Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan and Tyler Reeves

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Ethan Andrews vs Zack Johnathan and Tyler Reeves (Trilogy Series - Part 3)

This is the third and final installment of the Trilogy Series, featuring the street punk Ethan Andrews, and his all out assault on the muscle boys here at Rock Hard. In the first match of this series, Ethan launched an all out attack on Tyler's six pack midsection, softening him up to chalk up two straight submissions with Tyler suffering in pain throughout the match. In the second match of this trilogy, the street punk took on the world famous fitness model Zack, and his perfectly muscled, moneymaking body. Ethan had to dig deep into his arsenal in this match, and also had to withstand several excruciating submission holds applied by the seasoned veteran, but the skinny street punk was able to wear Zack down and set him up for an awesome ab stretch submission hold in round three, and claimed another victory over a bigger muscle boy.

In this final match of the trilogy, Ethan wanders into the Rock Hard gym and finds Zack and Tyler practicing in the ring. Ethan climbs up on the ring apron to confront his previously beaten opponents as they are working on some new moves. They soon notice the street punk on the ring apron, and Zack asks 'aren't you the punk that was calling us both douche bags?' Ethan responds in street punk fashion, saying 'yeah, American douche bag and Foreign douche bag' pointing at each of them. Zack retorts 'you think that's funny' and Tyler suggests 'come on, let's get him!' They team up and lift the skinny punk up into a double suplex that carries him into the ring and lands him hard flat on his back. This is just the start of a thunder and lightning beat down on Ethan that will work over every part of his body. The two muscle boys team up to extract their revenge, and put a trashing on the street punk that he'll never forget! This match is total domination by Zack and Tyler as they beat up on Ethan and toss him around the ring at will. They first pull his t-shirt over his head, cover his face, and Zack starts kicking him in the abs as Tyler holds him down in control. They start ripping off his shirt and trunks, and Zack is choking him out as Tyler works over his legs. They overwhelm him with; power slams, arm locks, elbow drops, and leg splits that have Ethan suffering and crying out in pain. Zack and Tyler both team up, and take their turns, taking out their anger on the street punk, and extracting revenge for what he did to them in their previous matches. The total squash job continues, and Ethan has to be thinking he's sorry he ever came to the gym that day. While Zack holds both of Ethan's arms behind him, Tyler delivers a barrage of fists to the abs of Ethan as payback for what he had done to him. They continue their battering of the skinny kid as they double team him and put him through multiple submission holds that stretch him out and inflict pain on every single inch of his skinny body. Zack and Tyler are clearly having a good time beating up on Ethan like they own him. They pull his hair, make him suffer in a surfboard, whip him across the ring and into a double clothesline, pound away with duel flying elbow drops, and stretch him like a pretzel with a combination boston crab and arm bar lock that has Ethan begging for them to stop. Zack continues the trashing by picking him up, hanging him by his legs upside down in the corner turnbuckle, and they both start pounding and kicking away at the punk's abs. By this time, you can see all the red welts that have broken out on Ethan's body from the thumping he has taken, and he starts to beg of them, 'no more, no more'. After beating the punk around the ring in a total one sided squash, they finish him off with Zack cranking on a figure four leg lock and Tyler locking on an arm bar, and as they squeeze with all of their sweat soaked muscles flexing, Ethan howls out a submission to ultimately end this match as he lay withering on the mat in pure pain. After he submits, Zack suggests 'let's get this trash out of here' and they pick him up and carry him out of the ring and into the locker room for one final humiliating surprise. As the two muscle boys come back out of the locker room and gloat over their decisive victory, we find Ethan strung up in the shower with ice-cold water pouring down over his badly beaten body! Payback is a bitch, and this type of beating and humiliation has to make you wonder if we'll ever see Ethan step back into the RHW ring again?

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