Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan

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Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan (Trilogy Series - Part 2)

Zack's in the gym in the middle of working up a good sweat, pumping up his bulging biceps and massive chest when he hears Ethan calling him out from the ring. Ethan, confident and cocky after the brutal ab bashing he gave Tyler Reeves in his first match here at RHW (Trilogy Series - Part 1), has been looking for the next muscle boy to beat down. He calls out to Zack, hey douche bag and taunts him to show him what he’s got. Zack, never one to back down from anybody, climbs into the ring with the sweat glistening off of his perfectly sculpted body, and asks Ethan if he thinks he can handle this? Zack strips down to a tight, blue speedo and proclaims he’s ready 24/7. The two experienced wrestlers tie up in the center of the ring and the street punk quickly plants a few well placed kicks to the fitness models midsection. He then throws him against the ropes, and delivers a clothesline that sends Zack flat to the mat. Zack gets up and turns things around, throwing Ethan across the ring setting him up for his own clothesline. Zack taunts him how do you like that punk?. Ethan comes to his feet, backs the muscle boy against the ropes and starts pounding and sending several knees into Zack’s abs. At one point, the street punk Ethan taunts Zack as he applies a tight arm bar on his massively muscled arm, asking come on muscle boy, what do you got?. The opening round goes back and forth with each wrestler working the other one over, and inflicting as much pain as possible to try to gain a submission. Zack has Ethan backed into the turnbuckle and starts pounding away at his midsection, but after doing some trash talking, he leaves an opening for the street punk to gain the momentum by taking Zack down to the mat. Ethan starts bashing away at the muscle models abs, and then locks on a tight Boston crab that has Zack reaching for the ropes and looking for some way to escape. Ethan continues to deliver the punishment to Zack’s abs and back, which sets him up for a kneeling hangman that has Zack stretched out to the max and that beautiful body on full display in the center of the ring. When Zack refuses to submit to the hangman, Ethan picks him up by his hair to his feet, turns him around, and then drops him over his knee for an over the knee backbreaker that stretches the muscle model out even more, inflicting more pain to his back, which forces him to tap out a first round submission to the skinny street punk Ethan.

Round two opens up with Ethan asking ready to go down a second time?, and Zack replying over my dead body!. Zack draws on all of his experience in this second round, knowing that he has to win it to even up the match. Zack starts working over the street punks back with a variety of holds; a single leg Boston crab, surfboard, and then tries to put him away with a sleeper hold. Ethan resorts to some dirty tactics and rakes Zack’s eyes to escape and then regains some of the momentum. That is short lived though, as Zack hoists Ethan up over his back, throws him down to the mat, and locks on a bow and arrow which has Ethan stretched out, screaming out in agony, and on the verge of submitting, as Zack’s muscles ripple and flex as he applies more pressure. When Ethan wont submit, Zack decides to pick him up, lift him over his head, and puts him in Zack’s version of the torture rack and then bounces him up and down across his back until Ethan can't take it anymore, and screams out a second round submission. The match is all even at one round a piece!

Both of these wrestlers know there is a lot on the line in this third round, and as the third round starts Ethan is buckled over in his corner still feeling the affects on his back from the Zack’s torture rack. Zack decides to take full advantage and races across the ring to deliver a two fisted pounding to Ethan’s back. Zack goes back on the attack on the street punk and picks him up and drops him across his knee for an over the knee back breaker, asking him to submit. Ethan is able to endure the pain, and when Zack slips up and provides a little opening, Ethan takes advantage. Ethan goes back to pounding, bashing, and clawing Zack’s abs. He asks Zack to submit as he drives an ab claw into Zack’s six pack abs, straddling the muscle boy in the center of the ring. He continues to control the action, taking Zack down to the mat and pounding away at the muscle models flawless mid section, setting him up for a standing ab stretch. When Zack wont submit, Ethan starts delivering a few fists into Zack’s abs until Zack cant withstand the pain any longer and is forced to submit to the smaller street punk. Round three, and the match goes to Ethan, as he mocks the muscle boy by placing his boot on Zack’s abs and flexing his own double bicep shot to the camera. The street punk Ethan continues with his assault on the RHW muscle boys!


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