Shawn Lawson vs Brody Hancock

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Shawn Lawson vs Brody Hancock

Brody, already in the ring when Shawn enters flexing his bulging biceps, isn't impressed and pops his own signature bicep shot. Shawn sneers and calls him puny, which only antagonizes the Indy wrestler who's been on a terror of late beating all opponents. Right then, Brody challenges the boxer Shawn to an arm wrestling match in the center of the ring. They get down, square off, and lock up to settle this score. Surprisingly, Shawn seems bored with it all and unimpressed with those baseball sized biceps of Brody that pop out of his arms. Shawn taunts him, before kicking it in with his own brute strength, forcing the back of Brody's hand to the mat for a victory. Brody's completely ticked off by this turn of events and challenges the boxer to a best of three wrestling match. The two square off, exchange a few slaps in the face, and the action gets started.Surprisingly, Shawn makes the first move and takes the Indy wrestler down and cranks on an arm and chin lock that has Brody crying out in pain. Brody counters with a leg lock that has Shawn squirming, smarting, and sweating. Things heat up in this first round as Shawn utilizes his amateur wrestling experience to keep Brody off guard. Brody locks in a torturous arm bar hoping for a submission, but Shawn manages to escape and surprise Brody by locking on a camel clutch that has him screaming out a stunning first round submission. Is this going to be the end of Brody's winning streak here at RHW?

Round two opens with the sweat gleaming off of both of these well muscled bodies, and Brody immediately going on the attack. He's ticked off enough that he's lost one round to Shawn and he's determined to not loose another, which would bring a halt to his dominance in the ring. He takes the boxer down and starts working him over real good, putting him through a series of painful holds. A chin lock has Brody forcing Shawn to mug for the camera, and then he tosses Shawn into the ropes and delivers a few kicks to the body. Brody starts a steady assault on Shawn's back declaring this round is going to be over quick!He continues to pummel Shawn and tosses him across the ring. He sets him up for a three count with an over the knee backbreaker and evens this match up at one round apiece. He then flexes his signature single bicep pose for his fans, and you can see Brody's in no mood for his win streak end anytime soon.

Round three starts with Brody immediately going back on the attack, with Shawn still stunned from that backbreaker. Brody cinches on a headlock, and then rakes Shawn's throat over the top rope chocking him out. This has Shawn in trouble, and close to losing this match. Brody tosses him onto the mat, and goes for another three count but Shawn summons up enough energy to kick out. Brody locks on a full nelson and hoists the ripped muscled boxer up to his knees, putting him on display for the camera. Is this the beginning of the end for Shawn, so close to handing Brody his first defeat, or will he make a stunning comeback and pull off a dramatic upset?


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