TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan and Wes Richards vs Chad Daniels

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan and Wes Richards vs Chad Daniels

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Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan

Zack has been enjoying life since snatching the King of the Ring title from Austin Cooper in KOTR 6. He’s been making all the right choices in his life; sticking with his rigorous workout routine and his body has never looked better, making a few smart financial moves to pump up his bank accounts, and relaxing and enjoying some of the finer things in life. When he heard his next match was going to be against the up and coming teen bodybuilder Tanner, he had only one problem with it. There was no way this newbie earned the right to face him in a KOTR match, but he would give him a chance at a non-KOTR match. Tanner wasn’t happy when he heard this news, but still wanted to test his abilities against the one and only Z-man. This match pits an experienced veteran against a still learning rookie, a man against a teenager, and a flawless physique built from many years in the gym vs a teen fitness fanatic with big dreams in front of him. It’s set up to be a classic class war battle. The teen bodybuilder was so excited about this match he arrives early and is practicing his fitness model posing in the full length mirror. His muscles, oiled and pumped to the max, look spectacular and contest ready. Zack saunters into the gym almost looking like he’s ready to make a business deal. He’s sporting a gold chain, cigar, and carrying the latest edition of the financial times. He watches on as Tanner shows off his mouth watering bod, then gets in his face and starts giving him the business. The young rookie is not amused and is also bothered by the smoke and tries waving it away. Tanner then takes a swipe and the Z-man’s gold chain. That sets off the reigning KOTR and he proceeds to smash the chain across the blond boy’s forehead, then lifts him by his trunks and tosses him into the ring. The two muscle hunks lock up and Zack scores first with a wicked side headlock to start round one. He continues with a half nelson on the mat, a front facing bearhug, and ends with a tight leg scissors around Tanner’s ripped abs. The teen muscle boy has been in enough scrapes to fend off the attack, and is able to reverse the action and begins attacking Z-man’s impressive abs. Tanner connects with a few punches to the gut, then lifts him up by his hair, whips him into the corner and persists with punishment to Zack’s gut. Tanner’s enjoying being on offense and places his opponent in holds that stretch his magnificent body and expose the vulnerable abs. Zack eventually fends off the onslaught, and when he’s given an opportunity to catch a breath, he seizes on that opening. Zack places the teen bodybuilder in a standing full nelson and really cranks up the pressure, forcing Tanner to his tippy toes to help alleviate the agony. Zack forces Tanner to the mat, mounts him and dishes out a few shots to Tanner’s sexy six-pack, then places him in a rear chin lock. Tanner struggles to escape and is somewhat bewildered from the barrage he’s just endured. Zack, the seasoned vet that he is, surprises Tanner when he clamps on a figure four leg lock. Tanner is stretched out on the mat suffering in pain and has no idea on how to escape the hold. The reigning king tells him he going to make him give up, while Tanner struggles to escape. Tanner has a lot of will power but he’s not able to endure the extreme pain and reluctantly cries out a submission. Zack flexes his muscles as Tanner squirms on the mat to end round one.

Round two opens with Tanner massaging his sore legs and the reigning king smugly asking ‘how’s your knee?’ What will Tanner’s strategy be in this round, since what he tried in round one didn’t work! They circle and tie up with Zack again catching the blond fitness fanatic in a head lock that brings Tanner to his knee, a proven strategy that worked well for the Z-man in round one. He then places Tanner in the corner turnbuckle and begins dishing out some payback on the teen bodybuilder’s awesome abs. Zack stays focused on punishing every one of the fitness fanatic’s glorious muscles. He continues to plough through Tanner, stretching him out on the mat, exposing the teen’s muscled body, then goes to work attacking his back before working him over good in opposite corners of the ring. This 26 minute match is all about inspiring pure muscle, and who climbs to the top? Can Tanner turn the tide and claim victory in the next two rounds that would wreak havoc on the current king of the ring’s reign? Or, can the Z-man dispose of the teen fitness fanatic and remain at the top of the class?

Wes Richards vs Chad Daniels

Wes recently joined the roster and quickly branded himself as an outlaw, he likes doing things his way and going against the grain. He’s a rebel and a loner. In his first match he went up against one of the new wrestlers Tanner Hill. Both guys are about the same size, both ripped, but Tanner sports a little more muscle than Wes. The match was very competitive and while Wes brought his brawling style and all out attitude, it was Tanner who was able to claim the victory using his recent match experience and muscle advantage. In Wes’s second match he went up against one of the reigning superstars in all of underground wrestling, Alex Waters. It was a tall task for Wes, steeping into the ring against a VIP, and at this point in his career he simply didn’t have the knowledge or the ring strategy to even win a round. Alex manhandled him and disposed of him in two straight rounds. Since that match Wes has been pissed and has been begging to get back in the ring. Well today, he gets his wish. In this match his opponent is the buffed, blond lifeguard. Chad joined the roster back in 2014 and has six matches under his belt. All the experienced wrestlers have wanted a piece of Chad since he joined, and who can blame them? Chad is tall, blond, ripped with a buff beach bod, and one overall good looking dude. He’s a threat to all the wrestlers at the top of the roster. So they all stood in line to make sure that wasn’t going to happen; Zack, Austin, Dash, Alex, and Ethan. No rookie could survive that type of onslaught, but that didn’t deter Chad, he kept on coming back for more and all the while gaining more experience. The buff lifeguard was able to notch a win against Blake Keller so he knows what winning tastes like. Which one of these guys is going to prevail?! Round one opens with Wes asking ‘what do you got Chad’ and the lifeguard questioning the wisdom of all of Wes’s tattoos. They circle and tie up with Wes scoring first. He connects with a few jabs to Chad’s abs, suplexes him to the mat, then states ‘just what I thought, a big, slow dummy’. The outlaw then goes all wild, wild Wes on Chad by shoving his boot directly on top of the buff lifeguard’s crotch. Chad cries out in pain ‘you dirty bastard’ and Wes replies ‘oh yeah, I play dirty’. This could be interesting! Wes continues with a boston crab on the big blond but Chad is able to fend off the attack and get to his feet. Wes has his way with the lifeguard’s ripped muscles cranking hard on a hammerlock and then yanking back on his chin in a camel clutch. But that doesn’t do Chad in and he soon realizes to counter attack the outlaw’s dirty tricks he’s going to need to overpower him. He fights back to his feet, then lifts the smaller Wes up over his head and slams him to the mat. Chad stays on top with a series of power moves, all the while bashing and abusing his opponent’s sexy six-pack. Chad scores big by wrapping his tree trunk thighs around Wes’s small waist and squeezing the crap out of the outlaw, and also straddles him to bash his abs and choke the life out of him. Chad’s no dummy and when he senses that the wild, wild outlaw has been broken, he places him in a standing bow and arrow. Chad stomps his boot into Wes’s ribs and pulls up on his wrist and ankle until the outlaw cries out a submission to end his agony. Chad tells him ‘you fight dirty like that you’re going to get what’s coming to you’ then flexes his huge biceps to claim the first round.

In round two, Chad seizes the control with a suplex, then targets Wes’s legs for a heaping of pain and punishment. He continues to use his size and power advantage against the wild, wild outlaw by scooping him up over his head and power slamming him to the ring floor. Wes is able to get his feet but to no avail. The buff lifeguard whips him across the ring and nearly breaks him in half with a devastating clothesline. Chad inflicts more torture on Wes’s body while on the mat, but when Chad doesn’t go in for the kill and allows Wes to get to his feet that costs the blond hunk. Wes swiftly delivers his foot dead aim into the lifeguard’s sweaty pecs and he crumbles to the mat. The outlaw then shoves his black boot against Chad’s throat wanting to cut off his breathing. He then drags him over to the ropes and begins choking him out. With the sweat glistening off both of their pumped up bodies, things really begin to heat up in this 24 minute match. Will the outlaw Wes go all wild, wild extreme on Chad’s stunning beach bod and notch his first win? Or can Chad continue to overpower and rule the rebel outlaw until he breaks him? The scorching action leads up to a surprising finish you won’t want to miss!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.