TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Jake Jenkins vs Nick Collins and Austin Cooper vs Will Stanley

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Jake Jenkins vs Nick Collins and Austin Cooper vs Will Stanley

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Two Matches on One DVD

Jake Jenkins vs Nick Collins

When the word got around the locker room that Ethan destroyed Jake in a payback match a few weeks ago, the guys who Jake had previously beaten were lining up to get their shot at payback on the muscle machine who’s wrestled his way to the top of the roster since joining Rock Hard. Jake has put a thumping on every wrestler who’s stepped into the ring with him, chalking up a 7-0 record before Ethan provided a punishing payback to his well sculpted body. Next in line was Nick, who took a beating from Jake and Austin in a tag team match, which didn’t sit well with the lanky grappler. He demanded a singles match with Jake, resolute on gaining vengeance! Nick is standing in his corner, decked out in blue square cuts and white boots, starring across the ring at Jake, who’s sporting his signature red trunks, black boots, and black wristbands. Round one opens with Jake playing mind games with the grappler, saying ‘you again, let’s see what you got’. They lock up and the more experienced Jake delivers a knee to Nick’s abs, clamping on a headlock, and then hip tossing him to the mat. Jake has been pissed off ever since his loss to Ethan, and wants to set the tone early that it was a fluke. He straddles Nick on the mat and starts pounding away at the rookie grappler. He continues with a cheap shot kick to Nick’s crotch, and then climbs up on the ropes and asks him if he’s ready for his favorite move before flying thru the air with a splash across Nick’s lean, muscular torso. Jake continues to dominate Nick, tossing him around at will, and then slinging him into the ropes and connecting with a double leg drop kick to his chest that drops him to the mat groveling in pain. Jake is amped up and means business in the match, continuing to dominate the rookie grappler, but as he straddles Nick on the mat ready to dispense a pounding to Nick’s abs, he gets a little careless and Nick catches him in a triangle choke hold. He rolls on top of Jake, sitting on his chest, before switching it to a mma style arm bar that has him stretched out and crying out in pain. Nick works Jake over in an array of mma style holds, stretching his muscle model body out in all directions in search of a submission. But, Jake has way too much stamina left to submit to any hold at this point of the round, and eventually changes the momentum with a single leg reversal, turning that into a single leg boston crab inflicting serious pain to Nick’s lower back. Jake is back on the attack, and is determined to have his way with the lean, muscle stud. Jake is like a machine tossing him around the ring at will, and inflicting pain and suffering on every part of Nick’s body. He pays him back with a mma style arm bar that has Nick squirming to get free, before flying from the corner turnbuckle to land a flying leg drop across Nick’s throat that stuns him. Jake senses he has him ready to submit, so he picks Nick up, and then drops him across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Nick’s long, lean muscled body is stretched out across Jake’s knee, and Jake punishes him by stretching his body to the limits before Nick is forced to tap out a submission. Jake tosses him off his knee, gets up and flexes his sweat soaked muscles in triumph.

Starting round two, Nick has to be thinking is he really going to be able to extract vengeance from Jake, this all might have sounded a lot easier than its going to be. Jake starts with the intimidation right off the bat, asking ‘how’s your back feel pussy?’ He goes back to attacking Nick’s abs with several stomps and kicks to his midsection. But, as Jake the machine attempts to connect with Nick’s abs one more time, Nick relies on his grappling skills and catches Jake’s leg in mid-air and start walking him around the ring before sweeping him down to the mat. Nick climbs on top of Jake’s back and then starts applying a series of punishing holds, relying on his amateur grappling, wrestling, and karate experience. Nick makes the machine pay for the suffering he endured in round one, stretching Jake’s joints in directions they’re not supposed to go, as Jake squirms on the mat in agony. Nick has taken control of this round and stays on the offensive with a clothesline that drops Jake to the mat, he continues to punish Jake’s tough body with a combination of arm locks and pounding away at his powerful pecs and chiseled abs. He continues to dominate Jake, lifting him up over his head, carries him around the ring in a display of control before slamming him to his back on the mat, and then stomping his white boots on Jake’s tender lower back. Now this is how Nick envisioned this match would be, him in control and making Jake pay for the embarrassing beat down he endured in that tag team loss. The grappler senses he has Jake beaten down, so he works him over a bit more, pounding away on his muscular torso before dragging him to the center of the ring. Nick straddles Jake’s back, lifts his arms behind his knees, then locks on a camel clutch that has Jake stretched out to the limit and screaming in pain. Nick works the hold, applying more pressure on Jake’s neck and back as he refuses to submit, but when Nick starts to really crank on Jake’s neck, he is compelled to cry out a submission. Nick shoves his defeated opponent face first into the mat, gets up and places his boot on Jake’s back proclaiming ‘take that bitch’ as Jake lays agonizing on the mat. The lean muscled Nick takes the early control in round three with a fireman’s carry and continues his assault on Jake’s torso. Will the rookie grappler be able to maintain the momentum and gain vengeance on the more muscular Jake? Or, will Jake be able to turn things around in round three and put a quick stop to any thoughts of revenge these other wrestlers have dishing out. Could this be the start of a spiraling fall from grace for Jake on the Rock Hard roster? The third round action leads up to a convincing submission as one of these warriors displays his dominance and tortures his opponent to a back breaking finishing hold, then proudly flexes his bulging biceps to claim his victory.

Austin Cooper vs Will Stanley

A new rookie enters the ring this week, the strapping brit boxer, fitness model, and all-around athlete Will Stanley. Will was referred to Rock Hard from a famous fitness photographer who thought it could expand Will’s horizons and exposure in the fitness modeling industry. Will thought he had what it takes to compete at Rock Hard, so he jumped on a plane and made the trip across the pond to show the boys here in the States what he’s got. Unfortunately for him, he drew the short straw and somehow finds himself faced up against the vastly experienced tactician, Austin, in his first match. Austin has been busy kicking ass and making a name for himself in the world of underground wrestling this year, and he’s not about to let some rookie brit make the trip to the States and intrude upon his turf! Round one opens with Austin entering the ring in olive green square cuts and black boots, flipping himself over the top rope in an attempt to intimidate his opponent. Will is stretching out in his corner, clad in two tone blue square cuts and white boots that highlight his magnificent, sculpted body. The two exchange some banter, with Austin saying ‘you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are’, and also taking note of Will’s British accent. Will doesn’t appear to be intimidated, but maybe that’s because he doesn’t realize who he’s going up against. Straight away Austin challenges the brit rookie to a test of strength, and the two lock up to test their muscle power. At first Will seems to have the upper hand, but Austin relies on his experience to plant a boot to Will’s midsection that knocks him to the mat. The big, brawny redhead starts stomping away at Will’s body, straddles him to deliver a number of blows to his chest, and then drops a knee to his abs to show Will he means business in this bout. Austin’s in total control of the brit, punishing him in an arsenal of holds that include; a camel clutch, ab bashing him in the corner of the ring, and following that up with a wicked boston crab that has Will agonizing in pain and struggling on the mat. Austin is in prime shape for this match, and he is fully aware that he doesn’t want to give any ground to some rookie from the UK. But, the taller lad isn’t going to go down easy in this round, and he does get his shots in on Austin. It appears that this lad from the UK has had some ring experience from the past, as he pounds and stomps away on Austin’s massive chest and ripped abs. Will looks confident dishing out the punishment in this first round, taunting the redhead to get up before kicking him in the ribs to knock him back down. But rookies make mistakes, and after Will squeezes the crap out of Austin with a leg scissors wrapped around his abs, he lets Austin gets back to his feet and that’s when Austin seizes the opportunity to turn things around. Austin dominates the lad, lacing his tall, muscular body thru the ropes and torturing him with a standing surfboard. He then brings him back into the ring and stretches his lean muscled body out some more with a bow and arrow that forces Will grunt and groan searching for any way to escape. Austin is not going to let up on him at this point, and proclaims ‘I think I’ve had enough of you’ before hoisting the brit boxer up over his shoulder, stretching his impressive body out on display while walking him around the ring and making him suffer. Will is helpless and in pain while the big redhead bounces him up and down across his shoulder until he screams out a submission to end round one. Austin enjoys his conquest, placing his boot on Will’s back and flexing his massive bulging bicep for all his fans.

When round two begins, it’s obvious that Will is suffering from the targeted beating that the powerfully built redhead inflicted on his back. And when they lock up to start the action in this round, Austin goes back on the attack on Will’s back, first with a standing full nelson that stretches the taller brit out, and then converts that into an over the back crucifix that has Will’s hot body draped over Austin’s impressive back, dangling in the air. Will is able to endure the punishment, and with the sweat glistening from both of their fantastic bodies, he is able to reverse a clothesline and instead it’s the brit laying out the redhead flat on his back. Will is able to gain the upper hand and proceeds to punish the more experienced tactician in a series of holds; starting off with an ab bashing in the corner, choking him out over the middle ring rope, and then paying him back for round one with his own version of a bow and arrow that has Austin stretched to the limit and desperate to escape. Will proceeds to soften the big boy up even more with several stomps and kicks to his torso, and even takes a cheap shot at Austin’s bum knee. When Will senses he’s got his opponent ripe for the taking he locks on a boston crab and starts applying immense pressure to his back, until the redhead reluctantly cries out a submission. Will taunts him by placing his boot on his back, and asks ‘now where’s your attitude gone?’ while claiming triumph in round two. Round three starts with Will gaining confidence and he continues his momentum securing a legs scissors around Austin’s gut imposing more pain on his back. Can the brit rookie continue to control the more experienced and fan favorite Austin to secure a victory in his opening bout here at Rock Hard, or will Austin be able to mount a comeback and put the brit rookie in his place and claim another conquest in his ascent to the top of the Rock Hard roster? Both of these warriors pull out all the stops in round three in their pursuit of victory, with the winner making the loser suffer in a combination standing ab stretch and ab claw that he will render his abs sore for at least the next week! A punishing finishing hold that you will want to see in one of the most explosive matches ever here at Rock Hard!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.