TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Zack Johnathan vs Ethan Andrews and Cody Nelson & Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves & Max Powers

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Zack Johnathan vs Ethan Andrews and Cody Nelson & Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves & Max Powers

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Two Matches on One DVD

Zack Johnathan vs Ethan Andrews

This match is about one thing, and one thing only, REVENGE. Going back to Ethan's Trilogy Series matches, Zack has been looking to avenge his loss to the street punk Ethan where the bad boy ab bashed and forced the world class fitness model into submission. And Ethan has been wanting to gain revenge on 'the douche bag' muscle boy Zack after he and Tyler double teamed and ambushed the street punk in the ring and beat him to a pulp, before stringing him up in the locker room shower under a steady stream of ice cold water. That did not sit well with Ethan, and he's been determined to gain his revenge on the elite fitness model, and torture his money making muscles as payback for that humiliation. Round one opens with Ethan standing in his corner, black hoodie zipped all the way up, jamming to his tunes, sporting a solid black speedo and black boots. Zack enters the ring flashing his spectacular body in a solid white speedo and white boots, with his muscles popping out of his body. Zack saunters over to Ethan and says 'heard we got someone here who wants a rematch?', and the bad boy unzips his hoodie to reveal himself and replies 'fuck yeah I want a rematch'. Zack is surprised and says 'you! you want a rematch, oh come on' as he seems excited about the opportunity to put another beating on the street punk. Problem is, Zack doesn't have Tyler around to back him today, and Ethan is salivating at the chance to pound away at Zack's magnificently muscled body. They circle in the center of the ring, tie up, and Ethan clamps a headlock on the muscle stud to get things started, proclaiming 'we're off to a good start'. He bulldogs Zack down to the mat, then starts stomping away on his chest and abs, before pulling him up by his hair and suplexing him back down to the mat. He continues to dominate the muscle boy, slapping a rear naked choke hold on him, pulling him back into his waist, then grapevines his legs around Zack hips and begins choking and stretching his impressive body out on the mat. It's all Ethan in the early part of round one, as his street punk style controls the action on his opponent. But, Zack is an experienced wrestler, and when he is able to reverse out of an arm bar he gains the upper hand and starts choking out the bad boy on the mat. Zack stays on the attack, using his considerable muscle and size advantage to beat up on Ethan, forcing him face first into the corner turnbuckle and begins pounding away at his lower back. While Ethan is crying out in pain, Zack is laughing at the punishment he's inflicting. Zack takes Ethan back down to the mat with a single leg, then quickly applies a tight, figure four leg lock attempting to compel the bad boy into a submission. Ethan squirms, suffers, and cries out in pain but won't give in, and eventually rolls over and reverses the hold on the muscle model. Zack is now the one crying out in pain, as Ethan goes back on the attack and stretches Zack's body out again, inflicting more pain. He drags Zack over to the ropes, places his throat across the middle rope, climbs up on his back, places his black boot over Zack's neck, and starts choking the crap out of him. Ethan's regained the upper hand on the muscle boy, and continues to inflict pain and suffering on his body. He picks Zack up by his hair, saying 'get up you whiny bitch' before lifting him up and dropping him onto his knee into an over the knee backbreaker that has Zack stretched out and draped across the street punk's knee withering in pain. Ethan tosses him off of his knee, and then locks on a double leg boston crab inflicting even more pain to Zack's back. Ethan expects Zack to submit at this point, but Zack refuses, and Ethan releases the hold. Ethan know he has the muscle model vulnerable, so he picks him up, pile drives him into to the mat, bashes away at Zack's beautiful abs, before clamping on a full nelson and leg scissors around Zack's narrow waist, cranking on his neck and stretching his muscular body out to the max in an attempt to gain a submission. When Zack reluctantly submits, Ethan still isn't satisfied, and starts pounding away at Zack's powerful pecs until Zack cries out another submission . The street punk than tosses the muscle boy aside, stands up, and as Zack lay spread eagle on the mat agonizing in pain, Ethan places his boot on the model boy's face, declaring 'what a joke!' while chalking up a first round submission.

Round two opens with Zack trying to shake off the pain in his neck from the full nelson, and Ethan grinning wide and taunting the muscle model saying 'look at that, the douche bag couldn't keep up with me for one round'. Zack surprises the bad boy with a quick duck under and locks on a reverse bear hug and starts squeezing the air out of him. He shakes him around, tosses him to the mat, and starts going to work on his back and stretching him out. Zack maintains the control with a standing full nelson, before a reverse drop to the mat, and more pounding away on the skinny, street punk's back. But when he questions Ethan's tenacity, asking 'you only got one good round in you?' Ethan's blood begins to boil. He backs Zack into the corner turnbuckle, delivers five hard knees into his midsection, and declares 'I think I got another one in me!' From this point forward, the street puck owns the world class fitness model. He starts his assault on the muscle stud's body with a seated senton that drops him in the corner. For the next seven minutes of this round the bad boy dominates the muscle model, pummeling away at every inch of his perfect body, and pounding away at all his muscles. He works Zack's perfect pecs over with several stomps to his massive chest, and then drags him up to his feet by his hair, and goes back on the attack on Zack's gut. With the muscle model staggering on his feet, Ethan climbs to the top rope and flies thru the air, wrapping both legs around Zack's head, and landing on his chest as they both hit the mat. The bad boy maintains control, straddling the muscle stud on the mat and serving up an all-out assault and bashing of Zack's abs. Ethan continues to inflict anguish and agony on Zack's muscles as he proclaims 'I really like beating up on muscle boys like you'. He tosses Zack around the ring, imposing pure punishment on every inch of Zack's money making body. He makes Zack suffer in an arsenal of holds, including a double foot thrust into Zack's crotch from across the ring. Ethan is clearly enjoying every minute of this total squash in this round. He starts an isolated attack on Zack's back, first with a single leg boston crab, follows that up with a few knee drops to his lower back muscles, and then locks on a surfboard which stretches the muscle model's muscular arms, as he lays face down on the mat crying out it pain. When Zack won't submit to the surfboard, Ethan drags him to his feet, places him into a standing abdominal stretch, and then bashes away at his abs until Zack can't take it anymore and yells out a submission. Ethan drops him to the mat, rolls him over, places his boot on Zack's chest, and flexes a double bicep as he towers over him declaring, 'you muscle boys ain't nothin!' The street punk, bad boy gains his sweet revenge over the world class fitness model in dominating fashion. Watch out RHW muscle boys, Ethan Andrews is on the war path!

Cody Nelson & Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves & Max Powers

The adrenaline is high and the testosterone level is even higher in the gym for this mega muscle showdown between the middleweight muscle boys, Cody and Travis, and the heavyweights, Tyler and Max. All of these combatants have muscles upon bulging muscles and exude compete confidence in their strength and skills. Back in Catalog 5 Tyler and Max easily dominated the team of Chris Cox and Jeff Hollister in two straight falls, but will they be able to pull of the same type of performance between mega stud Cody and the all-American Travis? Round one opens with Travis getting Cody primed in their corner, and Max ready to take him on to get things started. Cody takes the early control with several fists to Max’s massive pecs, then backs him into the corner for a few knees to the abs, before scooping him up and drilling him down to the mat. He continues to control Max with a single leg boston crab that strains the big guy’s back while Cody taunts him, asking, ‘how’s that feel?’ Max is able to crawl over to his corner and tag in Tyler. Tyler steps thru the ropes, and before he knows what hit him, the muscle stud Cody lifts him up in the air with a double leg before slamming him to the mat. Cody attacks the Tyler’s chiseled abs with several thrusts of his fist into his midsection. Cody tags in Travis, and the all American muscle boy flies over the top rope and continues the assault on Tyler with heavy knees to the back and an across the ring flying elbow drop that finds the mark on Tyler’s perfectly carved chest. Team Cody/Travis are having their way with the heavyweight boys in the early part of this round, backing Tyler into their corner and double teaming him for a beating on his back and legs. Tyler is able to thwart off the attack and turns the momentum his way with a front head lock on the blond muscle boy and then stomping away at his muscular body. He then picks him to his feet by his blond locks, drags him over to his corner, and the two heavyweights take turns bashing away at his abs until he drops to the mat. Cody is screaming encouragement to his partner, but Team Tyler/Max continue working the blond fitness model over as his teammate watches from the corner. Eventually, Travis is able to work his way over to tag in Cody who is oozing adrenaline as he enters to take on the powerhouse big boy, Max. Cody lifts him over his shoulder, slams him to the mat, then starts stomping and punching away at the big boy’s back. Cody uses his raw power to lift Max back to his feet, picks him up and again slams him down to the mat, then straddles him and starts bashing away at the powerhouse’s beefy pecs. The high energy action continues to shift back and forth between these two mega muscle teams in this round as the testosterone level continues to build. Max catches Cody in a double leg boston crab, but Cody is able to tag Travis to escape the hold. Travis flies into the ring, takes Max to the mat and attempts a quick 3-count, but Max is able to kick out. Travis and Cody double team Max in their corner, pounding away at his rib cage, while Tyler paces over in the opposite corner yelling ‘come on Max, don’t let them do this to you!’Max is able to break away, tags in Tyler who quickly delivers a few jabs to the blonde boy’s abs, then starts choking him out across the ropes. Tyler continues the beating on Travis setting him up for a double leg boston crab that has the fitness model’s back and legs stretched to the limits in the center of the ring with nowhere to go. Tyler is exerting enormous pressure on the muscle boy’s back as he strains and flexes his glistening muscles, nearly breaking his back, before Travis reluctantly cries out a submission. Team Tyler/Max celebrate their hard fought victory in round one with a high flying high five, as the blond muscle boy suffers on the mat.

The same two warriors are in the ring to start round two, with Travis suffering in his butt hugging white squarecuts and Tyler’s muscular torso glistening in sweat. Cody shouts encouragement to Travis from the corner, but quickly Tyler is whipping him across the ring and into a clothesline that drops him to the mat. Tyler tries for a quick pin count, however the all-American is able to kick out. Travis is able to crawl over to his corner and tag in Cody, who climbs thru the ropes and immediately takes control of Tyler with several knees to his gut and then a scoop slam down to the mat. Team Cody/Travis keep the momentum going as they double team the powerhouse Max in their corner and pound away at his back. Cody continues the assault with several stomps of his boot on Max’s lower back, but when he inexplicably takes a moment to stop and tie his boot laces, Max takes advantage and clobbers Cody down to the mat and starts bashing away at his abs. He pulls Cody up to his feet by his ears, saying ‘get your ass up’ before tossing him into the ropes and dropping the muscle stud to the mat with a clothesline across his massive pecs. The big, brawny Max continues in control, stomping and pounding away at Cody’s perfectly muscled body before clamping on a head lock, and hip tossing him to the mat. The heavyweights are starting to have their way with the middleweight muscle models, and as the beating continues, the sweat is dripping from all four of these fantastic physiques. Max attempts to squeeze a submission out of the muscle stud Cody but he refuses to succumb. Both Max and Cody tag out and Tyler steps in against Travis and gains the upper hand again on the fitness model. It seems that Tyler just has Travis’s number after the beating he put on him during their singles match a short while ago. Travis does try to make a comeback, and clamps on a double leg boston crab on the taller Tyler that has him close to a submission, but Tyler is able to fend off the attack and lunges over to his corner to tag in Max. At the same time, Travis tags in Cody. Cody has more wrestling experience than Max, and takes advantage of that, steering the powerhouse wrestler into his corner so he and Travis can double team and pound away at Max’s sweat soaked body. Cody maintains the control up until he whips Max across the ring for a clothesline, but Max ducks under Cody’s outstretched muscular arm and catches Cody with a shot to the back. Max stomps and pounds away at Cody’s chiseled abs before flipping him over and locking on a boston crab that stretches out Cody’s back. Max is looking to finish the him off in this round, so he drags him to the center of the ring, locks on a camel clutch, pulls back on Cody’s chin and stretches the muscle stud’s massive chest out until he has no other choice but to submit to the powerhouse Max. Round two and the match go to the powerful heavyweight team of Tyler and Max in what most would consider an upset over the two muscle studs Cody and Travis.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.