Brody Hancock & Ethan Andrews vs Cody Nelson & Troy Nelson

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Brody Hancock & Ethan Andrews vs Cody Nelson & Troy Nelson

This tag team match up showcases two teams who rely on different strengths, Brody and Ethan are both seasoned wrestlers who can strategically break down their opponent to submission, while the Nelson brothers are relatively new to wrestling but bring raw muscular power and a strong competitive nature into their matches. The match opens with Brody and Ethan in their speedos and boots, while Cody and Troy enter the ring in contrasting red and black singlets that cling tightly to their sizzling, sculpted physiques. Brody and Ethan stare across the ring at the fitness model brothers, eager to rip into their piping hot bodies and teach them a wrestling lesson they wont soon forget. Brody and Troy start things off in round one, and Brody immediately takes control of the teen bodybuilder, connecting with a knee to the midsection, smashing a forearm across the back, and then twisting Troys muscular arm around his leg, which has the teen bodybuilder already screaming out in pain. Brody quickly tags in Ethan, and the street punk is quick to place a couple fists into Troys chest, which drops him to the mat, and Ethan follows up with several stomps to his gut. Ethan is salivating at the opportunity to inflict some punishment on the teen muscle boy, and get back to his winning ways of taking out the Rock Hard muscle studs. Ethan gets a few more shots on Troy, before he is able to escape and tag in his older brother. Cody enters the ring and uses his raw muscular power on Ethan, which has the street punk crawling over to his corner to tag in his partner. Brody steps through the ropes and starts to take control to the bigger muscle stud, working over his massive legs with a few kicks and an MMA style leg lock. Cody makes a comeback and scoops the Indy wrestler up over his head for a power slam that that shakes the ring and stuns Brody. Cody is able to back him up into his corner, then starts pounding away at Brody’s abs. Brody is able to work his way out of the Nelson brothers corner, and summons up enough strength to turn the momentum of the round back in his favor by going back to working over Cody’s huge legs and bringing the muscle stud down to the mat. Brody locks on a double leg Boston crab which has his back muscles twitching in pain, and Cody squirming for any way out. When the muscle stud refuses to submit to the Boston crab, Brody rolls him over, locks on a figure four leg lock, and exerts so much pain on Cody’s muscular thighs that he has no choice but to tap out to the smaller Indy wrestler. Round one goes to the smaller, but more experienced tag team, as Brody tosses Cody to the side and proclaims victory flashing a number one sign in the air for all to see.

Brody and Cody are back in the ring to start things off for round two. In this round, you can sense the Nelson brothers are determined to use their size and considerable strength advantage to take control of Brody and Ethan. Brody and Cody exchange some blows, but Cody quickly tags in his little brother for him to launch an assault on the Indy wrestler. Troy immediately locks on a full nelson with Brody still down on his knees, stretches him out, before pulling him back into his lap and wrapping his massive, muscular thighs around his waist, stretching his muscular torso out on full display. Ethan tags in and starts stomping and pounding away the muscular teen bodybuilder, straddling across him and delivering a barrage of fists into Troys ripped abs. The street punk continues to dish out the punishment on Troy, whipping him into the corner turnbuckle and thrusting several shoulder blocks directly into Troys massive chest. This weakens the teen bodybuilder until he slumps to the mat, where Ethan drags him out by his feet and locks on a reverse figure four leg lock that has the muscle boy arching back in pain. Troy is eventually able to escape, and returns the punishment with his version of a double leg Boston crap, which has the street punk screaming in pain, as Troy taunts him saying come on punk, lets go. These two combatants continue to go after each other for the remainder of this round, until Troy delivers several hard elbow drops onto Ethan’s back, which cause some serious damage. Ethan is never able to recover from this beating, and Troy works him over with another attack on his back. When Ethan refuses to tap out, Troy scrapes him off the mat, throws in a full nelson, and then wraps in massive thunder thighs across the street punks skinny waist, stretches him out, and flexes his muscles to the max until Ethan finally has to tap out a submission. Team Nelson brothers take round two, as the teen bodybuilder flexes his award winning biceps over the broken street punk.

Round three opens with Ethan and Troy back in the ring to start things off, and Cody coaching his younger brother to take control at the start. Troy does just that early on in the round, but you can see that Ethan is pissed off about submitting to the teen bodybuilder in round two, and he has payback on his mind. Ethan is able to regain the momentum and starts putting the muscle teen through a series of torturing holds, attacking every muscle, and ripping Troys singlet straps down to start bashing away at his perfectly sculpted chest. The street punk dishes out some serious pain on the hot muscled teen which leads up to a match ending, phenomenal, dual submission on the hot bodied Nelson brothers in the center of the ring, and leaves them withering in pain while Brody and Ethan proudly pose over another of their fallen muscle stud opponents. A spectacular finish you don’t want to miss!

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