrow on the mat, stretching Bruce out even more, the continues the sequence by wrapping his hands around the challenger’s throat and shoving one of Bruce’s black wrist bands into his mouth. Austin means business in this match, so Bruce is going to need to step up his game. Austin then uses his tree trunk size thighs to squeeze Bruce’s torso in a leg scissors. The total package survives the initial onslaught and is able to change the momentum. He escapes from the leg scissors, backs the red head against the ropes and directly connects with his size 11 boot into the king’s abs. But Bruce’s momentum is short lived. Austin reverses him and drops him onto a reverse atomic drop, then pulls him over to the ring post. Austin grabs both of his ankles, splits Bruce between the iron ring post and begins to torture his leg. Bruce is screaming for help while he is defenseless and Austin seizes the moment. He lifts Bruce up into a standing ab stretch, using the ropes to amp up the pressure until the challenger reluctantly screams out ‘I give’ to bring an end to round one. Austin – 1, Bruce – 0.

In round two, Bruce is a little wobbly to start and Austin is running his mouth and feeling good about himself. Austin takes the early lead with some ab bashing and a strong boot shoved into the total package’s throat. But, Bruce hasn’t made it this far to be taken down so easily, and when the red head climbs the ropes for an aerial attack he’s instead met by a swift fist into his gut. As Austin grovels on the mat, Bruce begins clobbering him to take control. He places Austin in a back breaking camel clutch and flexes his big bi while doing so. Bruce breaks the hold and transitions to wrapping a leg scissors around the king, as payback for what happened to him in round one. He continues to stay on top of the tactician, not allowing a moment for him to breath by chocking him over the ring rope, connecting with an elbow drop, then clamping on a rear naked choke hold that has the reigning king in a lot of trouble. Bruce has beaten Austin like a red headed step child in this round and he’s ready to finish him off. He scoops him up and slams him to the mat, lifts him by his hair to his feet, then laces his arms and hoists him up into a painful crucifix submission hold. The king’s muscular body is draped helplessly across Bruce’s massive, thick back and he’s not letting go until Austin cries out a submission to end round two. The match is evened up at Austin – 1, Bruce – 1.

Round three opens and Bruce keeps the control, continuing his attack on Austin’s back. He first suplexes him, then flips him over into a debilitating boston crab and really cranks up the pressure wanting to gain a quick submission. But Austin won’t submit that easy, so Bruce releases the hold and then makes a move that not only has an impact on this round, but one that could have affect the outcome of this match. Does Bruce score big time and defeat the technician to become the new King of the Ring?! Or, will Austin mount a comeback and destroy the total package to continue his reign as king?! One thing is for certain, it takes the full five rounds to determine the winner with one of these superstars leaving the ring with the belt!

Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill

Tanner’s in the gym pumping out some dumbbell curls as he gets ready for his upcoming match against fellow rookie Rex, his arms bulging bigger with each rep. Rex saunters around the corner and sees that his opponent is getting his pump on. Both of these guys are sporting their superhero t-shirts; Tanner believing he’s a Hulk and Rex looking like an Iron Man. Both of these guys have spectacular physiques, although somewhat different. Tanner showcases that lean, ripped muscled body, while Rex highlights a thicker, denser muscle with shredded abs. There’s something for everyone in this match up! But, both of these wrestlers have yet to earn a victory in their first two matches; Tanner’s muscles have suffered severe beatings against veterans Bruce and Austin, while bad boy Ethan owned Rex’s muscles in straight falls and fellow rookie Jax Brewer won the battle of the tag team tryouts by ultimately using his raw power advantage to squeak out a win. Thus, one of these two muscle boys is sure to chalk up their first victory today. Of course egos are involved when it comes to lifting weights and sure enough these two get into a short dumbbell competition before the match begins, each one trying to out-pump the other as their biceps swell and veins pop. No clear winner is decided, but it’s clear that Tanner will be the aggressor in round one since he gains the early control forcing Rex back into the corner turnbuckle. He immediately targets Rex’s prized abs, then whips him into the opposite turnbuckle and continues to beat on the MMA fighter’s midsection. Once Tanner softens Rex’s core a bit he turns his attention to his powerful legs. He floors Rex with a kick to the knee, then throws on an arm bar. The fitness fanatic is parlaying his quickness and muscle into total control of his fellow rookie. The blond fitness model tosses Rex around the ring, suplexes him through the air, stretches him out in a full nelson and grapevine combo, and ferociously chokes him over the ring rope. Rex seems somewhat bewildered and befuddled, not having a clue on how to turn the momentum around. Tanner is savoring every moment, even laughing at Rex’s misery as he has him clamped tight in a powerful camel clutch. After he’s done making Rex suffer, he throws him face first into the turnbuckle and follows up with a forearm shiver to the small of his back. This sets Rex up to be finished off. Tanner pulls him out to the center of the ring, then places his muscled body into a high arching, backbreaking crab hold and cranks up the pain. Rex has no way to escape and is compelled to scream out ‘I give’ to end his agony. Total domination in round one as Tanner kneels on Rex’s abs, flexes a double bicep and commands his opponent to look at his arms as he flexes in conquest.

At the beginning of round two Rex is trying to stretch the pain out of his back and Tanner is grinning from ear to ear with delight as he asks ‘how’s that back feeling?’ Rex replies he’s had worse but that’s hard to imagine. Tanner slyly offers to shake hands to start this round, and Rex falls for it. Tanner instead delivers several shots to the MMA fighter’s ripped abs, then lifts him into a standing full nelson. But when the blond doesn’t follow up with another hold, Rex is able to connect with his boot to Tanner’s ripped 8-pack and floor him. Finally, Rex is showing some offense! He sends Tanner across the ring and into a ripping clothesline, returns to bashing his ripped 8-pack as he straddles the teen fitness model on the mat, applies some of his MMA techniques, and then turns up the pain with a back breaking camel clutch. Rex starts pouring it on, telling Tanner he’s got one round and that’s all he’s going to get as he drags him to his feet with a fist full of hair. Rex whips him across the ring to deliver another boot to the fitness model’s gut that has him reeling. Rex is in control now and he likes it! He continues to rule the action; punishing Tanner’s muscles with a variety of MMA holds, nearly submitting him in a rear naked choke hold, stretching his tight, lean muscled body out in a bow and arrow, all the while connecting with jabs and stomps to Tanner’s sweaty abs. Rex hoists him up into a front facing bear hug, weakening his body and back in anticipation of a submission. Tanner’s able to withstand the pain of the bear hug, but he won’t be able to withstand the torture of what Rex has in mind next. He laces Tanner’s lean muscles through the ring ropes, wraps his massive thighs around his waist and yanks back on his arms until Tanner’s glistening muscles are stretched and strained to the limit. Tanner cries out a submission to end the cruelty, then Rex drags his lifeless body to the center of the ring and proudly poses his sweat soaked muscles in triumph of round two. With this match all tied at one round a piece it all comes down to the third and final round. Both of these rookies show a dark side of their persona in an effort to chalk up their first victory in this blockbuster battle, while the loser is mistreated and persecuted in a fantastic finishing hold you just to have to see!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.