TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Tyler Reeves vs Chris Cox and Travis Storm vs Cody Nelson

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Tyler Reeves vs Chris Cox and Travis Storm vs Cody Nelson

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Two Matches on One DVD!!!

Tyler Reeves vs Chris Cox

Chris, a new comer, is a tall, lean muscled southern boy with rippling abs and model good looks. He has prior wrestling experience and decided to showcase his skills here at Rock Hard. Chris’s opponent in his first match, Tyler Reeves, has had a bit of a tough time losing both of his prior matches and is hungry for a victory. Tyler is sporting a new look, with his buzzed haircut, topping off his flawless, perfectly-proportioned, muscled physique, while he stretches out in his corner. Round one opens with Chris coming out of his corner asking ‘are you the tough guy?’, and Tyler replying ‘yes, who are you?’ They lock up in the center of the ring, and Chris takes the early advantage with a side headlock on Tyler, then tossing him over his hip down to the mat, as he continues to crank on the side headlock. Chris picks him up by his head and throws him across the ring, setting him up for a clothesline that has the amateur all star flat on his back on the mat. Chris picks him up again, and tosses him into the corner turnbuckle and starts pounding away on Tyler’s incredible abs. Chris backs up to admire his work, which leaves an opening for Tyler to come out of the corner, charge the southern boy, and take him down with a double leg, slamming him straight to his back. Tyler then goes to work on Chris’s rippling abs, bashing away as he’s laid out on the mat. He then scoops Chris up for a big body slam, and goes for a quick 3 count, but Chris is able to kick out. Tyler starts taking control of the southern boy with several stomps to Chris’s tight torso, and then starts choking him out with his knee placed over Chris’s throat as he lays across the lower rope. Tyler starts systematically beating on the southern boy with elbow drops, a suplex, and some brutal ab bashing in the corner turnbuckle. This all wears Chris down and Tyler takes the opportunity to weave Chris’s torso through the ring ropes, clamps on a tight chin lock and pulls back on the southern boy, which has his tall, lean muscled body on full display and stretched out to the max. Chris endures the pain as long as he can, but finally has to scream out a submission to the bigger muscle boy. Round one goes to Tyler.

Round two opens with Chris fighting off the effects of his body being stretched to the limits. Tyler continues his assault on Chris flinging him across the ring for a clothesline, and again goes for a 3 count wanting to claim his first victory, but once again Chris is able to kick out. Chris continues to take a beating in the second round until he’s able to summon enough strength to back the amateur all star back into the corner, and starts pounding away again on his sweat soaked six pack. After beating Tyler in one corner, Chris throws him across the ring into the opposite corner bashing away at those abs, in an effort to sap the strength from the muscle boy. Chris continues his assault on Tyler’s mid section, tossing him down in the center of the ring, straddles over top of him, and continues to bash and pound away on his abs, while Tyler is screaming out in agony. The southern boy has gained all the momentum in this round, and continues to dish out the punishment with a few elbow drops to the abs, setting him up for a standing ab stretch. This has Tyler stretched out in the center of the ring, and Chris starts pounding away on the abs until Tyler finally cries out a submission. Chris savors his victory in round two by flexing over the broken Tyler and taunting him by proclaiming ‘he’s not so tough!’ Round three opens with both of these wrestlers soaked in sweat, and Chris gaining control with a standing knee to the midsection and a front face lock. This round goes back and forth between these two warriors until one of them locks on a camel clutch that is so tight the other wrestler can barely breath enough to yell out ‘I give up’ to submit. Can Chris continues his assault on Tyler’s abs and claim his first victory here at RHW, or does Tyler out muscle the southern boy to chalk up his first win? A stunning finish you don’t want to miss!

Travis Storm vs Cody Nelson

Travis Storm is another one of the premier fitness models in this country to join the RHW roster. With his all-American good looks, chiseled jaw line, blond hair and blue eyes, and impeccably sculpted body, he seems destined to be on the cover of the next collegiate clothing catalog. He’s in the Rock Hard gym, pumping up and working out his magnificent muscled body in preparation for his debut match. Cody is waiting for him in the ring wearing black square cuts and black boots, and calls to Travis ‘hey, little guy, what are you doing in my gym?’ This prompts Travis to climb into the ring, and then he and Cody banter with each other over who has the bigger muscles, and a muscle pose off explodes in the center of the ring. Both muscle guys start comparing their chiseled chests, bulging biceps, and ripped, washboard abs. The mega muscle showdown match starts when Cody shoves the all-American Travis into the side rope, they tie up and Cody locks on a front face lock and asks ‘what are you going to do now?’ Cody starts pounding away, delivering upper cuts to the mid section of Travis. He then throws Travis to the mat and begins stomping his heavy black boot on the all-American’s back, then picks him up, runs him into the corner turnbuckle, which has Travis dazed and confused, and laid out flat on his back. Cody continues his dominance in the first round, intent on showing Travis who’s the king muscle stud in this ring! The blond hair, blue eye all-American continues to take a beating from Cody, until he’s able to maneuver a standing switch and takes Cody to the mat. He locks on a headlock and stretches Cody’s perfectly muscled body to the max, demanding a submission. When Cody won’t submit, Travis starts delivering a series of flying elbow drops and swift kicks to the muscle stud’s legs, in an attempt to beat him down. After several minutes of being on the receiving end of a beat down, Cody relies on his brute strength to change the momentum, and just picks the all-American up over his head, slams him to the mat, kicks him in the back, and then slaps on a camel clutch, asking Travis to submit. Travis is able to endure the pain of the camel clutch, but then Cody delivers an all out assault on Travis’s finely muscled body. Cody lifts him up over his head, and then drops him down over his knee, onto an excruciating back breaker finisher that has Travis crying out a first round submission. Cody displays his dominance of the ring by placing his big, black boot on Travis’s chest and flexing out a single bicep pose in satisfaction of his victory in round one.

Round two starts with Cody all full of energy, bouncing up and down in his corner, peering across the ring and asks ‘hey man, how’s that back feel?’ Travis is hunched over in his corner, his back still in pain, and unsure how he’s going to slow down this muscle stud. Cody starts the round with a display of his brute strength by simply picking up Travis and slamming him into the mat. He continues his dominance over Travis with a single leg Boston crab, and so far Cody has not been impressed with the all-American’s wrestling skills or by his perfectly proportioned body. That is, until Travis is able to gain some momentum with a double leg takedown, and starts pounding away at Cody’s muscled torso. He then starts dishing out the pain on Cody with stomps to the back, a suplex that plants the muscle stud flat on his back in the middle of the ring, and then locks on a Boston crab that has Cody nearly submitting as the sweat glistens off of both of these muscle studs bodies. Travis continues his dominance of round two as he stomps the muscle stud on the mat, and then straddles him and starts pounding away at Cody’s massive, chiseled chest. Travis continues to inflict pain on Cody’s body, setting him up for a camel clutch submission that has him on full display and screaming out a submission to the all-American muscle boy. Round two goes to Travis, as he places his foot on Cody’s chest and proudly poses a double bicep shot in triumph. Round three opens up in this mega muscle showdown with the sweat pouring off of the wrestler’s hot bodies, and Travis taking the early control over Cody. Will Travis be able to conquer Cody and claim he’s the better muscle stud, along with his first victory? Or, will Cody make a comeback and pound away at the all American boy to claim another victory with his exceptional power? The winner in this match has beaten down his opponent so bad, he has him set up for an easy 1-2-3 count out pin fall to claim the winner’s wonder in this showdown of magnificent muscled physiques. You don’t want to miss it!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.