TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ethan Andrews vs Tyler Reeves and Brody Hancock vs Cody Nelson

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Ethan Andrews vs Tyler Reeves and Brody Hancock vs Cody Nelson

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Two Matches on One DVD!!!

Ethan Andrews vs Tyler Reeves (Trilogy Series - Part 1)

Ethan makes his debut here at RHW with the reputation of being a street punk who has a lot of wrestling and MMA experience. In the past, he’s been able to beat up on a lot of guys his size, but will he be able to handle the bigger muscled guys here at Rock Hard? The match opens up with Tyler pumping his arms with some dumbbell curls and working on his well sculpted body. Ethan, in the ring in a black speedo, calls Tyler out asking what is it with all you douche bags flexing and exercising in front of the mirror? Tyler looks back at him and asks, are you talking to me? Ethan responds this is a wrestling ring, so bring it, and Round one begins. Ethan gains the early advantage with a front head lock on the bigger muscle boy, spinning him around into a standing full nelson that has Tyler wailing about in the center of the ring. Ethan brings him down to the mat with that full nelson, throws in the legs, and starts stretching out the flawlessly muscled torso of Tyler. Tyler is able to break the hold, and goes on the attack lifting the lean street punk up over his shoulders and placing him in an airplane spin before dropping him to the mat. Tyler then delivers some swift stomps to the back of Ethan that leaves him stunned and dazed. Tyler continues working him over, and locks on a Boston crab that has Ethan crying out in pain. Tyler continues tossing him around the mat, and has control of round one, until Ethan is able to lock on a bear hug and starts squeezing the energy right out of the Czech athlete. The smaller Ethan then starts delivering a series of gut punches and starts working over Tyler’s hard, ripped abs. Ethan continues his assault on Tyler’s sweat soaked abs, and also connects with a flying leg drop over Tyler’s throat, which has him gasping for air. Ethan then starts stretching out the torso of Tyler. Ethan’s strategy seems to be to start wearing down the bigger muscle boy by pummeling his abs and draining his strength. Tyler does attempt a comeback and tries to gain a submission, but when he goes for a clothesline, Ethan is able to duck under it and regain the momentum. Ethan delivers a knee to the forehead that drops Tyler to the mat, and Ethan continues to pummel Tyler’s abs and locks on an ab claw that has Tyler withering in some intense pain. Ethan drags Tyler up to his feet, locks on a sleeper hold, and its all over for Tyler as he slowly drops unconscious to the mat. The street punk Ethan counts him out 1-2-3, and claims victory in round one.

Round two opens with Ethan taunting Tyler saying, you woke up pretty fast from that sleeper, and Tyler wanting revenge saying, come on bitch, lets go. They lock up and Ethan again gains the early advantage with a couple of forearms to the back of Tyler’s neck that drops him to the mat. Ethan continues with is assault on Tyler’s abs throughout the entire second round, bashing, punching, kicking, and clawing them every chance he gets. Tyler is able to make a comeback and has Ethan close to a submission with a standing leg lock that nearly rips his leg right out of his hip socket, but Ethan is able to endure the pain and escapes. Tyler even tries some gut punching of his own on the skinny street punk, but just cant manage to gain a submission. As round two continues, Ethan goes back to his assault on Tyler’s torso with knees to the midsection, a Boston crab, a surfboard, and stomps to the lower back. This all leads up to Ethan locking on a standing abdominal stretch, and then he starts pounding on the abs of Tyler until he cant take the pain any longer and is forced to scream out a submission. Round two, and the match, go to Ethan, as he proudly places his boot on Tyler’s head and flexes over his fallen opponent. He knows Tyler wont soon forget the beating his torso just took. Watch out RHW muscle boys, Ethan Andrews is out to punish you!


Brody Hancock vs Cody Nelson

Cody comes into this match with a lot of confidence riding a winning streak that includes his debut destruction of Tyler Reeves, and as part of Team Rock Hard where he and Zack Johnathan beat down Brody Hancock and Troy Nelson. In that tag team match, Cody made Brody submit to an over the shoulder back-breaker while he paraded the indy wrestler around the ring in humiliation. Brody has been pissed off since losing that match, and demanded a one on one match with the muscle stud Cody. Round one starts, and you can tell right away that Brody means all business in this match! They lock up in the center of the ring, and Brody quickly takes control with a standing full nelson on the muscle stud, and stretches him out good. He switches it to a headlock, throws Cody to the mat, and starts choking him out. Brody then picks him up, whips him across the ring off the ropes, and delivers a hard elbow to the chest of Cody, which drops him to the mat. Brody then applies a figure four leg lock that has Cody wincing in pain, and near submitting. Cody does gain some momentum in this round, but Brody is just too determined to make him pay for that last match. Brody continues to pound on the muscle stud, and wear him down with his full arsenal of pro moves, which all take their toll on Cody’s perfect killer physique. Brody lays out Cody with a left to the jaw, and then delivers a couple more jabs to the side of his head. A head scissors and a face first slam into the corner turnbuckle have Cody set up for a reverse chin lock applied through the ropes, that has Cody on full display and screaming out an I quit first round submission. Brody, pleased with the results, flexes for the camera as he towers over an exhausted Cody laid out on the mat.

Round two opens with Cody surprisingly taunting Brody, asking him is that all you got?, and Brody responds telling him hell show him everything in this round. And round two goes pretty much the same as round one, with Brody having his way, and putting a beating on the muscle stud. Cody does get in some forceful body slams, kicks and punches to the gut, but Brody just has too much experience for him in this match. Brody seems to enjoy making the muscle stud suffer when locking on a single leg Boston crab which causes great pain on Cody’s back. Cody does escape and is able to lock on a figure four, which has Brody close to screaming out a submission, but Brody is able to hold on and escape. The second round ends quickly with Brody executing a reverse summersault over the ropes, and counting out a 1-2-3 count in the center of the ring, with Cody wondering what just happened? Brody wins this match in two dominant falls, takes out another one of the RHW muscle boys, and also puts an end to Cody’s winning streak. Brody finishes off the match by showing who was boss in this match up, placing his boot on Cody’s massive chest and proudly flexing his signature baseball sized biceps for the camera enjoying his decisive victory.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.