Zack Johnathan vs Tommy Clark

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Zack Johnathan vs Tommy Clark

Zack, pissed off and still sore from that upset loss to Brody, has his sights set for putting a smack down on somebody. Well that somebody looks like its going to be the MMA fighter, Tommy Clark. Zack’s in the ring, when he glances over at Tommy working out on the body bag and working up a good sweat. He starts talking smack and challenges the MMA boy to a match, figuring this will be an easy win and restore a little bit of his lost confidence. With his MMA fight experience, Tommy's not one to back down from a challenge, so he’s game to teach the model boy a lesson, and climbs into the ring. Zack immediately takes the MMA fighter down and starts going to work on the legs, a good strategy against an MMA opponent. Zack works over and schools him with some sound wrestling technique, but Tommy comes back and is able to lock on a tight arm bar that has Zack screaming out in pain. Zack, the veteran that he is refuses to tap out, and turns the tide back in his favor with his own version of an arm bar on Tommy. Zack’s wrestling experience really prevails in this first round as keeps Tommy off his guard with a constant attack. He locks a tight figure four leg-lock on Tommy, wanting to gain the submission, but with the pain and sweat soaking his body Tommy toughs it out and refuses to tap out. It isnt long though until Zack hoists him up over his head and puts him in the Zack Rack, his own version of the torture rack. Tommy screaming out in desperate pain has no choice but to tap out to the muscle model ending round one.  

In round two, Zack continues his attack and taunts on the MMA fighter. He locks on a standing hammer lock and then continues to make Tommy suffer in the ring. Tommy's able to come back and catch Zack in a full nelson, and asks if wants to tap out as he parades him on display around the ring, but Zack will have none of that. The muscled centerfold model is on a roll in this match. Zack works him over and pounds him in the corner, followed up by a big body slam, and then a few well-placed stomps to the body has Tommy set up for the deciding three count. Zack struts his stuff, and flexes those money making muscles around the ring, as he celebrates his decisive victory. Tommy, laid out in defeat, might think twice about entering the RHW ring again!


All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

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