Ray Martinez vs Tommy Clark

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Ray Martinez vs Tommy Clark

With both wrestlers in their respective corners, round one opens up with Tommy, the barefoot MMA fight, mouthing off and taunting the fitness Cover Model, Ray, reminding him that he’s lost his first few matches and that he has a contract to wrestle real men like himself. Tommy takes the early control in the round by taking Ray down to the mat with a front face lock, and starts delivering some devastating knees deep into Rays rib cage. Tommy continues his assault on the bigger muscle boy by driving him back into the corner turnbuckle and placing a number of fists into Rays muscle packed midsection. He continues his dominance in round one with MMA style arm bars, leg locks, and an all out assault on Rays abs. Ray does his best to counter the assault, but Tommy’s just relentless with his attack. Sniffing out a lesser experienced opponent, he eventually wears Ray down, locks on an MMA style ankle lock that has Ray screaming in agony, and screaming out a first round submission.

In round two, Ray challenges Tommy to a test of strength, realizing that he has the size advantage. They lock up in the center of the ring, and it isn’t long before Ray is able to force Tommy down to the mat, and then cinches on a tight head lock to gain some control for the first time in this match. He starts to repay Tommy for round one, backing him up into the corner and delivering some well placed punches of his own to Tommy’s gut. Ray realizes he’s not going to outwrestle Tommy, so he goes to his strength, and works on out muscling the smaller MMA fighter. This round goes back and forth with Ray using his strength by tossing Tommy around the ring, and Tommy using his skills to gain the advantage. After a lot of back and forth battling, Ray is able to catch Tommy in a crushing front bear hug that squeezes the wind right out of him, and nearly cracks his ribs. Tommy has no choice but to yell out a submission for round two that leaves him withering in a puddle of pain on the mat. Round three starts with Tommy claiming that Rays bear hug was a lucky hold, and then proceeds to take Ray down to the mat with a front face lock. He again starts pounding on the muscle models ripped abs. Tommy goes back to his MMA experience in this round by working on bending and snapping each one of Rays legs and arms with the intent of wearing him down for the final submission. Does the more experienced MMA fighter prevail in this match, or does Ray have enough of a muscle advantage to chalk up the victory?


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