Ray Martinez vs Zack Johnathan

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Ray Martinez vs Zack Johnathan

Seems like all the guys at Rock Hard want a piece of Ray, he’s the new kid on the block. His sultry good looks, dark hair, and perfectly muscled body landed him on the cover of an international fitness magazine recently and he’s caught the eye of every fitness photographer worldwide. Rays had some interest in wrestling since his childhood days, so after establishing himself as one of this country’s premier fitness models, he figured it was a good time to explore this wrestling interest of his. Zack, an outstanding fitness model in his own right, has graced the pages of fitness and adult magazines alike. He’s primed to teach the new kid a few wrestling lessons in this match up. Round one opens up and Zack immediately goes on the attack, starting to systematically working on the arms and legs of the cover model. He locks on a half Boston crab that has Ray screaming in pain, and Zack mockingly telling him what the hold is that is causing him that much pain. Rays able to turn the tables a bit, gets to his feet and throws Zack into the corner. He places several well placed knees into the muscle models perfect midsection, and then starts pounding away on his rock hard abs. This has Zack caught a little bit off guard, and Ray tosses him out of the corner and across the ring. Zack shakes it off, gets to his feet, and returns to his early match strategy of working over Rays arms and legs. Zack is single minded on making sure that Ray wont be stepping into his ring and taking over his role of the top fitness model. He’s going to make Ray pay, he cracks down on a two handed blow to Rays back while he’s laying on the mat, setting him up for an excruciating camel clutch facing Rays agony right into the camera. The cover model Ray makes an attempt at a comeback in this first round, but Zack just has too much experience in the ring. Zack stomps away at the arms and legs, makes him suffer in a Boston crab, and then locks on a full nelson with those 20 inch arms in the middle of the ring that has the cover model flailing, wincing in pain, and ultimately submitting round one to the more experienced muscle model.

As round two begins, Zack proclaims round two means wrestling lesson number two for Ray. Zack goes back on the attack and sets Ray up for a standing wishbone leg split that must have Ray thinking he wished he’d never entered the ring that day. Ray somehow fends off the pain to his groin and takes Zack down with a thumping double leg takedown, plants him flat on his back, and starts pounding away at those perfect six pack abs. Ray has a little momentum going, but its clear he doesn’t have the experience yet to take advantage of it. Zack recovers and continues to toss Ray around the ring, applies a standing surfboard, and works his abs over in the corner. Zack, at this point, has worked up a good solid sweat and figures its about time to put this cover model down for the count. A sleeper hold has Ray passed out in the middle of the ring and ends round two. Zack, pleased with his victory, exhibits his physique thats made him famous, claiming he’s the rock hard body in this fed! Ray, laid out in the center of the ring, will need to get himself back into the gym and find a partner that can teach him some more wrestling skills if he wants to ever stop the losing streak he’s on.


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