Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker (KOTR 3)

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Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker

This match was inevitable, and its only fitting that it was set up as a King of the Ring Match. Both Ethan and Dash are current superstars, with Ethan having considerably more experience inside the ring and Dash being the reigning King of the Ring after defeating Alex Waters in KOTR 2. But, its the recent history that makes this match up so exciting. Ethan teamed with Gage Cardona as the Green Team to not only defeat the Dream Team of Dash and Alex Waters, but also humiliated them the after match was over. After claiming victory, the two lean bad boys strung up the two bodybuilders and pulverized their muscles so that they were sore for at least a week. Ethan gained lots of confidence from that match, and Dash was a sore, sore loser after that defeat. Both of these guys have been salivating to get their hands on one another. This being a King of the Ring match, one of these guys is going to have to make their opponent submit three times before being crowned the winner of this KOTR 3. The first round opens with a little trash talking, Ethan bragging he’s won a lot more matches than Dash, and Dash telling him he’s going to need to win three rounds today to chalk up a victory. They lock up in a test of strength to start the action, and though Dash's power is superior Ethan gains the advantage first with a swift boot to the bodybuilders killer abs. Dash falls to his knees and before he knows, the bad boy has him locked up with an arm bar. Ethan cranks on that for a while, then ties up both arms of the bodybuilder with his long legs. Dash is perplexed and in trouble as he’s totally at the will of Ethan at this moment. Dash's ripped six pack abs are openly exposed as he’s trapped in the hold, and everybody knows that Ethan loves bashing away at the muscle boy’s abs, and thats exactly what he begins to do to Dash. The bad boy releases the hold and transitions into a reverse figure four leg lock and camel clutch combination that places extreme pressure on the bodybuilders back. But so early in the round, Dash is no way going to submit at this point, he endures the punishment and then strikes with the first low blow of the contest. He connects with an uppercut right into the bad boys infamous humungous package causing him to wilt in pain to the mat. Dash stomps on Ethan's legs for payback and to weaken them, then begins a calculated attack on the lean muscled bad boys back. The bodybuilders power advantage takes over from here; he places Ethan in an agonizing single leg Boston crab, then lifts him high above the mat and drops him down over his knee into a backbreaker inflicting more pain on the street punks back. Ethan cries out in pain until Dash shoves him to the mat. Ethan uses the ropes to climb to his feet, but Dash is there to sling him across the ring into a thumping clothesline. Dash senses its time to finish, so he locks Ethan's legs and rocks him up onto his knees in a suspended bow and arrow. Ethan is stretched out in severe pain with no way to escape. Dash applies the pressure until the bad boy screams out a submission to end the suffering. Dash brags this is easier than I thought then flexes his glorious muscles to claim round one. Dash1, Ethan0.

Round two starts with Ethan trying to shake off the pain and also flipping the finger to Dash across the ring. Its evident he’s still shaken as he staggers out of his corner, but Dash isn’t about to let up on him. He shoves the bad boy into the ropes and as he bounces back Dash scoops him up and slams him to the mat, he follows that with a clothesline, then drives a series of knees into Ethan's lower back. It appears Dash's strategy is to weaken the back. But, Ethan hasn’t racked up his impressive win total without knowing how to endure punishment. In fact, he seems to thrive and feed off of it. Dash continues with whipping Ethan across the ring into opposite turnbuckles, but as Dash comes charging across Ethan connects with an elbow to the bodybuilders jaw. The bad boy goes back on the attack on Dash's legs. He delivers a few boots to the hamstring before locking on a tight figure four leg lock which has the bodybuilder in anguish. Ethan keeps the hold on for a while, exerting more and more pressure. But Dash wont give so he releases the hold, then delivers a forearm uppercut to the jaw as the bodybuilder was getting to his feet. Ethan has found his mojo in this round and isn’t letting up! He drags Dash over to the ropes to torture him while disfiguring his face. Dash's body has taken a beating, so Ethan drags him to the center of the ring. The bad boy sits behind him, and laces his long legs around Dash's massive arms, locking his ankles behind his neck which stretches the bodybuilders massive arms to the limit. Dash squirms and squiggles trying to escape but Ethan has it locked on tight and eventually Dash has no other choice but to submit. Ethan flexes his muscles over a fallen Dash to take round two. Dash-1, Ethan-1.

It’s all evened up at one round a piece, so one of these guys needs to win two more rounds to prove he’s the King of the Ring. Can the street punk, bad boy take the big bodybuilder down by continuing his assault on the reigning King of the Rings massive legs and ripped abs? Or will Dash turn the tables and use some dirty tricks and his massive muscles to force Ethan to submit twice more? This match does go a full five rounds and 35 minutes to determine the winner, and it climaxes with a surprising finish as one of these superstars ends it all in a flash to claim King of the Ring. An instant classic you need to see!

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