TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan and Tanner Hill vs Chad Daniels

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan and Tanner Hill vs Chad Daniels

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Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan

In what could very well be the best match of the year, the feud between Ethan and Zack continues and it has been going since the very early days of Rock Hard. They first met in Catalog 3 when Ethan was a skinny street punk and Zack was in his prime as a wrestling superstar. At that time, Ethan came to Rock Hard with a chip on his shoulder and was looking to take it out on anybody who opposed him, including the good looking, sexy muscle boys that dominate the roster. In fact, the more muscles his opponent had the more anxious Ethan was to step in the ring with him. In this first match up, the bout went the full three rounds with Ethan surprisingly pulling off the upset. He punched, pounded, and bashed away at Zack’s perfectly muscled body until the muscle boy could not take it another minute and submitted to a suffering ab stretch. Ethan placed his boot on Zack’s chest and flexed his own muscled biceps in defiance and victory. The infamous Z-man was stunned by the loss and quickly wanted to seek revenge. Zack did gain revenge in a 2 on 1 beat down of the skinny street punk when he teamed up with Tyler Reeves in Catalog 4, where they both completely dominated Ethan and left him tied up under an ice cold running shower. After that match, the feud took a break, but Ethan never forgot what happened. When the chance for a rematch came in Catalog 10, Ethan jumped at the chance for revenge. In this match, Zack knew he was challenged by someone on the roster but didn’t know who it was until he stepped into the ring that day. When Ethan revealed himself, Zack was both surprised and astounded that this skinny street punk wanted another shot at him, and the muscle boy was happy to oblige. That turned out to be a big mistake for Zack, as Ethan gained his own total revenge by torturing and brutalizing each and every luscious muscle on Zack’s glorious body. Ethan finished him off in two straight rounds, and in a twist of irony forced the muscle boy into another agonizing ab stretch final submission and again he placed his black boot on Zack’s chest and flexed a double bicep pose. Today, we fast forward over 4 years since these guys have faced off against each other, and a lot has changed since then. Ethan has been hitting the gym building his own newly minted, muscled body and has perfected a vast arsenal of torturous holds in order to inflict even more punishment on the muscle boys. On the other side, Zack has been like a fine wine with both his hot muscled body and wrestling only getting better over time. In fact, he climbed to the top recently when he defeated Austin Cooper in King of the Ring 6. So, with all the backstory between these two superstar wrestlers this match had to be special. And special it is, both guys agreed that all submissions had to be by an ab punishment hold and this was going to be an oil match. But as we’ll find out, each guy had their own definition in mind when they agreed to an oil match! Round one opens with Ethan in the ring going through his pre-match warm-ups until Zack strolls into the gym and begins to stretch and flex his money making muscles in front of the full length mirror. He pumps up his perfect pecs, massive arms, and ripped abs, then asks Ethan to oil up his beautiful body with some of the baby oil he brought. The street punk isn’t amused by the muscle model’s antics and slaps the bottle of baby oil to the ground. Zack doesn’t appreciate that and climbs through the ropes with a serious look on his face ready to get this contest started. Zack scores first wrapping is massive arm around Ethan’s head and cinches a tight headlock on the street punk. He follows that up with a standing hammerlock and bearhug. The muscle model then aggressively whips Ethan across the ring and into a thumping clothesline, but the Z-man isn’t quite finished with him so he backs him against the ropes and connects with a few bitch slaps right across Ethan’s pecs. Zack proceeds to dominate and torture his nemesis for the better part of the round, but late into the round Ethan creates an opening to reverse the action. He challenges the muscle model to a test of strength but before they even lock up the bad boy delivers a quick stomp to Zack’s gut. Ethan begins attacking Zack’s legs at first, then begins an assault on his abs. In the final few minutes of the round, the bad boy is swiftly and surprisingly able to beat down the muscle model with a number of brutal holds. While on the mat, Ethan locks on a figure four leg lock and begins to really crank up the pressure. As Zack suffers and strains to escape, Ethan looks on with a smug grin. Knowing that each round needs to end with an ab punishment submission, Ethan rolls the Z-man on his back, towers over him and thrusts a series of punches into his abs and then locks on a deep driving ab claw. Zack is forced to cry out a submission and Ethan celebrates by kneeling on his opponent’s battered abs and flexes a perfect popping double bicep pose.

In round two, Zack knows he was bested by the street punk but he’s determined he won’t let that happen again. Ethan does gain the upper hand in the beginning with a reverse wrist lock and transitions to a rear choke hold, but Zack is able to score with a running bulldog slam that drives Ethan’s head hard into the mat and nearly knocks him out. Ethan regains the momentum and places Zack’s beautiful body in some devious holds, but when the muscle model connects with a hangman neck breaker he’s able to ride the momentum the rest of the way. Zack tortures the formerly skinny street punk by pulverizing his abs and making him suffer in a body stretching surfboard until he ultimately has him beaten and flat on his back. Zack rears back and shoves an astonishing ab claw into Ethan’s six-pack and doesn’t let go until the street punk submits to end round two. Zack flexes his phenomenal muscles as his fallen enemy grovels on the mat. In round three of this 32 minute match, both of these superstars rely on their vast arsenal of holds and experience to inflict pure pain on their arch enemy. When all of the captivating and stimulating action comes to an end, Ethan claims the victory with a mind blowing finishing sequence that has Zack dazed and knocked out. What happens next? We’re sure you’ll want to see all the dastardly deeds the street punk has in mind for the sexy muscle model once he’s oiled up his racy, ripped muscles!

Tanner Hill vs Chad Daniels

This match brings two successful collegiate athletes into the ring to determine who’s amassed the skills, muscle, and endurance to emerge a winner. Both of these blond studs have recognized success in other sports during their school days in addition to the skills they’ve amassed here at Rock Hard. Chad’s an accomplished track and f ield star and also excelled as a football player, while Tanner shined as a wrestler and more recently has begun standing out as a fitness model and competitor. They both have demonstrated a commitment to maintaining their fantastic physiques with innovative training regimens and a strict diet. The 6’2” Chad has 8 matches under his belt and has pushed many of the superstars, but has only been able to register 1 victory over an even taller Blake Keller in Catalog 23. Tanner has fared a little better in his 6 matches, earning victories over Rex Bedford in Catalog 25 and Wes Richards in Catalog 26. These victories have propelled Tanner’s confidence and he’s recently started to show some signs of cockiness and pleasure in torturing his opponents. More than any other newbie, it seems he may be wrestling his way to the top. As the match opens, Chad is getting in a pre-match boxing workout on the heavy bag in an effort to warm up and get the blood flowing through his inspiring muscled body. Tanner swaggers into the gym, his body looking as fine as ever, and begins to challenge his bigger opponent with a hint of arrogance. Chad is annoyed by the interruption and steps away, removes his gloves, and climbs into the ring. The two blond hunks lock up in a test of strength to start things off, and Tanner surprises Chad with a transition to a double leg takedown and slams him to the mat. Chad gets to his feet but then Tanner shoves him into the turnbuckle and connects with a few jabs to Chad’s sexy six-pack before suplexing him out of the far corner. Tanner stares down at a stunned Chad with a smug smirk on his face, then places his muscular legs around Chad’s torso and begins squeezing and also assaulting his abs. Tanner continues to control Chad; whipping him around the ring and systematically beating up on his already sore midsection, lifting the big guy up and power slamming him hard into the mat, and stretching his red hot beach bod out on the mat with a brutal bow and arrow. Chad suffers beautifully as Tanner beams with a sly grin watching his opponent suffer. But just when you think the blond boxer won’t be able to tolerate the punishment much longer he seizes an opening. As Tanner has Chad squirming in a standing full nelson, he’s able to reverse the teen bodybuilder. Chad hoists Tanner into a reverse bearhug then drives him face first into the corner turnbuckle. Tanner crumbles to the mat and Chad stays on the attack. He starts stomping away on his legs, then delivers payback with a series of hard jabs into the teen’s prized ripped abs. Chad is steamed and the action has dramatically shifted in his favor. The big guy stays on the att ack; punching, stretching, and stomping all over the teen bodybuilder’s intoxicating muscular body. Ultimately, Tanner is struggling to stand up as Chad puts a heavy pounding on him in the corner. Chad then lifts the smaller Tanner over his head and slams his body to the mat. As he lay on the mat rubbing his sore abs, Chad then hoists him up and over his shoulder into a backbreaker, walking him around the ring until the teenage muscle stud has no other choice but to cry out a submission to end the first round. Chad places his boot on Tanner’s aching abs and strikes a double bicep flex in victory.

Round two begins with Tanner buckled over in his corner, trying to rub the pain off his battered back after an embarrassing loss in round one. The two tie up and Chad shows no mercy for the teenage muscle stud, picking him up way over his head and slamming him down in the center of the ring. The boxer circles around his prey as he lay agonizing on the mat, before pulling him to his feet by his hair and then whipping across the ring and flooring him with a shivering forearm clothesline. Chad continues to dominate the action, that is until Tanner finally gets a second wind and reverses the momentum with a quick suplex on his bigger opponent. He follows up with a double sided camel clutch, flexing his big baseball biceps in Chad’s face as he suffers. Tanner’s been in enough matches to know he needs to ride this momentum to a win in this round to even the match, and that’s exactly what he does. He runs Chad through a gauntlet of painful and demoralizing holds before finishing the blond boxer off with an excruciating banana split that has Chad split wide open and sorely screaming out a submission. Chad’s sweat soaked body lies defeated on the mat while Tanner flexes his hot teen bod in conquest. The third and final round has Tanner controlling the early action with a standing full nelson and then a standing surfboard as Chad is laced through the ropes. Will the fitness fanatic be able to outmaneuver Chad and KO the boxer’s hopes of another victory? Or, can Chad overpower the smaller teen bodybuilder and add another win to his record? All the sensational action leads to one of these blond studs knocked out and unconscious with the winner drenched in sweat and victorious!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.