TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Brodie Fisher vs Ethan Andrews and Austin Cooper vs Josh Steel

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Two Matches on One DVD!

Brodie Fisher vs Ethan Andrews

Brodie's been full of confidence and full of himself since winning his debut match against Josh Steel, and following that up by partnering with Austin Cooper for a tag team victory against Will Stanley and Jason Kane. How can a rookie do better than that in his first two matches? But, he's going to be put to a real test in this match, taking on the Rock Hard resident bad boy, Ethan, who loves putting a bashing on the muscle boys, especially the inexperienced ones! Brodie is already in the ring, clad in what's becoming his signature burgundy trunks and black boots, doing some push-ups, pumping up and flexing his magnificent body. Ethan comes around the corner to find out his opponent is the rookie teen bodybuilder, and seems surprised and also eager to get his hands on the rookie's muscles. The street punk gets off on beating up the primadona muscle studs, and making their precious bodies suffer.Ethan proclaims 'what another one, another bodybuilder, you guys are all the same, all go and no show'. Ethan climbs thru the ropes, goes chest to chest with the bodybuilder, before tossing aside his gym bag and delivering a series of kicks to Brodie's abs that back him into the corner turnbuckle, shocked and stunned. You could see it in Brodie's eyes that he thought he was going to have an easy time with the skinny street punk, but things haven't started out that way! Ethan continues with four swift knees to the teen's ripped abs that has him slumping in the corner. Ethan is intent on showing the rookie who's the boss in this ring, and starts choking him out by placing his red and black boot across Brodie's throat. The teen bodybuilder is full of energy to start this round, so he isn't about to show any weakness, and asks Ethan if that's all he's got? The bad boy stays on the attack, punishing the rookie's muscles, and applying his arsenal of holds. He grabs Brodie's ankles, flips him over and into a double leg boston crab that exerts extreme pressure on the lower back. After the teen has suffered a while in that hold, he places him in a reverse ankle lock and chin lock, which has Brodie's muscular body arched back in pain while Ethan bridges higher to apply maximum pressure. The bad boy is clearly enjoying the beating he's putting on the teen bodybuilder! Once he's finished with that hold, Ethan goes to work on the bodybuilder's ripped abs, he loves to put an ab bashing on the muscle boys, and Brodie won't be an exception. With Brodie on his back, Ethan straddles his body and starts raining down a series of punches directly into his six-pack, following up with a few stomps to the stomach. Brodie continues to be defiant, and asks the bad boy if that's all he's got, and Ethan shows him he's got more by walking on his six-pack and then jumping up and down on the muscle boy. Ethan is more than willing to dish out the pain and punishment! Brodie is able to reverse the momentum for a brief moment, tossing the street punk around the ring and stretching him out in a seated surfboard, but it's mostly all Ethan in round one who controls the action. Once bad boy Ethan regains the momentum, he pins Brodie into the corner turnbuckle and first stomps away at his abs to weaken him up, then turns his attention to the bodybuilder's massive legs. Ethan stomps on his muscle bound thighs and kicks away at his hamstring, weakening his legs. Once he knows he has the cocky bodybuilder weakened, Ethan goes in for the kill to finish him off. He locks on a figure four leg lock on Brodie's muscular legs and starts cranking on the pressure. The teen bodybuilder endures the pressure and pain for as long as he can before he realizes he's not escaping this hold and reluctantly screams out a submission as the bad boy watches with a grin on his face as his muscle boy opponent suffers in agony. Ethan finally releases the hold, stands up, places his boot on Brodie and pops a double bicep flex in triumph over the suffering muscle boy in round one.

Round two starts and both wrestlers are talking smack, wanting to get into the head of their opponent. Ethan takes matters into his own hands and picks up where he left off, backing the muscle boy against the ropes and begins pounding away at his chiseled pecs, then he laces him thru the ropes and plants his boot in Brodie's chest, yanking on his arms and stretching him out to the limit. After Brodie's suffered enough in that hold, the bad boy bends him backward over the middle rope and sends a barrage of fists and slaps into his chest that leave red blotches on his massive pec muscle. The street punk is taking delight in bashing away at the teen bodybuilder, forcing him to suffer in a wide variety of holds including a lot of ab bashing along the way. It appears that Ethan is going to finish the teen bodybuilder off in two straight rounds until Brodie is able to strike with a low blow to the bad boy's prized package that has him squirming in some serious pain. Brodie seizes the opportunity to use his sizeable muscle advantage and stretches Ethan out on the mat in a full nelson/grapevine combination, then lifts him to the mat and locks on a reverse bear hug on the bad boy's limp body, and he parades him around the ring like a trophy he just conquered. Brodie is a quick learner, and he applies some of the same painful holds that he endured in round one on the skinny street punk. Ethan has a high threshold of pain, and is able to endure the onslaught, but Brodie has gained some confidence back and with his huge muscles is able to hoist the bad boy up over his shoulders and into a torture rack that has Ethan is some deep trouble. Brodie is able to clamp down hard on Ethan's chin and leg, stretching his lean muscled frame across his broad shoulders, then walks him around the ring, clamping down even harder until he can't endure the pain any longer and yells out a submission. The teen bodybuilder celebrates his success by posing his magnificent body over his fallen prey. The third and final round opens with Brodie taking control in the early going, but Ethan uses his ring savvy to reverse the momentum. He catches the muscle boy with a reverse leg kick to his abs that crumbles Brodie to the mat. From there on, for the next seven minutes, the skinny street punk owns the teen bodybuilder's muscles. Ethan is steaming mad from the loss in round two, and he is intent on making every one of Brodie's muscles suffer in this round. He stretches Brodie's body out every which way possible, putting his beautiful teen physique out on full display, and relishing every moment he makes the rookie suffer. Ethan works him over hard before finally placing him in one of his favorite finishing holds that he's forced other muscle studs on the Rock Hard roster to succumb to, and Brodie is no different. Ethan punishes his muscles until the teen bodybuilder is compelled to submit to end the agony. The bad boy Ethan chalks up another victory as his teen bodybuilder opponent withers in the corner of the ring. A bodybuilder beatdown that you have to see to believe and you'll surely enjoy!

Austin Cooper vs Josh Steel

Coop's last match against his former tag team partner did not end well for him, and the risky move of replacing Jake as his tag team partner with the new rookie, teen bodybuilder Brodie Fisher may backfire. This has Coop questioning his decisions and pissed off for the embarrassing loss incurred against Jake. He is looking to take out his anger on somebody, and that somebody just happens to be the beautiful, bronzed muscle boy Josh Steel. Josh is starting to make his mark on the Rock Hard roster, and has been steadily building a fan base by taking on any wrestler that's challenged him, and looking incredible in each of his first few matches. He's quickly becoming a fan favorite! Josh climbs thru the ropes clad in light blue square cuts and white boots, which highlight his flawless, golden tanned muscular body. Austin enters the ring in green square cuts and black boots, his massive muscles popping out of his body. Coop is already pissed off to start the match, and when Josh taunts him with the 'ginger' jabs, it has Coop's blood boiling over. Coop immediately seizes control of the blond surfer dude, clamping on a headlock and showing him who's in control. The big redhead transitions the hold to a reverse wrist lock that has Josh squirming to escape. He continues the attack, knocking the young rookie to the mat with a forearm to his back, then lifts his legs, and flips him over into a double legged boston crab. Coop is exerting enormous pressure on Josh's lower back and beautiful butt, determined not to give the rookie a chance in this round. Austin applies a full nelson and starts swinging Josh around the ring, then picks him up and sends him slamming to the mat with several thundering suplex slams. He continues to assail every part of Josh's stunning, and impressive teen body, wanting to ensure there's no doubt who's controlling who in this round! Coop chokes him over the ropes then tosses him to the mat, but when he lifts Josh to his feet, the rookie is able to whip Coop into the corner turnbuckle and starts dispensing his own beating on the 'ginger's beefy body. He knocks the wind out of Coop with several shoulders to the abs, then takes him down to the mat, connects with a few stomps to Coop's ripped midsection, and asks him 'who's the bitch now, bitch?' And when Coop replies 'you are' Josh says 'say it again' and when Coop does say it again, Josh sends a booming stomp down on his lower back, setting him up for a single leg boston crab. The big redhead reaches for the ropes, but the teen muscle stud has learned how to control the action in the ring, and quickly kicks him in the back to maintain the control, saying 'you can talk shit all day!' Josh is able to continue to inflict more pain on his opponent, but when he drags Coop to his feet, Coop catches him with a double leg takedown that plants the blond boy on his back on the mat. Josh is stunned, and Coop goes seizes the opportunity to take back the control. He wraps his massive bicep around Josh's neck and starts choking him out, stating 'you got a cheap shot in on me' as Josh flails around searching for a way to break the hold. Coop chokes him out for a while before lifting him up into a reverse bearhug with Coop's massive arms wrapped tight around Josh's slim, teen waist. Austin flings him to the mat, rolls him over, and then drops three heavy knees directly into Josh's sexy, six pack abs. Josh groans out in pain as Coop drops his knees into his abs, before stomping away at his legs and back, taunting him saying 'I could just break this leg, but it's so much more fun prolonging this and watching you suffer'. Josh lays agonizing on the mat, as Coop sizes him up to finish him off. Coop drags the blond boy to the center of the ring, picks his arms up over his knees, and applies a camel clutch to the rookie that has his back arched in agony. Coop applies the pressure, cranking back on Josh's chin, but when he refuses to submit, Coop lifts Josh's ankle and has his beautiful body stretched and quartered in severe pain. Josh has nowhere to escape and has no other option but to submit. Coop finally releases the hold, shoves Josh face first to the mat, gets up and places his black boot on his beaten opponent and declares 'I don't like you' claiming an impressive victory in round one.

Round two opens, and Coop's testosterone level is running sky high, while the sweat is dripping off of both of the superbly muscled wrestlers. Coop asks Josh how he's feeling, playing the head games with the rookie wrestler. They dance, then tie up in the middle of the ring with Coop taking up right where he left off, taking the blond muscle boy down with a single leg and next locking a scissors and ankle lock combination on Josh's bad right knee. Coop is determined to win this match in two straight falls and will do so at any cost, he wants to make sure there's no doubt he's still at the top of the Rock Hard roster! He continues to punish Josh's body every way imaginable; placing a leg scissor hold around his arms and neck, stretching his body out in a surfboard which extends the rookie to his limits, then following this all up by wrapping his massive legs around Josh's midsection and just squeezing the air right out of him. The bronzed, muscle boy is able to endure Coop's assault, and at one point lands a low blow to Coop's package that crumbles the brawny red head to the mat. Josh gets some kicks, stomps and punches in on him but Coop has endured more pain beyond what this rookie can dish out. Coop takes it for a while, but once the agony of the low blow wears off he makes his move to regain control. He hoists Josh up over his shoulder, then slings him back down onto his knee in a reverse atomic drop that stings the blonde boy's spine. But Coops isn't satisfied with just one atomic drop, he lifts and drops him onto his knee two more times to ensure Josh gets the message that Coop didn't appreciate the low blow, and the potential injury to his manhood. Coop continues to punish Josh's beautiful body, wanting to make an example of what he can dish out to any wrestler on the roster. Once he's beaten Josh down to the point he can't recover, he pulls him by his long blonde hair to his feet, then lifts him up over his broad shoulders into a wrenching torture rack, makes him suffer for a while, then flings him to the mat. But Coop isn't done with his conquest just yet, he drags him over to the ropes, laces Josh's sweaty body between the ropes, then places him in an ab stretch, and starts really making him suffer by applying extreme pressure to his abs and back. Josh endures it as long as he can, but there's no escaping, and he finally succumbs to Coop's will and cries out a submission. Coop's not satisfied just yet, he pulls his conquest to the center of the ring, and strips him ofr his wrestling trunks as one last act of dominance from the victorious, red head muscle stud!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.