TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels and Zack Johnathan vs Austin Cooper (KOTR 6)

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels and Zack Johnathan vs Austin Cooper (KOTR 6)

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Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels

Alex returns! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Alex here at Rock Hard, and it’s exciting to see his return. He took some time off for personal events occurring in his life but now he’s back to re-stake his spot at the top of the roster. You would have to think he has his eye’s set on the King of the Ring belt, especially since he narrowly lost out in his match against Dash Decker in KOTR 2. But a lot has happened since that match. One big question; is Alex still the same old Alex? Has he kept himself in shape and does he have the stamina he’s had in the past. And, is he still the best trash talker on the roster?! Interestingly enough, in his first match back he’s up against another wrestler on the roster we haven’t seen in a while, tall, blond, muscle bound Chad. The lifeguard turned wrestler doesn’t have as much experience as Alex, but he does have a size and weight advantage on the cocky fratboy. This is going to be one intriguing match! So many unanswered questions! Round one begins with Alex in his black and blue trunks with black boots, Chad clad in red and black trunks, white boots, and sporting his shaggy blond hair. Both guys looking good enough to walk down any model runway, but who’s the prettiest? Chad asks Alex if he thinks he’s number 1, and of course Alex thinks he’s the best and tells him to check his record. They lock up in a test of strength and surprisingly Chad scores first. He ducks under and into a front facing bearhug, smartly using his size to his advantage. He throws the fratboy into the corner, bashes his abs, then chokes him over the rope while taunting him to submit. But it’s way too early for a veteran like Alex to submit, so the shaggy blond lifts him high over his head, slams him to the mat, stomps on his abs, then wraps his enormous thighs around the cocky boy’s waist and begins to squeeze hard. After he’s made Alex suffer in that hold for a while, he picks him up and drops him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Chad is being more aggressive then we’ve seen him in the past and it’s paying off. As Alex catches his breath on the mat, he asks’ can you give me a second’ and concedes ‘you’re better than I thought’. The lifeguard struts his stuff around the ring, even taking a moment to flex his picture-perfect bi’s. But his confidence costs him. Alex makes his way to his feet, and surprises the blond lifeguard with a scoop slam. Chad’s 205 pound body crashes to the mat with a thud, then Alex stomps him on the chest while he’s moaning in pain. The cocky fratboy then starts really going to work on the lifeguards prized body; he works him over in the corner, chokes him over the top rope and with a rear naked choke, then clobbers his chest while he straddles on top. Alex has shifted the momentum and he’s not letting up. He slams and suplexes Chad around the ring, and then places his hunky body in a bow and arrow and drives his black boot into the blond hunk’s lower back. Alex has the lifeguard trapped now and he’s not going to let up until he forces a submission. Chad resists the first onslaught, but when Alex cranks up the pressure a second time the shaggy blond cannot withstand the pain. He shouts out ‘I give’ to end the agony and round one.

Alex has a big smile on his face to start round two, asking Chad ‘what happened to all that number one talk?’, and tell him he’s starting to sound like a cheerleader. The two tie up and Alex takes control, forcing Chad into the corner turnbuckle and attacks his abs. He then lifts the big guy into a bearhug and then shoves him down to the mat. The cocky fratboy then proceeds to target Chad’s back; he walks over his back while on the mat, picks him up and slams him down tough, and connects with several stomps along the way. Alex continues to have his way with Chad, delivering several bitch slaps to his muscled pecs, and then choking him out with his hands while he’s straddled atop him on the mat. But just when it looks like Alex is going to end this match in two straight, Chad is able to gain a quick reversal. The hunky lifeguard proceeds to bash away on Alex’s abs, then flips him over into a boston crab. Chad begins to focus on destroying the fratboy’s back throughout the remainder of the round, and that’s not by mistake, turning the tables on his opponent. Ultimately, he heaves his smaller opponent around the mat inflicting immense pain until he decides to lift him up and drop him over his knee in a backbreaker. Alex’s back has taken a beating in this round, and the bigger Chad has imposed his will to the point that the fratboy quickly submits to end the beating. The blond lifeguard evens this match at one round a piece as he flexes in triumph. Will Chad be able to continue using his size and strength advantage to navigate the troubled waters and spoil the cocky fratboy’s return? Or can Alex regain the momentum and his special trash talking style that will lead him to another victory and a triumphant return? 

Zack Johnathan vs Austin Cooper (KOTR 6)

This 33 minute match has it all; muscles vs muscles, experience vs experience, and ego vs ego. Two of the most successful wrestlers in the underground circuit today face off for the King of the Ring Belt. The world class fitness model Zack has been with Rock Hard since day one, and he believes he has earned his chance to capture the belt. He’s amassed an impressive 11-5 record in his singles matches and has been on a real winning streak as of late. Zack has always been known to take on any opponent anywhere, and today he has his sights set on King Austin. In fact, Zack defeated Austin in a previous match up that happened years ago, so he is confident he can wrestle the KOTR title away from reigning king. The tactician Austin snatched the belt away from Dash Decker back in KOTR 4, and then recently, narrowly defended his title against Bruce Ballard in KOTR 5. Even though Zack has been around longer, Austin has been able to chalk up a remarkable 17-4 singles record in his time here at Rock Hard. The burly redhead has relied on both his tactical wrestling skills and massive muscles to dispose of most opponents, and thinks it will be no different with his opponent today. In the pre-match, the cameras capture Austin explaining his strategy and talking confidently how he will retain his KOTR title. But Zack has other thoughts in mind. Buckle your seat belts; this is going to be one wild ride! Round one begins with Austin climbing into the ring after his interview and striking a few poses as he admires himself in the mirror. He’s clad in red trunks, black boots, and of course the belt. Zack comes in from the locker room with an intense look, wearing navy blue trunks with aqua stripes and white boots. The Z-man is on a mission, and that’s to take that belt from his burly opponent. Austin toys with him at the onset, first offering him the belt and then quickly pulling it away, but the Z-man doesn’t let that get to him. They circle each other, sizing up their opponent’s muscles and attitude, before Austin strikes first. He shoves Zack back into the turnbuckle then hoists him up into a rear bearhug. Zack tries to break free, but instead he’s thrown face first into the corner. Austin begins attacking his back. He places the challenger into a boston crab, then tortures his perfectly muscled arms in the ring rope. It’s a slow start for Zack, and that doesn’t bother Austin one bit. The two get to their feet and the redhead proposes a test of strength, but it’s just a ruse, he delivers a kick to Zack’s gut and proceeds to lift him up and plunge him down onto his knee in a reverse atomic drop. Zack moans and groans on the mat as Austin states him I’m taking it nice and slow on you. He picks the world class fitness model up to his feet then lifts him by his throat high above the ring floor, choking him before tossing him to the mat. Austin continues to dictate the action, pounding and bashing away at Zack’s muscular back and ripped abs. The reigning king definitely came in with a game plan and is executing it to perfection. He controls all the action before suplexing Zack first, setting him up for a round ending texas cloverleaf that has the challenger forced to say he gives up to bring an end to round one. Austin celebrates by admiring his belt and posing over his prey. Zack-0, Austin 1.

Round two opens with Zack telling the redhead that was just one round, and begins changing his strategy. He shifts to an emphasis on quickness, and quickly scores with a full nelson. He gets the big guy down on the mat where he can more easily maintain his control. He starts to wear Austin down with a rear choke hold, and as the redhead seeks to escape Zack flexes his massive bicep in domination. Zack continues the control by hurling the burly Austin into the opposite corner, climbs the ropes, and straddles across his shoulders and drives him down into the mat. He then suplexes Austin to the other corner, connects with a flying elbow and a sledge hammer to the back, before clamping a nerve claw on his right shoulder. Zack has all the mojo in this round and has creatively turned the tables on the reigning king. Zach drags Austin to the center of the ring, grabs both ankles, and then uses his massive arms to make a wish using Austin’s legs as his wishbone. He rips apart the king’s crotch and then places him in a standing wishbone hold, driving his boot into his ribs until Austin screams out a submission. Round two goes to Zack as he evens this showdown at one round a piece. Zack-1, Austin-1.

Both guys are warmed up and raring to go as the sweat begins to build up on their money making muscles. Austin says ‘you got lucky’ and Zack challenges Austin to a test of strength with the intent on paying him back for what happened in round one. He catches Austin with a knee, and then wraps him in a leg scissor before scoring with a reverse neck breaker that stuns the redhead. As Austin suffers on the mat Zack attacks with a vicious ab claw, driving it deep into his gut. Zack stays on the attack with another neck breaker, then a boot to his bulge. Austin is able to shift the momentum in this round with a cheap shot, and delivers pain and punishment with a stretching surfboard, but it’s Zack with the drive at the end. He brutally works over every limb on Austin’s body, chokes him over the rope, then sets him up with a head but to the abs before finishing him off in a sadistic ab stretch ab claw combo. Austin resists as long as he can but ultimately has to scream I give to break the hold. Round three ends with both guys drained, and the Z-man with the upper hand. Zack-2, Austin-1.

Can King Austin mount a ferocious comeback to win the final two rounds and maintain his belt? Or will Zack maintain his mojo and strip the belt away from the reigning king? All the dramatic momentum shifts lead to an explosive finish that you’ll definitely want to see!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.