TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Wes Richards vs Tanner Hill and Chad Daniels vs Ethan Andrews

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Wes Richards vs Tanner Hill and Chad Daniels vs Ethan Andrews

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Wes Richards vs Tanner Hill

We’re treated to the debut of new wrestler, Wes Richards, for this match. Wes has been on the Rock Hard short list of potential wrestlers for a while now and finally got the call to join the roster. Wes is a non-nonsense type of guy and someone who likes to go against the grain. He has a chip on his shoulder and is out to prove himself, like an outlaw. He’s a crossfitter with a lean muscled bod that he’s tatted up through the years. Could he be Rock Hard’s next bad boy? His opponent is a formidable teen bodybuilder. Tanner has put on some additional muscle in the last several months and is in the middle of preparing for a physique competition. His hot bod has grabbed a lot of attention since he arrived. His fans appreciate his superior teen muscles and shredded six pack abs, and the other wrestlers have relished the opportunity to ‘welcome’ him to the roster by bashing away on his prized physique. Both guys are in the gym going through their pre-match warm-up; the bodybuilder Tanner pumping some iron with his bulging biceps, and Wes getting his lean body warmed up with some crossfit exercises. The two exchange some words and opinions and it isn’t long before they step into to the ring. Tanner challenges the new rookie to a bicep comparison, knowing he’ll have the advantage. He first measures Wes’s biceps, which come in at a respectable 14 inches. But, when Wes measures Tanner’s arm it blows him away at an impressive 15.5 inches. The bodybuilder cracks a sly grin knowing he’s got the muscle advantage. To begin round one these two muscle boys challenge each other to a test of strength with the fitness fanatic winning the advantage with his bigger muscles and more wrestling experience. Tanner sets up Wes for a double leg takedown. Tanner then brings the crossfitter back to his feet and throws in a full nelson, cranking on his neck and stretching out his lean body. The bodybuilder then places Wes over the ropes and starts choking him out, once he’s punished him in the ropes he whips him into the corner turnbuckle and begins working over Wes’s impressive abs. Things haven’t started off too well for the rookie outlaw! Tanner continues with a back breaking camel clutch, flexing his baseball bicep in front of Wes’s face, then places him in a back breaking boston crab inflicting more pain. Wes does show some signs of offense in this round with a mean ankle lock, then bending and toying with Tanner’s gorgeous muscles showing that he does bring some wrestling skill to the ring. But his control is short lived and Tanner is able to turn the tables back in his favor. The teen bodybuilder launches an attack on Wes’s leg with a few stomps, then twists and stretches the crossfitter’s powerful legs as he has his own legs scissored around the outlaw’s waist. Tanner then drags Wes to the middle of the ring and delivers several more stomps to his weakened legs. Tanner’s learned how to finish from his previous matches and he does just that. He places Wes in an agonizing figure four leg lock and cranks up the pressure. Wes squirms and struggles in pain, searching for a way out, but there isn’t a way out for him. The crossfitter cries out a submission before the teen bodybuilder snaps one of his legs to bring an end to his misery, and to round one. Tanner flexes his bigger bi’s as Wes is laid out in defeat.

Round two and Tanner again takes the control with another standing full nelson. But this time, he transitions the move by lacing Wes’s lean bod through the ring ropes and places his boot in the crossfitter’s back, stretching and yanking back on his arms to inflict punishment. Wes is limp from the hold as Tanner pulls him back through the ropes, only to scoop slam him to the mat. The teen bodybuilder controls the action until Wes is finally able to turn things around with a swift leg sweep. He begins to really start working over Tanner’s impeccable teen muscles. He connects with heavy stomps and an elbow drop before pulling the fitness teen over to the ropes and brutally chokes him in the ropes. The outlaw has things going his way now and works over Tanner’s ankles with a few ankle locks the slaps on a scissors to drain his energy. Wes pulls him to his feet, tosses into the turnbuckle and goes to work bashing the teen bodybuilder’s prized shredded abs. Tanner is dazed, confused and in big trouble and the outlaw seizes the moment. He drags the well-muscled teen to the center of the ring, places him in a skin tight ab stretch, and continues to bash away on his abs until Tanner shouts out a submission. Wes towers over his battered opponent, places his black boot on his chest, and claims success in round two. Will Wes be able to continue his control over the teen muscle boy, and perhaps throw in a few dirty tricks, to secure a victory in his debut?! Or will Tanner turn the action around, out muscle the crossfitter, and rip the badge off the outlaw’s chest to add another win to his record?!

Chad Daniels vs Ethan Andrews

Chad is one fine specimen, 6’2”, 195 pounds of hot beach bod muscle. He epitomizes the look of a summer lifeguard; shaggy blond hair, great looking face, and tons of muscle. What a sight! Don’t you wish he was watching over your beach?! He’s got five matches under his belt since joining Rock Hard so he’s no longer considered a rookie. In those matches, he’s taken on some of the best guys on the roster and has proven to be competitive in all of them, but he’s only been able to score one win. He arrives for this match sporting red lifeguard issued sunglasses and a whistle, like he’s on his way to his lifeguard stand on a sundrenched beach. But this day may soon be spoiled. He looks across the ring for his opponent and it’s none other than one of the best muscle boy destroyers in the business, street punk bad boy Ethan. The bad boy is sitting on the top rope clad in shiny black latex tights and black boots that add to his image. Ethan has torn apart and destroyed nearly every muscle boy he’s faced with his vast arsenal of holds, pure wrestling skills, and tenacity to prove that it’s his muscles that prevail in the ring. He’s conquered every one of the current crop of new wrestlers which includes; Rex Bedford, Jax Brewer, and Tanner Hill, and he’s thrilled at the chance to finally get his hands on Chad’s beach bod muscles. The shaggy blond asks ‘who do we have here’ as he looks up at Ethan, and the bad boy replies by proclaiming he’s ‘the greatest wrestler that Rock Hard has ever known’. Chad proclaims to have never heard of him, and that doesn’t go over well with the street punk. Ethan hops down to the mat, they tie up, and Chad scores first with a double leg takedown. He also connects with a few stomps to Ethan’s ankle and asks ‘how’s your leg now?’ The bad boy pulls himself to his feet and they lock up in a test of strength. Ethan connects with two stomps to the lifeguard’s abs but it doesn’t faze him, Chad uses his bigger muscles to overpower his smaller opponent. He then scoops the street punk and slams him to the mat, the wraps his massive thighs around Ethan’s waist and begins squeezing this shit out of him. The bad boy fights back by punching Chad’s thigh until he releases the hold, and that’s when Ethan is able to shift the momentum. He immediately begins to attack the shaggy blonde’s massive legs by flipping him over into a single leg boston crab and then transitions it to a choke hold. The bad boy then begins to start really pouring on the punishment to Chad’s beautiful beach bod. Ethan continues to; attack the lifeguard’s massive thighs, scissors his brawny arms behind his head with a leg scissors, then crushes his waist by wrapping his long legs around Chad’s waist before punishing him in an over the knee backbreaker. Chad is able to stay off a submission but clearly it’s the bad boy in control at this point. Ethan maintains the advantage choking Chad over the bottom rope and tying to rip his knee out of joint by pulling it around the middle ring rope, and all the while delivering a bashing to Chad’s ripped abs. Chad does endure the onslaught and does reverse the momentum, getting some good shots in on the bad boy, but in the end it’s just not enough to submit his foe. Ethan regains the advantage and after a grueling assault on Chad’s legs he jumps up onto his back and wraps on a rear naked choke hold. The lifeguard makes every attempt to shake the street punk off his back but Ethan has it locked on tight, and Chad eventually drops to his knees. Ethan then finishes him off choking him out face down on the mat. The bad boy takes round one as he straddles and poses his muscles over a bigger but beaten Chad.

Round two starts with Chad shaking off that sleeper hold and telling Ethan ‘I’ll get you back for that one’. The bad boy doesn’t seem to be too alarmed and in fact continues his control from round one by taking the shaggy blond to the mat with a headlock. Ethan has a tight cinch around Chad’s throat and forcefully applies the pressure. He then transitions the hold into a reverse chin lock, cranking back on the lifeguard’s chin. The street punk continues the trashing by bringing Chad to his feet, placing his throat across the top rope and choking the big guy. The shaggy blond is in trouble, but surprisingly survives the onslaught and is able to reverse the action. He wraps his tree trunk thighs around Ethan’s waist like a vise, then drives his elbow underneath the chin of the street punk. Chad pulls Ethan to his feet, drives him into the corner and retaliates with his own badass ab bashing on the bad boy. The lifeguard is riding a wave of momentum and follows up by placing Ethan in a body bending bow and arrow, pulling with all his might to force a submission. But Ethan won’t give, but he is pissed. Once the bad boy regains control he goes on to dominate the action. He heartlessly pounds and punishes every muscle on Chad’s red-hot beach bod until the lifeguard can’t take it any longer. When Ethan is done owning every one of Chad’s muscles he finishes him off in a spectacular way to end the round and the match!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.