TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Josh Steel vs Justin Silver and Alex Waters vs Cage Cardona & Ethan Andrews

TWO MATCHES ON ONE DVD: Josh Steel vs Justin Silver and Alex Waters vs Cage Cardona & Ethan Andrews

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Josh Steel vs Justin Silver

Blond hunk Josh has been packing on huge muscle. His body growing more powerful by the day! So it makes sense he’s in his corner dumbfounded to see the rookie Justin across the ring in the opposite corner. Justin has been a little bit of a mystery around the locker room since joining the roster, and not knowing his background some of the guys think he’s a little sketchy. One of the rumors is that Justin is here just for the paycheck, and isn’t too interested in the actual wrestling. He was demolished and knocked out by Alex Waters in his debut match, but he did get in a few shots to both Matt Engel and Josh in a 3-way match that he ultimately lost to Matt. So, he’s 0-2 so far, but is griming from ear-to ear as he stares across at Josh before the match begins. Is it the thrill of earning another paycheck or the opportunity to take out one the reigning superstars? Josh on the other hand has had a lot of success in recent singles matches, gaining revenge on Ethan Andrews and was victorious in the very first King of the Ring match against Jake Jenkins. But, has had his share of troubles in tag team and 3-way matches. Josh has heard the whispers and rumors about Justin and is intent on capitalizing on it. Before the action begins Josh challenges Justin, offering to bet his match paycheck that he’ll submit Justin in two straight rounds, and he’ll submit him within 10 minutes in the first round! Justin checks his trunks like a stripper to see he’s got enough cash to cover the bet, and say’s ‘let’s do it!’ The muscle boys come to the center of the ring, and Josh gains the early advantage with a front face lock and several knees to Justin’s shredded abs. Josh shoves him to the mat, wraps his massive thighs around his 28” waist and squeezes away while also pounding on Justin’s lean, muscled body. Justin tries to pry Josh’s legs apart but there’s no way his arms are going to outmuscle Josh’s legs. The blond stud releases the leg scissors but doesn’t let up on the attack. He yanks back on Justin’s arms in a standing surf board, toys with him a bit with a few chicken wings, the clamps on a double leg boston crab as Justin groans in pain. Josh drags Justin’s limp body to his feet and places his neck across the top rope and starts choking out the mysterious wrestler. Josh has controlled this round from the start, but Justin isn’t going to just lay down when there’s money on the line. He’s able to catch the bodybuilder with a short ring clothesline that sends the blond hunk to the mat. Justin shows he does indeed have a bit of wrestling skill by pulling back on Josh’s muscular legs, sitting his butt on top of the stud’s butt, and pulling back on a double leg boston crab as the sweat begins to build on Josh’s magnificent muscles. He isn’t done getting his shots in on Josh’s body; he transitions to a head scissors and arm bar combo which strains the blond’s arm and shoulder, he then scoops Josh up and slams him to the mat, asking ‘you want that money’? Josh snaps back ‘I want the W’! But it’s not looking good for Josh at the moment, his bet is to make Justin submit within the first 10 minutes of round one, and right now the time is approaching the 8 minute mark and Josh is on the receiving end of a painful camel clutch which involves Justin’s dark, sultry lean muscled arms cranking back on Josh’s chin and thick neck. Justin struts around the ring, laughing at Josh and proclaiming ‘you’re not getting my money, man’. Josh gets to his feet, uses his ring experience to distract the rookie, and catches him with a fist to his incredible abs. The bigger muscle stud resorts to his power advantage and just starts out muscling Justin, shoving him around the ring. Josh senses time is running short if he’s going to be able to deliver on his wager, so he begins an assault on Justin’s impressive muscled back. He stomps, knees and pounds on Justin’s back every opportunity he gets, and with the self-imposed 10 minute time limit quickly approaching, Josh is able to secure a backbreaking submission hold on the rookie with scant seconds to spare. Josh’s bigger muscles prevail as he claims victory in round one, and tells a suffering Justin he better be ready for round two.

Round two begins with Josh asking ‘you ready for round two, cause I’m going to have to take that money from you’ and Justin claiming ‘you’re not getting this match’. Josh begins where he left off in round one, scooping and slamming the lean muscled mysterious wrestler, then applies a chin lock, before hoisting him up into a reverse bear hug swinging him around like a rag doll. Josh continues to out-muscle, out-power, and out-experience Justin. He laces Justin’s tight muscled, lean body through the ropes, places his boot in the small of Justin’s back, and pulls his arms back applying extreme pressure to his back. Justin’s shredded body is all tied up in the ropes and on full display with nowhere to go. Josh applies the hold with intent to hurt, and that’s exactly the result he gets. Justin’s smokin’ hot body suffers beautifully in the ropes. Josh controls most of round two, but Justin doesn’t go down easy. The could be stripper gets his shots in on Josh, pounding on his back, stretching him out in a bow and arrow, applying leg scissors around his torso, then a nasty arm bar and leg lock combo that has blond stud stretched to the max, his bodybuilder muscles drenched in sweat, screaming in pain, and on the verge of submitting. But when Josh doesn’t submit, he rookie makes a rookie mistake and releases the hold. Josh eventually makes him pay for that mistake in more ways than one. He finishes off Justin by rolling him into a reverse banana split which has Justin’s lanky legs spread wide apart and his ass pointed up to the ceiling. It doesn’t take long for the rookie to submit, and it doesn’t take long for Josh to reach into Justin’s trunks and strip the money winnings away from his beaten and battered body. And, adding insult to injury, Josh reaches down and slaps a dollar bill on Justin’s forehead before exiting the ring with his winnings! It makes you wonder, will Justin be back after this humiliating defeat?

Alex Waters vs Gage Cardona & Ethan Andrews

Cocky fratboy Alex has been having his way around here lately, especially with the new rookies that have joined the roster. He’s on a six match win streak, dominating newbies Justin Silver and Matt Engel, and looking very impressive in conquering veterans Zack Johnathan, Austin Cooper, and even resident bad boy Ethan Andrews. That didn’t go over very well with Ethan, he has a reputation of having his way with the muscle hunks. Rookie Gage had a rough debut match, and was beaten to a pulp by Dash Decker. His luck has not gotten any better, as he’s matched up against the superstar Alex in just the second time he’s stepped into the squared circle. Gage has previous wrestling experience and also some MMA experience, but it didn’t help much in his previous match. Let’s see if he can use it to his advantage in this match. Gage is waiting in the ring, warming up in his red trunks, red tank top, and red knee-high socks. He’s also sporting black frame glasses that make him look like he could have just come from the Comic Con convention. He appears both anxious and a little nervous. Alex struts into the ring calm, cool, and confident. Immediately Alex starts with the trash talking, wanting to get inside the rookie’s head. He ask Gage, ‘do you know who you’re wrestling?’ and the rookie replies with a hint of naivety ‘well you name’s Alex.’ The cocky fratboy uses one of the oldest tricks in the book, and the newbie falls for it. He extends his hand for a handshake, and connects with a fist to the newbie’s abs. Gage is stunned and says ‘oh, so you’re a cheap player’ and Alex replies, ‘hell yeah I am’ before scooping the lightweight up and slamming him to the mat. Alex smells blood and he’s on the attack. He starts slamming and tossing Gage around the ring, attacking his back with stomps at every moment. He begins toying with the rookie in a series of holds that begins with a head scissors, includes a double leg drop kick to the sternum, and ends with Gage choked over the rope as Alex shoves his boot down on the dazed rookie. Gage attempts to use his quickness when he gets to his feet, but to no avail, Alex catches him in a headlock and hip tosses him to the mat. While Gage squirms in pain on the mat, the cocky fratboy takes the opportunity to take a stroll across his back. He then pulls the rookie to his feet and shoves him into the corner turnbuckle. He goes to work on Gage’s lean body with several back-handed slaps across the chest, telling him that back-handed means he’s a bitch! Alex continues to dominate round one, though Gage is able to gain control for a short time, but it’s evident he’s no match for the reigning superstar. Alex started this round attacking Gage’s back, and he’s going to finish this round by attacking the rookie’s back. With the sweat dripping from Gage’s body, Alex drapes him over his knee in an over the knee backbreaker, lifts and slams him with several suplexes, then tightly clamps on a double leg boston crab that has him squirming in pain and searching for any way to escape. Alex likely could have submitted him right then, but his hedonistic mind decides it wants to inflict even more pain that sends a message to the rookie. Alex sets him up for a crotch ripping banana split in the center of the ring. He spreads Gage’s legs to the limit until the newbie succumbs to the pain and cries out a submission. Message sent and message delivered. Alex flexes his mighty muscles over his crumbled, conquered opponent to claim round one!

Round two begins with Alex asking ‘how’s that groin area?’ and Gage snaps back ‘don’t worry about it’ and starts talking smack to the cocky fratboy. Well, that doesn’t last long as he catches Gage with a double leg take-down and a thud to the mat. Alex picks up where he left on in round one, controlling and beating on the rookie. He attacks his legs, stretches him out on the mat with a variety of holds, then laces Gage’s sweaty, battered body through the ropes and really tortures the non-stop talker. For the first five minutes of this round, Alex owns Gage and it appears that it’s going to be another easy two straight rounds victory for the superstar fratboy. That is, until resident bad boy Ethan Andrews struts around the corner. Ethan’s been looking for a new tag team partner, someone he could take under his wing as a prodigy bad boy. Ethan thought he saw some potential in Gage when he viewed his match against Dash, even though he got thumped, he showed he wouldn’t back down and even trash talked Dash throughout the entire match. Plus Ethan has a bone to pick with Alex, since Alex narrowly beat him in their recent singles match, and Ethan doesn’t like it one bit when one of the pretty boy muscle studs gets the better of him. So when he walks in on this match, he doesn’t like what he sees as Alex is putting a beat down on his boy Gage so he starts doing some coaching and distracting the cocky fratboy. Next thing you know, Alex’s been distracted and Gage is gaining momentum. Next thing you know Gage is doing a reverse suplex on Alex, and Ethan is coaching him to focus on attacking the fratboy’s back. Ethan tells him to put him in a camel clutch, and then tells him to pull his hair. This really irritates Alex, and has thrown him off his game. Gage brings him to his feet, grabs his hair and shoves him into the corner. Gage bashes away the muscle stud’s killer abs until Ethan climbs up on the apron and says ‘whip him over here’ and Gage throws his across the ring into an awaiting bad boy Ethan. The bad boy pulls Alex’s muscular arms behind his body, exposing his abs for Gage to bash away on. The rookie is feeling the momentum and is gaining more and more confidence as Ethan coaches him. When Gage flips Alex to the center of the ring, bad boy Ethan climbs through the ropes and states’ I got a score to settle with this guy’ and what once was looking like another easy win for Alex has now turned into a 2 on 1 beat down match with him on the receiving end. The bad boy instructs Gage to put him in a full nelson, then Ethan delivers several hard fists into Alex’s abs. They then team up for a double suplex which sends the cocky stud flying through the air and across the ring. They continue to torture and pulverize Alex’s body, inflicting severe pain at every turn. Alex is just out manned at this point, and when Gage locks on a banana split and Ethan applies a head scissor and arm bar combo it’s all over. Alex is stretched out like a pretzel and in extreme agony, he’s crying out in pain and submits, but that isn’t enough to satisfy this team as they make him submit twice more before finally releasing the hold. The rookie Gage kneels down on Alex’s abs and flexes with pride as Ethan claps for his conquest. Round three opens with Alex in his corner beaten, battered, and slumped over the ropes. The bad boy and the rookie strut across the ring from their corner to pick up where they left off at the end of round two, double teaming and torturing Alex’s piping hot body. Gage suplexes the cocky fratboy from behind, then both of them pull Alex outside the ring to lace his muscles through the ropes. Ethan stands on the outside apron holding Alex’s big arms behind his back, while Gage delights in bashing away at Alex’s sculpted six pack and finishes the beating with a flying double leg drop kick to his gut. Alex is being demolished, destroyed, and devoured, and his muscles are being pummeled, pulverized and pounded. Alex isn’t able to fend off the 2 on 1 destruction, and in what is probably the worst thumping and thrashing seen here at Rock Hard, ultimately and mercifully submits in an ab bashing finishing hold you need to see to believe. The cocky fratboy goes down hard in this match, real hard!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!  

This DVD contains the two matches detailed above.  It is a standard DVD that will play in standard DVD players worldwide. The DVD will be shipped to you by US Mail or International Air Mail.