TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Dash Decker vs Chad Daniels and Bruce Ballard vs Zack Johnathan

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Dash Decker vs Chad Daniels and Bruce Ballard vs Zack Johnathan

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Dash Decker vs Chad Daniels

‘The Chosen One’, Dash, has yet to lose a singles match and is the reigning King of the Ring. He’s learned to use his spectacular muscled body to intimidate his opponents, but recently just squeaked out a narrow victory over resident bad boy in their King of the Ring 3 match. Could that spell trouble for Dash? Have the other guys on the roster finally figured out a way to bring the big bodybuilder down? There have been some rumblings in the locker room that someone needs to step up and bring the big bodybuilder down. Next up it’s going to be Chad. The shaggy blond with the all-american collegiate body had success in his last encounter, chalking up a victory over Blake Keller. His confidence is high and he certainly has the muscle to step toe-to-toe with Dash. But, the big question is will he be able to get it done. Dash ditches his signature red trunks this match for a pair of blue ones that are complimented by his blue knee pads and black boots. Chad is clad in two-tone red square cuts that highlight his massive thighs along with his all-american white boots. Chad stands in his corner and bemuses ‘so you’re this bad-ass Dash I’ve been hearing about?’, and Dash responds ‘at least you heard right, I don’t even know who you are’ to start things off in round one. The big bodybuilder ties up with the shaggy blond then shoves him into the corner and strikes with a knee to his lifeguard abs to quickly gain the control. Dash works him over in the corner, flips him to the center of the ring, then chicken wings his arm while driving his knee deep into the small of Chad’s back. Dash drags him up by his shaggy hair, whips him into a clothesline, then follows that up with a boston crab. Dash drops an elbow on the beach bod boy as he grovels on the mat. Right now, things aren’t good for Chad, they’re bad! Chad pulls himself up by the ropes only to have Dash shove him back into the corner turnbuckle and begins to drive shoulder thrusts directly into Chad’s beautiful abs. The ‘chosen one’ then wraps his massive arms around the blond’s tight waist, lifts him into a front facing bear hug and proceeds to give him a tour of the ring by slamming him back first into three different ring posts. Chad pleads with Dash to put him down, but it’s to no avail. But just when you’re thinking this might be a squash job, Chad is able to escape from a leg scissors and surprises the bodybuilder by lifting him up and slamming him down to the mat. He gives Dash a few stomps with his size 11 boots, then makes his back suffer in a boston crab. Chad’s showing some signs of mounting a comeback. The shaggy blond places the bodybuilder’s muscles in a camel clutch, yanks back real hard on his chin, then flexes his mighty biceps in the Dash’s face in disdain. The bodybuilder kicks his legs in an attempt to escape, but Chad has him in control and tells him ‘take that fatty!’ The blond lifeguard tells him I can hold this on all day long and continues flexing his beach bod biceps as Dash suffers below. Chad’s learned enough to ask for a submission, but he’s going to need to inflict more punishment if he’s going to force a submission out of the reigning King of the Ring. Since Dash won’t submit, Chad drags his sweaty body up to his feet then whips him across the ring for a clothesline. But, Dash is able to duck under the attempt and rebounds to connect with a flying shoulder. Dash goes on the attack, nearly snapping Chad’s arm in an arm bar, continuing to assault his six packs abs while backed into the turnbuckle, then stretches the shaggy blond’s hot body out in a grapevine and full nelson combo. Dash’s muscles glisten with sweat as he punishes the lifeguard, beating him down to finish him off. Once he’s weakened Chad’s sexy beach bod, he flips him up and across his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Dash has him draped over his shoulder with one arm and flexes his bulging bicep of his other arm in total control. Chad has no choice but to cry out a submission to end the agony. Dash celebrates by flexing his sweat soaked muscles to end round one.

Round two begins with Dash asking Chad is he’s alright, and he replies ‘I’m fine, I just don’t know if you got the stamina to go another round fatty’. Dash is obviously amused by the question, as the two start to circle in center ring. They go at it with a test of strength and the big bodybuilder overpowers the shaggy blond beach bod, then shoves him into the corner. Dash’s muscles are flush with blood and pumped to the max after round one, and he’s not losing any momentum here in this round. Dash takes Chad to the mat and starts working over the muscle boy, pounding away at his six-pack, driving his fist down deep into abs with a claw hold, then tops it off by choking him out. Chad struggles to escape the torment but to no avail. He’s under the complete control of the bodybuilder. Dash piles on the pain with a torturous camel clutch, then stretches the lifeguard’s bod while he’s trapped in the ropes. It’s starting to look like this may be an easy win for Dash, but that’s going to change when Chad reverses a cross ring whip, and instead it’s the bodybuilder that goes crashing into the turnbuckle. It’s payback time for Chad as he delivers some ab bashing of his own on Dash’s precious 8-pack. Chad scoops the bodybuilder up and drops him over his knee and drives his elbow into Dash’s abs as he’s laid out in an over the knee backbreaker. When Dash doesn’t submit to that, Chad transitions into another submission hold that stretches the bodybuilder’s pain threshold to the limits. Can the shaggy blond stretch a submission out of Dash and even this match up at one round a piece? Or is it a fat chance that the chosen one is going to end up losing this match to Chad? The sweat drips off both of their glorious bodies as one of them is laid out to nighty night.

Bruce Ballard vs Zack Johnathan

Two of the sexiest muscle studs in the business square off in this match! ‘The Total Package’ Bruce has burst on the scene over the last year and has racked up an impressive 5-2 record, which includes an impressive win over Alex Waters and two tag team victories partnering up with his buddy Dash Decker. But, in his last match he was totally dominated and tormented by Rock Hard’s resident bad boy Ethan Andrews. Ethan tore Bruce apart muscle by mother watering muscle until Bruce couldn’t submit fast enough to put an end to the torture. Bruce thought he would take a super hero approach to this match, and what better super hero to become with the name of Bruce than Batman?! ‘The World Class Fitness Model’ Zack has been with Rock Hard since day one and has piled up 12 victories against just 7 losses. His picture perfect physique has been featured in an abundance of magazines, movies, and magic mike type shows. His glorious muscles are adored by the women and envied by the guys. He’s always in peak shape, and like a fine wine, keeps getting better with age. Zack isn’t afraid to step into the ring with anyone, and he certainly won’t be intimidated by Batman Bruce! Round one begins after some early banter where Bruce claims he’s feeling good and he’s ready, and Zack questioning the Batman t-shirt. The two muscle hunks lock up and Bruce scores first with a swift knee to Zack’s abs and a clothesline that stuns the fitness model. Bruce remarks ‘you’re not talking so much now’ and connects with a few stomps to the Z-man’s six-pack, then begins stretching his money making muscles out on the mat. Bodybuilder Bruce releases the hold only to place Zack face down on the mat and stretches him out some more by yanking back on his well-built arms with a surfboard. T t-shirt seems to be working for Bruce, as he continues to control Zack with an arm bar, a head scissors, then transitions that to a leg scissors around Z-man’s slim waist. Bruce is feeling it as he flexes his eye-popping bicep while his opponent lay trapped between his massive thighs. Zack manages to survive the hold and get to his feet but Bruce is there to scoop him up and drop him across knee into a backbreaker. Magic Zack’s impeccable muscles are stretched out over the bodybuilder’s knee. Bruce works his abs over a bit before shoving the Z-man to the mat. It seems like Batman Bruce is here to clean up Gotham as he has Zack trapped in a reverse bearhug and walks him around the ring. The Z-man says he’s about to puke after Bruce tosses him to the mat and begins admiring himself in the mirror. That turns out to be a major mistake, and with no Robin around to help him, Zack is able to turn the tables on the pride of Gotham. Z-man connects with his size 10 white boot to the small of the bodybuilder’s back, and tells him ‘never turn your back on me!’ The world class fitness model has wrestled in enough matches to know when he’s given an opening, and he’s going to make the bodybuilder pay. Zack begins by nearly ripping Bruce’s head off, looking a lot like he’s trying to unmask the Gotham guy, then lifts him up into a standing full nelson, overpowering Bruce before forcing him into the mat. He’s just warming up as he scoops Bruce up and slams him down, then begins torturing his back as be pulls back on the bodybuilder’s chin with his knee driven into Bruce’s back. Zack’s arms are flexed to the max as he cranks back on Bruce’s chin, while the bodybuilder groans in pain. Zack has all the momentum at this point, and Bruce has to wonder what’s going on? Zack delivers the punishment with a standing headlock and a single leg boston crab, knowing he’s close to claiming victory. As Bruce is suffering on the mat, Zack stands up, grabs one of Bruce’s wrist and one of his ankles and starts tugging Bruce’s limbs with his mighty muscles. Bruce cries out in pain, knows he’s in trouble but refuses to give up. So the Z-man starts stomping his boot into the ribcage until the bodybuilder can’t take it an longer and screams out a submission. Zack towers over a defeated Bruce saying ‘round one’s mine brother’. And indeed it is!

Bruce looks spent in his corner at the start of round two, and Zack asks him if he’s ‘ready for more?’ Zack attacks and quickly goes to work on Bruce’s stellar six-pack, then gives his groin a good stretching in a wishbone move, before nearly choking him out with a rear naked choke hold. The Z-man is on point for this match and having his way with the bodybuilder. Both of their spectacular bodies are working up a nice sweat 12 minutes into the match that makes their muscles even more spectacular. Zack stay on offense with the intent of sweeping the Batman in two straight rounds, locking him up in a reverse bear hug, punishing him in the ropes, then drops him over the knee for a payback backbreaker and driving his vice like grip into the bodybuilder’s abs with a brutalizing claw hold. Bruce is finally able to reverse the momentum and catches the fitness model with a leg sweep which allows for him to go on offense. Bruce works the Z-man over in every corner of the ring with; a double leg boston crab, several heavy stomps and slams, a painful camel clutch that has Zack in serious trouble. Bruce seizes the opportunity to set Zack up in a kneeling surfboard and uses his massive muscles to yank back on his arms as his boot is driven deep in his back. Zack’s magic muscles contain a lot of power, but not when he’s in this position, and he’s compelled to submit to end the agony. Bruce flexes his mighty bi’s to claim round two. Both of these muscle studs go all out in round three and both of them have opportunities to secure the victory. Can Batman Bruce gain the advantage with his colossal muscles and lucky t-shirt to secure the safety of Gotham? Or will Zack get his magic groove back and out maneuver and out muscle the impressive bodybuilder. All the action leads up to an unexpected ‘Kapow’ finishing hold you’re sure to enjoy!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.