TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Jake Jenkins vs Matt Engel and Alex Waters vs Logan Matthews

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Jake Jenkins vs Matt Engel and Alex Waters vs Logan Matthews

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Jake Jenkins vs Matt Engel

Jake returns! Jake has been away from wrestling for a while to concentrate on his career, and once he was ready to make a comeback he picked up the phone and contacted Rock Hard Wrestling. Jake has noticed the likes of the new superstars to join the Rock Hard roster and how they have been dominating the action, and he’s anxious to get his hands on these young guns. But, for his first match back, he’s matched up against a new rookie, Matt Engel. Matt is a bodybuilder and fitness model who has mma experience but not a whole lot of wrestling experience. He’s blond haired, blue eyed, 5’9” and 155 lbs of pure muscle. He’s confident he’ll be able to compete with the other the other incredible fitness models turned wrestlers on the roster. Round one starts with Jake in his signature red square cut trunks and black boots, and Matt in blue trunks and white boots that highlight his fabulous physique. Jake asks ‘so you’re the new guy, been waiting for my chance to get a shot at you’, testing the rookie right away to see what he’s made off. But the blond muscle boy isn’t intimidated, and they quickly lock up to kick off the action. Jake takes control with a headlock, walks the rookie around a bit before suplexing him to the mat. He drags the rookie to his feet then throws him into the corner turnbuckle and drives his shoulder repeatedly into Matt’s ripped 8-pack abs. Jake continues tossing him around the ring and bashing away at his abs, but Matt and his muscles aren’t going to give in that easy. The blond bombshell is able to roll away from a flying elbow drop and promptly goes on the attack. He stomps Jake down to the mat with his massive thighs, then clamps a full nelson on a stunned Jake. Matt wraps his massive thighs around the reigning superstar’s waist and squeezes with all his might and delivers a few elbows to Jake’s sweaty back. Matt clearly is enjoying his control as he grins and forces Jake to eat some mat. The blond bodybuilder stands up and places his boot on Jake’s suffering body, proudly poses his spectacular muscles over a stunned, whimpering Jake. But when Jake gets to his feet, he relies on his experience and is able to duck under the rookie and place him in a standing full nelson. Jake stretches the muscle boy’s body out to the max, forcing Matt to stand on his tip toes to alleviate the extreme pain. Jake is back in control and slams Matt to the mat and places his own full nelson and leg scissor combo on the rookie. He stretches Matt’s muscles out for a while, then starts an attack Matt’s massive legs. Jake makes the rookie suffer in an excruciating leg lock before dragging him back to his feet. The sweat is staring to pour off both of their muscular bodies while Jake continues his beating. He sends Matt across the ring into a clothesline that floors the rookie, then tosses him over his head to soften him up. Matt and his muscles are bewildered by the attack, and Jake seizes the moment to finish him off. He places Matt’s spectacular abs in a kneeling ab stretch that has the blond bodybuilder moaning out in pain as Jake slaps away at his impressive midsection. Jake tells him he’s going to finish him to one of his favorite songs, saying ‘this is the end’ as he stretches and bashes Matt’s abs until he cries out a submission. Jake’s experience gets the better of the rookie in round one, as Jake kneels over his opponent and flexes his own impressive sweaty muscles for victory in round one.

Round two opens with Jake asking the rookie ‘how you feeling after that round rookie’, and Matt retorts ‘I’m still standing’. Jake connects with a cheap shot, then follows that up with a standing head scissors around Matt’s head that turns into Jake pumping out some pushups and driving the blond muscle stud’s head up and down on the mat. Jake the machine continues to dominate and torment his opponent with a boston crab, a flying elbow off the corner ropes, and driving an ab claw down deep into Matt’s rippled and ripped abs. But Matt is able to endure the punishment and ducks under a clothesline attempt to deliver the same on Jake, which sends him flying through the air and down to the mat. The bodybuilder rookie turns the tables on Jake by using his mma experience and impressive muscles to inflict agony on Jake’s sweat soaked body. He scoops Jake up and slams him to the mat, then secures a mma style leg lock that has the veteran squirming, squealing, and searching for a way to escape. Matt chuckles as he makes Jake suffer for what must seem like forever in the hold before releasing it, standing up and then connecting with a leg drop across the machine’s abs. Jake is moaning and groaning thru the abuse his body is taking, but Matt is not letting up and picks him up by his black hair, then sends him on a high flying suplex. Jake arches his back in pain, and is in some real trouble. Matt connects with an elbow to Jake’s head, then pulls him back into his lap, wraps his bulging biceps around Jake’s throat and starts squeezing with a rear naked choke hold. Jake is worn out and beaten down, and can’t seem to muster the strength to escape the hold. The blond bombshell flexes every muscle applying maximum pressure until Jake screams out a submission to end round two. Matt gets to his feet, gives Jake a kick for good measure, then places his white boot on Jake’s sweaty abs and flexes his own rippled abs in celebration of winning round two. The third and deciding round to this stunningly close match begins with Matt back on the attack, taking control with a headlock then a leg scissors around Jake’s waist. Can it be that the rookie, blond bodybuilder and his impressive muscles shock the world with a debut match victory against Jake? Or can Jake summon up the strength and his vast arsenal of wrestling holds to regain the control and add another defeated foe to his resume? You’ll want to see all the astonishing action in Jake’s return to the ring to find out if Jake returns with a bang, or a whimper?

Alex Waters vs Logan Matthews

The college fratboy Alex has been on quite a roll since his debut, racking up an impressive 3-1 record. With each passing match he gains more confidence and becomes slightly cockier with his abilities. When he heard that he was going to take on the new rookie Logan, a wide grin stretched from ear to ear across his movie star face. He heard Logan got destroyed in his debut match against the world class fitness model and seasoned veteran Zack Johnathan, and couldn’t wait to teach the rookie his own lesson. Quite frankly, we were surprised Logan even came back to the gym after the beating Zack put on the poor boy’s body. But here he is, ready to step into the ring against one of the roster’s rising young guns. Seemingly, Logan didn’t learn much respect for the ring during his last match, as he climbs through the ropes wearing a white gold chain around his neck. This guy needs to learn another hard lesson about ring wrestling, and Alex seems to be delighted about the opportunity to deliver that lesson. Round one opens with Alex sizing the new guy up and asking ‘what are you wearing jewelry for?’, as he notices Logan wearing a chain around his neck. The rookie says ‘don’t be mad because I look better than you’. They lock up and Alex swiftly connects with a knee to the rookie’s abs, then scoops him up, walks him around, then drops him to the mat. The cocky fratboy stomps on Logan’s body while telling him ‘you need a tan man.’ Alex drags him to his feet, scoop slams him once more before wrapping his mighty thighs around Logan’s waist. The fratboy is teaching the rookie what control is all about as he squeezes away on his torso and continues tugging and pulling on his arm and shoulder tormenting the newbie. Alex continues the wrestling lesson by dragging Logan up to his feet by his black locks then tosses him into the corner and delivers three solid knees into his midsection. The rookie moans in pain as he crumbles to the mat, before Alex drags his white, limp body over to the ropes and places his neck and the chain across the bottom rope choking him out, proclaiming ‘this is too easy!’ The cocky fratboy has boosted his arsenal of holds since joining Rock Hard, and decides it’s time for a little torture on the rookie. He laces Logan’s hairy torso through the black ring ropes and starts to yank back on his chin, stretching his lean body out and amplifying the pain. The rookie is on defense and to this point hasn’t shown he’s going to be able to reverse the action. Alex continues to dominate the rookie with a grapevine and chokehold combo, then forces the rookie to eat some mat driving his face down into the blue vinyl, before placing his lanky body into a seated wishbone hold and pulling back on his leg and arm stretching the poor rookie’s body to the max. All the while Alex has been eyeing up the white gold chain Logan arrogantly wore into the ring. But when the cocky fratboy pauses to fix his hair, the rookie slaps a full nelson on his opponent and uses his height advantage to hoist the shorter Alex up off his feet and parade him around the ring. After he drops him to the mat, Alex makes his way over to the ropes, but then Logan delivers some payback. He laces Alex’s perfectly muscled body through the ropes and stretches his massive arms and chest muscles with a rookie variation of a standing surfboard. The rookie’s control doesn’t last long though, as Alex catches him with an ankle pick to regain command. The muscular fratboy makes the rookie suffer placing him in his own standing surfboard, working him over to wear him down by applying immense pressure on Logan’s arms and shoulders. Alex has worked up a good lather and thinks it’s time to finish the rookie off. He scoop slams him once, then pulls Logan’s arms back across his knees into a camel clutch. Alex cups the rookie’s chin and begins flexing his mighty muscles, cranking back on the chin, all the while eyeing up that chain. The cocky fratboy has the rookie’s back arched back in pain commanding him to submit. Logan resists as long as he can until Alex forces him to scream out a submission three times before he breaks his back. As Logan lay hurting on the mat, Alex unchains the rookie by seizing the chain off of his neck. Alex then proudly poses, showing off his impressive 15 ½” biceps and his new white gold chain, relishing his conquest.

Round two and Alex is getting cockier as the match proceeds. He asks Logan ‘how’d you like that last round?’, and astonishingly the rookie replies ‘I’m just getting warmed up’ as he limps to the center of the ring. Alex proclaims ‘this round is going to be quick’ and challenges the battered rookie to a test of strength. Of course the rookie bites and the fratboy cheap shots him with a swift kick to his abs and then his knee. The rookie drops to the mat, Alex pulls him to his feet, whips him across the ring and floors him with a clothesline across his chest. The muscle stud stays on the attack and places his boots on Logan’s shoulders, then grabs his arms and starts pulling and stretching his battered body. Alex continues the beating, scissoring his legs around Logan’s throat and cranking on a mma style arm bar. Alex was spot on with his proclamation that this is going to be quick because he pummels and punishes every inch of the rookie’s body in this round. The skeptic newbie is so beaten down he can’t even put up a defense. For nearly ten minutes, the cocky fratboy dishes out a beating on Logan, getting ready to finish him off and end this squash job. Alex places his boot over Logan’s throat as he lays helpless on the mat, he backs him into the corner and bashes his abs, before hoisting his limp body up across his shoulders into a torture rack. The fratboy parades his prey around the ring before he ultimately submits, then drops him to the mat. Alex picks up what his now his white gold chain musing that he may just take it to the pawn shop as he exits the ring, adding another victory to his impressive winning record!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.