TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Austin Cooper vs Tanner Hill and Rex Bedford vs Jax Brewer

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Austin Cooper vs Tanner Hill

The rookie Tanner had a difficult debut here at Rock Hard, getting beat badly by the ‘total package’ Bruce Ballard. Bruce worked over every single one of the ‘fitness fanatic’s’ ripped muscles. Well, the wrestling gods must not be looking favorably on Tanner because he now has to go up against the reigning King of the Ring, redhead Austin. It’s much too early in Tanner’s career for this to be a KOTR match, but none the less Austin brings the belt with him as a message to the rookie as to who he’s going to be taking on. In fact, Austin not only wants Tanner to realize he’s taking on the reigning KOTR, he wants the rookie to address him like royalty. The match starts with the rookie in the ring jumping rope and getting warmed up. The redhead comes into the ring, flashing his KOTR belt and toying with the rookie. Tanner makes a big mistake calling him ‘princess’ within the first minute of the match, and boy is he going to pay for that! Coop starts the action off with a duck under takedown and rolls the rookie up and onto his shoulders for a quick attempt at a pin count. When that doesn’t work, he lifts Tanner into a rear bearhug, takes him to the mat to stretch his lean body out before wrapping the jump rope around his neck and begins to choke out the bewildered fitness model. But Coop doesn’t stop there, he picks the blond up and then drops him into a backbreaker, then wraps his tree trunk legs around Tanner’s arms and spreads the newbie’s trim muscles out as he flexes his 17” bicep dominating the rookie. Tanner’s body suffers nicely at the hands of the current King as it absorbs more and more punishment. With the blond rookie’s arms tied up and helpless, Austin attacks the opposite end, prying his legs apart with his gigantic arms. Coop’s control continues in this first round; he laces Tanner’s defined body through the ropes and softens him up with a reverse choke hold, and then inflicts some serious pain with a standing surfboard. Tanner’s brilliant muscles and super shredded abs are yanked back in the ropes and suffer tremendously from the brute strength imposed by the King. Coop beats him up some more with a high arching camel clutch, then gives him a headache with some special moves. Surprisingly, the rookie is able to endure the punishment, and even gets a few shots into Coop’s six-pack, but unfortunately for the rookie it’s not enough. Austin ultimately sets him up to finish him off in round one. He brings the blond to his feet, pulling him up by his ears and putting his muscles on full display with a back breaking crucifix. Tanner endures the agony but soon wishes he didn’t. Coop lets him fall to the mat then places him in an excruciating submission hold and forces the rookie to declare ‘Austin Cooper is the King’ and cry out a submission to end the torment. Austin sits on Tanner’s beaten, sweaty body then flexes and boasts that he’s the greatest to claim round one.

For round two, Tanner is leaned over in his corner still smarting from the beat down he took. Hopefully he’s learned the lesson that he shouldn’t refer to the current KOTR as a ‘princess’. Coop, for his part, wants to send a message to all the rookies and veterans that he intends to keep the belt for a long time. The ‘King’ shoves Tanner back against the ropes and begins to viciously bash away at his extraordinary shredded abs. The redhead even boasts he’s going to try to break a rib as he pounds away. The fitness model has neither the size nor the experience to break away from his opponent, which makes the situation even worse. Austin drives his fist deep inside the blonde’s mid-section, grinding it into his gut. Shockingly, Tanner tells him he’s still a princess, which only motivates the redhead to dish out even a greater punishment. Coop doesn’t like it one bit that this lightweight rookie isn’t showing him the royal respect that he deserves. Once he’s through destroying Tanner’s abs, he places the teen muscle boy into an ab stretch that amplifies the pain already inflicted on his 8-pack. Coop seems to be obsessed with annihilating Tanner’s abs to the point where they’ll be sore for the next month! He carries Tanner over to the turnbuckle, lays him across the top rope, and continues to assault the poor boy’s abs again. Tanner’s limp body drops to the mat as Coop tells him he’s done. But is he? Can Tanner somehow manage a comeback to win this round and a shot at a huge upset over the current King? Or, does Austin use the fitness model’s shredded abs as his personal punching bag and make a royal example out of the rookie? If you like ab bashing, you’re going to love watching this match to find out!

Rex Bedford vs Jax Brewer

This match is a tag team tryout, featuring two of the newest rookies; Rex Bedford and Jax Brewer. Resident bad boy Ethan Andrews is in the need for a new tag team partner these days, since his last partner Gage Cardona hasn’t been around for a while. Ethan has chalked up a spectacular winning record in singles competition, but has had his troubles finding the right tag team partner over the years. Gage seemed like the ‘perfect partner’, especially when Ethan and Gage shocked the wrestling world and not only beat the team of Dash Decker and Alex Waters late last year, but strung them up in hand cuffs and delivered an ab bashing for the ages that humiliated the two muscle boys. But, as we all know how it sometimes goes in the underground wrestling world, some of these guys come and go sooner than you’d like to see. Unfortunately, Gage hasn’t been around since that match. When word got out that Ethan was holding tryouts, both muscle studs Rex and Jax were very interested. Of course, who wouldn’t be? The opportunity to team up with one of the most seasoned and successful guys on the roster could catapult a rookie’s career. Ethan’s familiar with both of these guys, dominating and defeating each one of them in earlier one-on-one matches. He played daddy dominator and owned Rex’s beautiful muscles in their match, and toyed and tortured Jax’s spectacular body in RHW’s first ever masked mania match. Even though Ethan flexed his own hot body and earned easy victories over both of them, he thought each of them had some potential. So, this brings us to this point, the winner of this try out match gets a shot at being Ethan’s tag team partner in an upcoming match! Round one opens with Ethan pumping some iron, and the guys in the ring ready to go. Ethan explains the ‘rules’ to the rookies as they size each other up. Jax, ever the trash talker’, proclaims the stakes are high with Rex telling him then he’s going to be flying high. The muscle boys lock up and Rex scores first with a scoop slam, a few thrusts to Jax’s chest, then clamps on a mma style arm bar. He backs the golden boy into the corner turnbuckle, connects with fists to his abs, then takes Jax to the mat with a double leg takedown. Both of these guys have some serious college muscle, and Rex has taken control first with his combination of speed and muscle. The mma fighter continues to dominate the golden boy with his quickness, inflicting pain on Jax’s body with a boston crab variation and pulling back on his head. Rex’s muscles are flexed to their fullest as Jax agonizes in pain. Rex then shoves Jax into the corner turnbuckle, goes to work on his awesome abs as the bad boy Ethan questions the golden boy’s manhood. Rex continues putting a hurting on Jax’s muscles, arching him back with a camel clutch. Rex is so pleased with himself, he takes a moment to kiss his own bicep while he controls his opponent beneath him. Jax doesn’t submit though, so Rex lifts him up and whips him in the opposite turnbuckle and races across the ring to deliver a big splash. But, when Rex places a leg lock on the golden boy, Jax is able to reverse the hold to end up on top. Jax manages to slow the action now and use his bigger muscles to start dishing out his own punishment. Jax is no stranger to mma, as he places Rex in several mma hold to chastise the muscle boy. He then stretches Rex’s glorious body out on the mat before imposing a number of power moves on the fellow rookie. Jax has a little more experience than Rex at this point, so he knows not to let up. He places Rex in a rear choke hold to weaken him, then uses his raw power to hoist him up over his shoulder, then parades him around the ring before forcing a submission out of him. Jax makes a huge comeback to secure victory in round one and proudly poses his impressive muscles over a stunned, defeated Rex.

Round two begins with Ethan telling Rex that he’s down one round and if he loses this round it’s over, so he better start cracking. It’s hard to get a read from the bad boy as to if he’s privately rooting for one of the rookies more than the other, perhaps he’s leaving it up to fate. The bigger Jax seizes the control, lifting Rex up into another backbreaker hold seemingly to remind him of what just happened in round one. You can see Jax is feeling the momentum by the grin on his face. Ethan lays back to watch Jax as he continues to overpower Rex. The golden boy bashes away on Rex’s spectacular abs, then wraps his massive thighs around Rex’s waist and squeezes as hard as he can. Rex digs deep to resist submitting and it’s a good thing he does, because otherwise this match would be over. Soon thereafter, Rex spots an opening and is able to reverse the action on Jax. He scores with a left jab on the golden boy, then begins an assault of his prized midsection before locking on a tight boston crab that has Jax squirming to escape. The sweat is now dripping off both of their perfectly muscled bodies as they battle for supremacy. Can Rex optimize his speed and muscle combination to impose a submission from the golden boy and extend this to a round three? Or does Jax reign supreme using his superior strength to conquer his muscle stud opponent. The action is fierce to the finish in this tag team tryout!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.