TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Austin Cooper vs Jax Brewer and Ethan Andrews vs Rex Bedford

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Austin Cooper vs Jax Brewer

Welcome to Rock Hard 2.0. During the last 6 months, we here at Rock Hard have been working enthusiastically to bring significant improvements to you our customers. These improvements include: a fresh, new look to the website, a brand spanking new gym, and of course more of the hottest new wrestlers on the planet! When the word got out that we were building a new gym that would have a more intimate feel for our matches, a slew of new wrestlers were lining up with interest. They wanted to be a part of something big, and knew they would have their chance to take on the best roster in underground wrestling today. We chose the best of the best from the group and invited them in. This match-up is the inaugural match in the new top notch facility, and it promises to kick off a new exciting era. Who better to initiate the action than the reigning King of the Ring, Austin Cooper? On the other side of the ring is a wet behind the ears rookie, who claims to be the future champ, Jax Brewer. Jax has a spectacular body, sexy furry chest, and a smile that belongs on a billboard. He begged for the opportunity to wrestle in this match, and we thought our customers deserved a special treat for this historic event. Jax is so eager he enters the studio all set to go; he’s in a black hoodie, lightning bolt trunks and white boots. He bursts through the door seeking out his opponent. He turns the corner, states he’s here to wrestle somebody and that somebody’s ordered an ass-kicking. Strong words for a guy who has yet to wrestle a single match! He notices an ‘iron pumper’ across the ring and calls out to him. The ‘iron pumper’ turns out to be Austin who barely takes notice of the newbie. They trade some barbs, compare their massive quads, until Austin tells him ‘you get into the ring if you want to die today’. The two brawny boys climb through the ropes to get it on! Of course, Coop scores first with a duck under takedown and asks the golden boy ‘you want to leave?’, and Jax replies ‘no, someone ordered and ass-kicking and I’m here to deliver it’. Coop isn’t buying it and he begins working over Jax’s college boy muscles. He attacks Jax’s thighs before stretching out his back and chest in an excruciating camel clutch. Austin continues to dominate Jax, almost toying with the rookie, tossing him around, placing him in painful holds, and attacking his perfect furry torso. The rookie doesn’t help his situation by calling Coop a fat pussy. The reigning King of the Ring wonders if this kid even knows who he’s wrestling and doesn’t take to kindly to those words, so he continues beating the newbie around the ring. He tortures Jax’s body in a boston crab, chokes him over the rope, bashes his abs in the corner, then stretches him out in a surfboard. All the while, Jax doesn’t stop with his trash talking, even though he hasn’t been able to mount any type of offense. But that soon changes, while Austin is pulling the golden boy to his feet, Jax scores with a burst of energy and scoops Coop up into the air with a double leg. He walks Coop around the ring before dropping the red head to the mat, straddles him and connects with several heavy forearm shivers to his chest. He then wraps his giant quads around Coop’s body and scissors and squeezes while he shoves his head into the mat. Seems Jax does know some moves, and with his attitude and brawn, is able to back up his smack. Jax continues to get some good shots in on the experienced tactician, even bashing away at his abs as he’s backed against the ropes. But this only makes Coop angry and he turns the tables on the rookie. He yanks, pulls, and stretches Jax’s gorgeous muscles with an ab stretch in an attempt at a submission, but Jax doesn’t cooperate. So, Coop makes the golden boy’s abs red as he’s strung up in the corner, then hoists him up over his shoulder. Austin has the rookie right where he wants, and he forces a submission out of him to end round one. Coop celebrates, flexing his beefy muscles over the fallen rookie.

This new studio holds the heat, and as round two begins the sweat starts to glisten off both of these hard bodies. Jax is still trying to shake of the soreness from round one as Austin plays the oldest trick in the book on the novice. This results in Coop’s size 11 boot in Jax’s perfect 8-pack abs before he locks on a double leg boston crab. Coop continues to attack the golden boy’s thick back and muscular legs. He lifts him into a reverse bear hug, slams his head into the corner ring post, then gouges his eyes as he cranks back on his neck. Austin has controlled all the action so far, and goes for a second straight submission with a wishbone on Jax’s legs that threaten to rip his crotch apart. But, the rookie still won’t submit and survives the distress. Coop torments him as he lay on the mat, saying you’ll never be the champ, but this seems to inspire the rookie. He reverses the action, takes the tactician to the mat and then flips him over, leans back on his butt and applies immense pressure on Coop’s lower back. He taunts the red head asking ‘who’s your daddy now?’, and proclaiming ‘I’m the champ’ as he ratchets up the pain. Jax lifts him to his feet, whips him across the ring, then floors him with a clothesline. Coop is stunned and the golden boy seizes the moment to go for a pin count. Can the golden boy, and self-proclaimed future champ, wrap up a victory in round two and possibly score one of the biggest upsets in RHW history in this historic match? Or, will Austin turn the tables and tarnish the golden boy’s image with a second submission? Can this be the start of a new era with a rookie uprising, or will the veterans hold onto their top spots? Stay tuned for all the hot, sweaty, and sexy new action in the months to come, this is Rock Hard 2.0!

Ethan Andrews vs Rex Bedford

This match features an emerging MMA fighter, Rex Bedford, going up against an experienced ring wrestler, Ethan Andrews, who is known to thoroughly enjoy beating up on the muscle boys. And Rex is one special muscle boy. He’s both an experienced amateur wrestler and is climbing the ladder in MMA. He’s built a jaw dropping physique with impressive arms, chest, and legs, all topped off by an amazing 8-pack of shredded abs. Rex is another guy who was standing in-line to join the roster. He knows to become the best, he’s got to beat the best. And he’s taking on one of the best and the baddest. Ethan has made a living chewing up and spitting out some of the most famous fitness models in the business. He’s owned the muscles of Zack Johnathan, Tyler Reeves, Jake Jenkins, Josh Steel, Brodie Fisher, and Bruce Ballard, so I don’t think he has any doubts he’ll own newbie Rex’s glorious muscles at the end of this match. This match starts with Rex getting his mojo on with some work on the heavy bag. Ethan comes around the corner in new black silver studded trunks, black boots, and a new haircut, looking like daddy dominator. He’s salivating at the thought of working over Rex’s muscled bod. The bad boy climbs through the ropes, notices Rex on the other side, and immediately starts with the trash talking. He tells Rex ‘I don’t know if you noticed but the sign on the front door says wrestling’ and Rex replies, ‘that’s why I’m here’. The MMA fighter enters the ring, takes off his gloves and round one begins. The two tie up in the center of the ring and the bad boy scores first by forcing Rex back into the turnbuckle and quickly attacks his prized abs. Ethan then snap mares him out of the corner, but doesn’t stop there, he gives Rex a quick tour of the ring with two more snap mares. He then settles Rex in to a nice chin lock, placing his knee into the newbie’s spine and yanking back on his chin. The bad boy transitions to a head lock, then applies a tight leg scissors around Rex’s abs. Ethan doesn’t stop there, he brings him to his feet with a reverse choke, drives him into the corner and connects with a left jab to the abs. The bad boy’s put the rookie through 7 or 8 different holds and Rex has barely had a chance to take a breath. Ethan continues the beating, whipping him into the opposite corner, scoring with a big splash, then as Rex is slumped in the corner he drives his size 11 black boot down his throat. Poor Rex doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. The only one who’s used an MMA move so far in this match is Ethan! The bad boy continues to bash away at the muscle boy’s abs at every turn. He whips Rex into a clothesline then berates the rookie as he grovels on the mat. Ethan then scissors one arm, controls the other arm with an armbar which places Rex’s abs wide open for a beating as he stares helplessly up at the ceiling. He tries every way possible to escape but this is one of Ethan’s signature holds and there’s no way of getting out until the bad boy decides to release the hold. Ethan begins delivering the ab punishment, connecting with a series of hard fists into his perfect 8-pack, then amps up the pain by driving his fingers deep into Rex’s abs with a painful claw hold. The bad boy also makes his best effort to rip Rex’s ripped abs right out of his body. Perhaps as a trophy? But when Ethan makes a slight miscalculation Rex is ready to bounce. He catches the street punk in a MMA arm bar that arches his lean muscled body and highlights Ethan’s prized package as its arched pointed to the ceiling. Rex starts going to town on the dominator’s daddy new hot bod and hairstyle. He dishes out some pain of his own with his high skilled MMA moves, and even retaliates with some ab bashing of his own on the street punk. If you’ve been following Ethan’s career, you know he’s been in this position many times and has manage to turn the tide. He does is again in this round. First he makes Rex suffer in a figure four leg lock, the uses a figure four head choke to finish the muscled MMA fighter off in round one. Ethan watches Rex twitch before he’s knocked out by the hold. Daddy dominator scores victory in round one, places his boot on Rex’s sweaty bod and flexes his own bulging biceps.

Ethan takes the offense in round two, toying with the muscle boy and putting Rex’s sweaty muscled body on display for all to enjoy, though the bad boy seems to be enjoying it the most. The new studio holds the heat and the sweat builds up quick. However, it’s not all Ethan in this round like it was in the previous round. Rex makes a comeback with his cage skills, and has the tall street punk stretched out over his knee in a backbreaker that could set up his own knock out finish to end round two. Who’s the daddy now?! Does Rex get his payback and tie this hot, hot match up at one round apiece? Or will Ethan take back his daddy dominator role and end the knockout games in two straight knock outs? You’ll have to watch to find out!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.