TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Austin Cooper vs Zack Johnathan and Ethan Andrews vs Jason Kane

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Austin Cooper vs Zack Johnathan and Ethan Andrews vs Jason Kane

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Two Matches On One DVD!

Austin Copper vs Zack Johnathan

Close to 350 lbs of pure muscle enter the ring for this superstar match up. The resident mega-muscle model Zack is back to take on one of RHW’s current super studs, Austin. Both of these warriors’ posses spectacular physiques and massive bulging biceps. Zack enters the ring in baby blue square cut trunks and white boots and starts stretching out his perfect physique and flexing his money-making muscles. Austin steps through the ropes in skimpy blue/grey square cuts and black boots, seeming unimpressed with Zack’s breathtaking body, and asks ‘Mr muscleman, huh?’ and states he’s been told the same thing! Austin steps right up and starts challenging Zack to a flex off, comparing their bulging biceps, impressive backs, and their ripped abs. After Zack has seen enough, he shoves Austin in the chest and proclaims this is the way to pose, knowing he is an expert on showing off his magnificent body. Austin retorts, you think I’m just going to let you push me, and then winds up to deliver a fist to Zack’s face but Zack is quick enough to duck out of the way and slaps a full nelson on the surprised tactician. The muscle model starts putting a beating on every part of Austin’s beefy body with; stomps to his back and legs, elbow drops into his inner thigh and abs, and then delivers pure pain with a kick to the crotch. Zack then picks him up in a reverse bear hug, drops him onto his knee in an atomic drop that has Austin squirming in pain on the mat. Zack continues delivering the punishment until he picks the big boy up from the mat, and Austin seizes he opportunity to take the muscle model down with a lightning fast double leg takedown that plants Zack flat on his back. Austin takes control and starts going to work on Zack’s fantastic abs and muscular back. He picks Zack up into a bearhug and squeezes the hell out of him before dropping him to the mat, starts clawing away at his massive pec muscles, and then digs in deep with an ab claw that has Zack struggling and looking for any way to escape. Austin uses his brawn and wrestling skills to maintain control of this round, working Zack’s back over with an excruciating camel clutch, and then torments the muscle model picking him up twice and racking him over his back before finishing him off with a crucifix that stretches Zack’s brilliant physique out on full display before he is forced to submit and say ‘I give’. Austin drops his beaten opponent to the mat, then places his size 11 black boot onto Zack’s chest and flashes an eye popping double bicep pose in victory.

Round two opens with Austin asking ‘how’s that back feel?’ with Zack still reeling from that crucifix. Austin goes back on the attack and takes control. He wrestles Zack down to the mat and wraps his mammoth, muscular thighs around the muscle model’s tiny waist and starts squeezing the strength right out of him. Zack backs the tactician into the corner turnbuckle and starts working over the big boy’s abs. He lifts him up into a bearhug, squeezes the life out of him and then drops him to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Austin catches the muscle boy in a single leg boston crab that has his stretched in pain, but Zack is able to escape and regain control of the round. He continues his assault on Austin’s thick muscled back, picking him up into a backbreaker over his shoulder and bouncing the muscle stud across his shoulder, asking if he wants to submit. When Austin refuses to submit, Zack drops him to the mat, weakens his back up some more with an elbow drop, then lifts him to his feet and places him into a standing ab stretch along the ropes. He starts dropping elbows into the his muscular midsection and takes delight in watching him suffer, and when Austin won’t submit, he cranks up the pressure even more using the ropes until Austin’s muscular body is so tangled and stretched out, he has nowhere to go, until his sweat soaked body is forced to whimper out a submission to end round two. Zack lets him wither to the mat in pain, and then celebrates his success striking a few muscle popping poses for his fans. The third and deciding round starts with the sweat glistening from both of these muscle studs bodies, and Zack taking Austin down with a single leg takedown. He then locks in a full nelson and scissors his waist, continuing to stretch him out in pain. Can Zack’s spectacular body, GQ looks, and all of his prior wrestling experience finish off the super stud Austin? Or, will Austin maintain his winning ways and dish out the punishment to Zack’s picture perfect physique and claim victory. It all leads up to a breathtaking finish that you’ve just got to see in this epic muscle stud showdown!

Ethan Andrews vs Jason Kane

Teen sensation Jason Kane is 6’1”, 180 with a pristine power packed body, piercing blue eyes, and a Clark Kent/Superman look. He’s making a huge splash in the fitness modeling world, and is in high demand with photographers worldwide who are clamoring to shoot his movie star looks and magnificent teen body. He enters the Rock Hard ring in navy blue trunks with yellow trim and black boots to make his debut against resident street punk and bad boy Ethan Andrews. Ethan has added some size and muscle to his lanky frame since he joined Rock Hard, and is excited to get his shot at the current crop of muscle boys. Ethan hops over the top rope in a black speedo with green accents and black boots, salivating at the chance to ‘welcome’ the teen sensation to the world of Rock Hard Wrestling. Ethan is grinning ear to ear eager to rip into Jason’s magnificent, muscular body. This match clearly pits young, eager teen muscle against street savvy and years of wrestling experience. Round one begins with Ethan proclaiming Jason ‘a newbie’, and the teen rookie playing nice asking the street punk how he’s doing. Ethan asks, ‘what no trash talk’ and then quickly plants his foot into Jason’s abs to introduce the teen into the world of underground wrestling. This drops the tall teen to his feet and the street punk then picks him up, backs him into the corner, and starts pounding and bashing away at Jason’s massive chest and ripped abs. He flips the teen out of the corner and starts working his muscled body over on the mat, locking on a reverse chin lock and scissors him around the waist to stretch him out and pound away at his powerful pecs. The street punk continues to dominate the muscular teen, placing him an arm stretching surfboard that has Jason struggling in pain, and has to have him questioning his decision to enter the ring. Ethan whips Jason across the ring and when the teen bounces off the ropes, Ethan plants his black boot directly into his midsection, then follows up with several stomps to his chest and abs, then stands on top of his abs making him suffer in unadulterated pain. By this point, Jason has been beaten pretty bad, but he is able to catch the street punk with a jab to the abs, and then starts using his superior muscle advantage to batter the bad boy. He hoists Ethan up across his back into an unorthodox version of a torture rack, and then drops him to the mat and flexes his bulging bicep in the street punk’s face in an attempt to intimidate. Jason continues to hoist Ethan up and slam him to the mat, gaining confidence that his muscle will overcome Ethan’s ring smarts, even laughing at his smaller opponent! But, Ethan is able to withstand the beating and regains control of the match with a double fisted punch to the teen’s shredded abs. He continues to batter his body, calls him a bitch, and in the end set’s the muscle boy up for a camel clutch submission that ends round one. Ethan proclaims his triumph by placing his boot on the back of Jason’s neck, flexing his own double bicep pose, and telling him ‘I may be scrawny but I just kicked your ass!’ 

Round two opens with the much bigger, more muscular teen staggering out of his corner, and the smaller street punk stating he’s up 1-0, and asking him if he ‘just wants to call it a day?’ Before Jason can even get a response out of his mouth, Ethan drops him with a reverse spin MMA kick to his gut that has then teen sensation crumpled in the corner. Ethan starts choking him with his boot across his throat, and then starts pounding away at his abs with several stomps that turn his six pack bright red. The street punk continues to torment the teen muscle stud, concentrating on bashing and beating his steel hard abs. The bad boy Ethan is taking pleasure in tormenting the teen’s muscular body as he makes him hurt in a series of punishing holds. He picks him up by his hair, back’s Jason’s sweat soaked body back into the corner, and then starts taunting him calling him ‘a wuss’ and asking ‘why are you even here?’. But just when you think the teen sensation has had enough, he reverses an arm whip across the ring into the corner, and it’s Ethan who slams back first into the turnbuckle. Jason follows that up with a series of stomps to the street punk’s abs and thighs in an attempt to soften him up. Jason seizes the opportunity to take control, and use his colossal muscles to his advantage in this round. He starts dropping his size 11 boot repeatedly over Ethan’s lower back, then picks him up and scoop slams him hard to the mat. He continues his attack on the street punk’s back, picking him up into a bearhug, wrapping his huge arms around Ethan’s tiny waist, squeezing the crap right out of him. Jason senses victory and hoists the bad boy up over his shoulders into a spine stretching torture rack, parades him around the ring making him suffer, before he clamps down hard until he forces a submission out of him to end round two. The teen sensation towers over his defeated foe and flexes a massive double bicep shot to revel in his triumph. Round three starts with Jason full of confidence and asking ‘do you like that muscle?’ with Ethan quipping, ‘whatever’ I’m still going to kick your ass!’ The teen muscle stud continues where he left off in round two, picking Ethan up, slamming him to the mat, and stomping away at his back. Can Jason keep the momentum going and prove he has the muscle and ability to pull off a major upset in his debut match, or will the street punk bad boy teach the teen sensation a wrestling lesson, and chalk up another victory over one of Rock Hard’s muscle boys?

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.