TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Kyle Carter vs Austin Cooper and Alex Waters vs Josh Steel vs Jake Jenkins

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Kyle Carter vs Austin Cooper and Alex Waters vs Josh Steel vs Jake Jenkins

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Kyle Carter vs Austin Cooper

Teen phenom Kyle has had a rough start here at Rock Hard, having to step into the ring against the likes of the seasoned veteran Zack Johnathan in his debut match, and then against up and coming bad boy Alex Waters in his second match. Kyle was able to put up a good fight against both of these opponents but at this point just doesn’t have the ring experience to chalk up a victory. He has all the tools to become a winning wrestler; a superior muscular physique which doesn’t have an ounce of fat, the endurance to go the distance against tough opponents, and is now gaining the ring experience in an effort to become a well-versed wrestler. Unfortunately for him, he’s again matched up against a superior opponent in Austin Cooper. Coop has burst onto the scene here at Rock Hard over the past several years and has dished out his share of pain and punishment on opponents. The competition begins with the rookie Kyle in his corner decked out in green square cut trunks and white boots that show off his phenomenal teen physique. Austin stands in his corner sporting red trunks and black boots, an image of power and confidence. Astonishingly, the rookie starts with some trash talk, telling the red head he looks like a pig and looks like he eats a lot! Coop has heard it all in his days and is unfazed by the remarks and tells the muscle teen to ‘shut your ass up!’ and proceeds to lock up, take the blond boy to the mat, straddles him, and then pounds away on his rippled 8-pack. Coop doesn’t take shit from anybody, he certainly isn’t going to allow this teen rookie to trash talk him without paying for it. Coop drags Kyle to his feet, scoops him up and walks him around the ring before slamming him to the mat in a display of power and control. He continues his control, bashing away at the teen muscle boy’s body in the corner, then stretches his muscular physique in a surfboard, a camel clutch, then hoists him up and into a torture rack across his broad shoulders. Coop is having a good time delivering a beating on the teen phenom, then climbs up the ropes and strikes with a flying elbow across Kyle’s back. As the teen muscle boy suffers on the mat, the red head has a huge grin on his face and begins flexing his mighty muscle as the testosterone really begins to flow. Kyle tries to recompose, and starts pulling himself to his feet by the ropes, Coop walks over and straddles him and Kyle somehow summons the strength to reverse him and lock a boston crab on his beefy opponent. It’s almost as if Kyle has suddenly turned into the incredible hulk, with his green trunks and eye popping muscles now flexing to the max. The teen muscle boy puts his magnificent muscles to good use, pulling the beefy red head to his feet, lifting him up and tossing him to the mat, stomping away at his body before wrapping his huge, muscular thighs around Coop’s waist then flexing and squeezing the air right out of the red head. Kyle is on a roll and has no intention of letting up! Austin is bewildered by the turn of events, and Kyle is out to prove his strength and muscles are just as impressive his opponent’s. He places his hands around Coop’s throat, pulls him to his feet, then lifts him high into the air by his throat in a total display of strength and domination. Coop’s black boots are dangling in mid-air as he’s held high above the ring floor by the teen’s incredible muscle bound arms. Austin begs for Kyle to put him down, and once Kyle decides he’s strangled him enough he throws him to the mat. The teen phenom goes in for the kill, lifting the beefy veteran up and into an over the shoulder backbreaker that has Coop in serious trouble. Kyle has Coop’s muscles draped over his shoulder and parades him around the ring, bouncing up and down to inflict even more pain on his back. The seasoned veteran holds out as long as possible, but with no way to escape is ultimately compelled to cry out a submission. Kyle delights by placing his boot on Coop’s back and flexing his sweaty muscles for a surprising triumph in round one!

Round two and Austin is on red alert, he’s both sore and embarrassed about how he was just manhandled by a rookie. Kyle on the other hand is feeling pumped and full of vigor; he’s thinking he’s got one round in his back pocket and only needs to win one more to earn his first victory. The action starts with a test of strength between these two muscle studs, and astonishingly the rookie pulls a veteran move and backs the brawny red head back into the corner and begins to bash away at his abs. He then powers slams him to the mat and connects with a leg drop. Kyle continues pouring on the pain with a surfboard and boston crab, then drags the ginger over to the ropes and starts seriously choking him out. The teen phenom climbs outside the ring to apply even more pressure as the studio lights highlight the teen’s glistening sweat soaked back muscles. But big red isn’t going down easy, once Kyle climbs back into the ring, Austin strikes with a cheap forearm shot to the crotch. Kyle crumbles to the mat and Coop starts to take charge. He pulls the blond teen muscle boy across the ring and then stretches his arms out while pulled up against the corner ring post. Austin digs deep into his back of tricks to change the direction of this match. He continues to pulverize the teen’s muscles, chocking him out with a figure four leg lock around his throat, stomping away with his size 11 black boots on his back, the stretches and yanks at the teen’s perfectly muscled body with a bow and arrow hold. Kyle tries fighting off the attack but Austin isn’t about to let that happen. Big red drives his claws deep into Kyle’s perfect pecs for punishment, then drags him over to the rope and returns the choke hold he endured. Coop intends to send a message in this round that it’s not acceptable for a rookie to put a beat down on him and get away with it, so he has a special hold in store for the teen muscle boy. He leans Kyle’s back against the ropes, climbs outside the ring, starts pulling down on the rookie’s chin stretching his flawless physique out across the top rope causing extreme distress .Kyle’s a tough kid and won’t submit easily but when big red reaches back and grabs his ankle that stretches his body out even more so he has no other option but submit to escape the torturous hold. As Kyle lay face down on the mat, Coop knees across his back, flexing his bulging 17” biceps over the fallen rookie for a win in round two. Will Austin be able to tame the rookie and ward off a huge red alert upset in round three, or does the blond teen muscle boy get back the mojo he had in round one and pull off a stunning upset? One thing’s for sure, one of the muscle studs submits to an agonizing match ending submission that will have you holding your own crotch in pain!

Alex Waters vs Josh Steel vs Jake Jenkins (3-Way Match)

To celebrate the 100th video release from Rock Hard, we decided to round up three of our best superstar wrestlers, throw them in the ring together, and for the fan’s delight see who will be the last man standing. Each one of the superstars bring different strengths and greek god like physiques to the ring; Alex has burst on the scene as the new bad boy frat boy with a picture perfect face and incredible muscles, Josh has added another 30 pounds of muscle to his well-known body and developed somewhat of a mean streak since first arriving as the laid back, blond hair surfer dude, and Jake returns from a respite away from the ring seeking to lay claim to the dominance he once enjoyed within the underground wrestling world. Each of these warriors not only has something to gain from winning this match, but also has something to potentially lose. Each of the combatants starts in their respective corners; Alex clad in green trunks and black boots, Josh in blue trunks and white boots, and Jake in his signature red trunks and black boots. None of these guys are shy about showing off their well sculpted bodies, so of course a flexing session breaks out. Jake and Alex compare biceps while Josh flexes in the background, that is, until Jake starts the action with a swift jab to Alex’s abs while Josh stands back and gets a laugh. Jake follows up with an elbow drop, and Josh circles around to connect with a flying leg drop across Alex’s torso. Alex gets to his feet and he and Josh back Jake into the corner. Alex picks Jake up and scoop slams him to the mat, then Josh strikes with a fist into Alex’s ripped six-pack. Josh then starts attacking Jake until Alex comes over and kicks Josh’s feet out from under him and begins to stomp away on his body. It’s mayhem in the ring with each of these guys going after one another. Josh lifts and power bombs Alex to the mat, then Jake shoulder blocks the big blond back into the turnbuckle. Josh slumps to the mat, then Alex and Jake lift him to his feet and suplex the 180 pound muscle stud back to the mat. Josh screams in pain, while Jake cheap shots Alex with a boot to the stomach. The frenzied action continues as each of these muscle studs attempt to gain the upper hand. With Jake down on the mat, Alex straddles him and pulls back on his arms attempting a camel clutch, but Josh rushes in and wants a piece of that action, so now the blond surfer is atop Jake yanking up on his chin until Alex jumps on top of Josh’s back and is yanking back on his chin in a 3-way pseudo camel clutch hold. An incredible pile of sweaty muscle to behold! As the melee continues, Josh appears to have the upper hand in both size and strength, able to control each of the smaller muscle boys on his own. That is, until Jake and Alex realize they need to join forces to take out this blond haired, Kevin von Erich look alike. They conspire in the corner to join forces before rushing into Josh and connecting with a double clothesline that sends him falling to the mat. What ensues is a double teaming by the two smaller, mean streaked wrestlers against the bigger muscle stud Josh. Jake and Alex clamp on dual leg scissors across the blond boy’s beautiful body causing him to suffer and scream. They then transition to Jake wrapping his powerful thighs around Josh’s head and Alex securing a leg lock that has the surfer dude stretched out in pain much to the delight of his opponents. The two of them then each secure an arm and leg on either side of Josh into a double wishbone and begin to pull as hard as they can, stretching Josh’s sweat soaked muscular body out into an ‘X’ in the center of the ring. When Josh won’t submit, Jake says to Alex ‘you know what I’m thinking?’ and they lift Josh’s limp body to his feet and into a double team suplex that sends him skipping across the mat. With the sweat dripping off all three of these incredible bodies, Jake and Alex stomp away on Josh’s back to soften him up. Alex sits down on Josh’s butt and grabs his ankles, while Jake sits on his back and starts cranking back on Josh’s chin. They have the big, blond muscle stud down on the mat and secured in a double team torture hold. Josh is in some serious trouble and he knows it! They continue to stretch Josh’s body out in agony, berating him and even forcing him to look at his own suffering in the mirror. As much as Josh tries to endure the predicament he’s in, he is ordered to cry out a submission so both Alex and Jake hear it, before they release the hold and kick Josh’s beaten and broken sweat soaked body out of the ring to end a crazy round one!

After they congratulate each other and flex in victory for round one, Alex proclaims ‘now it’s on’, looking ahead to his showdown with Jake in round two. The veteran Jake comes out of his corner saying slyly ‘it was nice being on your team, but know I got to take you out.’ Alex brushes it off, but Jake scores first with a double leg takedown, then pounds and tosses the fratboy around at will. But Alex is no pushover and has learned his way around the ring, and takes the control with an over the knee backbreaker before stretching Jake’s magnificent body to its limits. Sweat drips from both bodies and muscles flex to the max as each of these superstars seek to secure the ultimate victory. Can the old guard prevail over the new guard? Will the machine Jake overpower the cocky fratboy Alex? These two muscle hunks lay it all on the line, climaxing in an extraordinary finish to an epic match you’ll want to watch over and over!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.